10 Must-have Facebook Live Video Tools for Creating Better Videos

On this episode, you’ll learn about 10 different
tools that you can use to create higher quality Facebook Live videos for your business. I’m
Christian Karasiewicz from socialchefs. Welcome to socialchefs where you’ll learn social
media marketing tips to grow your business in under 5 minutes. While it’s true you that you can create
Facebook Live videos using just a mobile device. If you add in additional equipment, you can
take your average videos and make them look amazing. Let’s look at 10 tools. So, the 1st tool is to download the Facebook
Pages Manager App. Now, this app will let you go live on your Facebook page directly
from your mobile device. Simply, create a new post and a select a Facebook live video
icon, at this point you’ll be able to broadcast to your audience on Facebook. A 2nd tool is to have a desktop tripod. I
recommend the Manfrotto Pixi Evo Tripod because not only does it give your camera extra height,
but it also rotates 90 degrees so you can switch between a vertical or a horizontal
video on Facebook. A 3rd tool is to use an R1 Pro Shoulderpod.
Now, what this does is it stabilizes your video. It attaches on top of your tripod,
and the benefit here is this stabilizer video but it can also be used to attach additional
equipment, which we’re going to cover now. So, in order to attach your mobile device
to your tripod you need something like the S1 Shoulderpod. Now, this is a really great
tool because it expands to meet different widths for the phone. So if for example, I
could have and iPhone 6 plus or I could have a smaller iphone 6s. Another tool is to use an Olloclip. Now what
this does is it attaches a lens to your mobile device so you can have different looks to
your videos. This is not a required tool but it does make your videos look better. Now we’ve talked about having videos that
look great. We’ve got a tripod. Well, another thing we want to consider getting is a light.
Now, I personally like this one but, Manfrotto makes one as well. Basically, this will help
brighten up your videos, this way they look great when your audience is watching. Now one of the most important things when
shooting Facebook live video, is to have exceptional audio. The onboard microphone on a mobile
device typically isn’t very good. So I recommend picking up this one, which is the Rode VideoMic
Me, runs about $60 but it’s amazing and it sounds great too. Now the next couple of accessories are optional
accessories however, they’re very handy. One of those is a Bluetooth remote. This is
one from Hisy however you can get any other one you want. The great thing is, it lets
you start and stop your videos without having to go check the camera, come back and so forth. Anyone who shoots Facebook live video or any
sort of live stream video such as Periscope and Blab and so forth needs to have an external
battery because live video eats battery. I like this one from MyCharge, it’s 10,000
milliamps and it has all the cables built in. It’s also pretty lightweight. While you have all this great equipment to
help you shoot better quality Facebook Live videos you also need to have a carrying case.
Now personally, I like the ones from Manfrotto but, if you have a backpack that will also
work well. They’re great because you can just grab 1 bag and have everything ready
to go. So there you have it. 10 tools to help you
shoot better quality Facebook Live videos. I do want to mention, while some of these
items cost between $50 and $100. The great thing is it’s not just an investment in
shooting Facebook Live video but, it’s also an investment that you can use on other Live
streaming services such as Periscope and Blab or even videos that you’re creating and
uploading to YouTube and so forth. Now, if you want to check out any of these
tools, I’ve included links to all of them in the description below. You can also go
to socialchefs.com/fblivetools to get a full rundown on each of these tools. Click the
subscribe button below if you have an idea, comment or suggestion leave those below as
well. Go to socialchefs.com for fast, professional training from social media professionals.

4 thoughts on “10 Must-have Facebook Live Video Tools for Creating Better Videos

  1. Ahhh, but the Rode VideoMic Me, although a fantastic mic, picks up feedback (a constant clicking sound) when you use it in regular iphone mode. To prevent the feedback one needs to turn on the "Airplane" mode. But, if you do that you can't do Facebook Live. So, using the Rode SmartLav fixes this problem. I just spoke with Rode about the problem I was having. They ran it down for me. Just for y'alls information.

  2. Does the Shoulderpod X1 Pro Rig allow you to connect the Rode Video Mic Me? Also, I have an iPhone X. Does the Pro Rig and Rode Video Mic work well with the X? Thanks!

  3. Learn more about each of the Facebook live video tools mentioned in this video here: http://www.socialchefs.com/facebook-live-video-tools/

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