14 thoughts on “☆ Top 50 Of the Most powerful & Useful Techniques [ Naruto / Boruto ] ☆

  1. Where is Nagato's rinnerebirth with which he revived the deads? Where is Susanoo? Where is Tsunade's healing that saved almoust the entire Konoha's people from all mighty push? Where is Madara's meteors? Where is Mei corosive mist that melt Sasuke's Susanoo? Where is Totsuka blade?, All of this jutsus are stronger than Madara's fire, Kisame's water prison or Jiraya's giant rasengan .

  2. I agree with kotoamutsukami this genjutsun will hit you without you even knowing you are under a genjutsu thats why they made it that the uchiha had to be killed in start of the series too strong

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