10 Lifehacks für Haus einfach! geht ein Schraubenzieher sehr schwer ins Holz? nutzt eine Hartseife und gibt es kein Problem! braucht man eine Belagplatte zu schneiden? lasst die für 2 Stunden im Wasser liegen leicht mit einem Glasmesser zu schneiden Neodym-Magnet nutzt eine Pappschachtel, wenn ihr im Raum färbt dann solltet ihr aber feststellen, dass alle Risse geklebt sind nach dem Arbeitsschluss immer noch sauber! sehr handlich!

100 thoughts on “10 HOUSE REPAIR LIFE HACKS from Mr. Hacker

  1. you did number 1 wrong although you can make a clean cut on a machine screw and make it shorter it will screw in..there are times the cut is not so good and it will not screw in. so you need to put only 1 nut on the other side of your line.then all you have to do is screw the nut off and it will clean the threads perfectly.

  2. When you drill drywall to install a plastic anchor you are removing the very material you need to hold the anchor. Instead use a sharp awl with the proper shank size and twist and push it in. This compresses the drywall and creates a strong anchor point.

  3. On that first one with cutting the bolt in the drill you cut on the wrong side of the nuts mate…will have trouble getting the nut on the cut bolt, if you cut on the other side of the nuts you can then screw the nuts off the bolt to clear any swarm out of the thread on the bolt you cut… duhhh

  4. Dudes – chill out. This is not a certified training video for teaching construction or other trade skills. These are "hacks" for around the house or garage when something better isn't available. Sometimes a guy or gal needs a quick fix that may not be perfect but gets 'em by. YOU do it, too, and are just jealous you didn't think to make your own video so try to tear down someone else. Typical Americans.

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  6. I have to admit, Ive been involved in the bldg trades for 40 years and some of your videos absolutely blow me away. These are great ideas although as a sheet metal worker I would recommend expressing using caution more often with those soda can videos. The average homeowner doesnt realize how sharp those edges can be.

  7. I am a natural life hackers and I do it practically.. From my honest opinion, this video is just an idea and cannot be done in real world. yes you can do it but it makes you slower. If you really want to learn how to use tools, you guys better watch it from professional though. And there are many of those videos posted by professional in youtube as well.

  8. техника безопасности? да пошла ты нахер, техника безопасности!

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  10. when you put the two nuts on the other side you can cut also but you clean the end of thread when you remove nuts

  11. Make's life hack with clips holding down nails. Then in next life hack shows him hammering with his hands again. Goes to show how stupid it is.

  12. @mr.hacker I want to ask you permission to download this video with the promise that wherever i post it will also have the link to your page. The reason for this is that i don't want to force interested viewers to open YouTube

  13. On the first one, when cutting a bolt, I always put a nut on the same end as the head. After you make the cut you can turn the nut off the bolt and this will (mostly) clean the threads. You will still need to file a little to prevent a cutting edge, but you'd have to do a lot more if you hadn't used that nut.

    Regarding the tin foil in the paint tray, I just buy the plastic liners – they're cheap.

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  17. I just don't know that who is copying whom
    1) 5 minutes craft copies 😺 Mr. Hacker
    2) Mr. Hacker is coping 5 minutes craft

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  19. Some of those are brilliant. Thanks for sharing. Although, adding a template tool to your toolbox should be tip number 11. Just sayin. 🙂

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  21. Your country is USA, but you're using russian Интерскол? 😀
    Окей, "Ленинградские краски" всё расставили по своим местам. 🙂

  22. Такую хуйню ещё и поискать надо как навсегда заблокировать канал ???

  23. I noticed that where your inverter is installed that it looks like you have some internet equipment that uses those little wall power converters>>>shorturl.at/frAF0 Take a look at the output of the wall power supplies and see what voltage they output. You may be able to cut those converters off add a fuse inline and power them off you're batteries directly. This is rather than taking DC making AC and then plugging in something to just make that AC power back into low voltage DC.

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