100 YouTube Tools For More Views and Subscribers

Hello everyone this is vidIQ. Our aim is to help you get more youtube views
in less time. How do we do that, well sit back, relax and
we’ll show you 100 different ways we can help This realtime stats bar will show you everything
you need to know about your channel when you are on any Youtube page. Hover over the graph to show detailed breakdowns
of the analytics and customise the stats bar itself. If you do a search on Youtube this bar down
the right hand side is full of information. If you enable inline keywords you can view
all the tags that have been used on the most popular videos for your search term. The keyword score will show how popular the
keyword is against how many videos contain it. If it’s a popular term with low competition,
think about making videos that target that keyword. Next up are top related queries to your current
search term and rising keywords. These keywords are a good indicator of what’s
trending on Youtube so definitely something to keep a good eye on. As well as related queries, vidIQ’s search
panel will also list top keywords for the topic. Hover your mouse over any of these words to
reveal volume of monthly searches and the keyword score. Of course there can be hundreds of top keywords
and we try our best… to list them all. At the bottom of that list we’ll showcase
some of the trending videos for that search term because Youtube doesn’t always show you
what’s hot right now. But if you want to delve much deeper into
a keyword word simply click on it to launch the keyword inspector. This will show interest over time from the
last 30 days, last year or all time. Very useful for finding trending topics and
evergreen content. And one last thing on the search page is this
handy breakdown of average video views, age of video, top channel creator and much more. On the channel page of every single youtuber
on the planet we’ve added analytics that include estimated revenue total channel views, daily
average views, daily subscribers and views and subscribers over the last 30 days. Just below that you will find the channel
tags. You may have also noticed this trending tab. This shows you which videos are hot on a channel
right now as they are sorted by views per hour. As you can see, one of these videos is a month
old but still getting a lot of views. If you spotted the top keywords button good
job because that’s where we are going next. This shows you the top keyword from all those
trending videos along with two useful tools. The first copies all these keywords to your
clipboard while the second drills down into those keywords to show you how often they
appear in the trending videos as well as the overall search volume of the keyword on Youtube. Some pretty impressive insider knowledge right? Well that’s only the tip of a very large analytical
iceberg. Now let’s introduce you to the video scorecard
that reveals a wealth of analytics for every single video on Youtube. You can expand and minimise the whole panel
down the right hand side or minimise individual sections. Let’s take a closer look. The overview estimates the earnings of the
video, views per hour, engagement, how many subscriber the video earned for the channel,
average view duration and more. All of this feeds into the vidIQ score. For your own videos it will also tell you
how your videos and watched and from where. Important for deciding how you make your videos,
for whom and when to publish them. Engagement comes next telling you everything
you need to know from a Youtube angle along with other social media platforms. The discoverability of a video is the key
to Youtube success and our Search Engine Optimization panel has loads of useful information. You can mouse over many of these number to
show more details such as the breakdown of our SEO score calculator, traffic from other
Youtube videos and embedded sources. If you’ve ever wanted to know why a video
is so successful or unsuccessful this will tell exactly why. You’ve already seen the channel analytics
displayed on the channel page so let’s move onto videos tags. This shows you all the keywords used for a
video and where they rank on the first page of any Youtube search for the keyword. You have those tools in the top right to copy
keywords or drill deeper into them, you can click on any tag to launch the keyword inspector
and if it’s your own video you can quickly add more keywords. Incredibly this is just the first panel of
the video scorecard. We also have historical growth, social media
shares and what videos are trending in the same topic. But we’re not just about analysing your audience,
we also build tools to help you engage with your audience which is why we have the comment
template builder. For any comment on one of your videos you
can use the vidIQ button to preselect a template comment. So no more copying and pasting from a text
file. If you have to respond to the same question
over and over again or you just want to say a simple thank you this tool enables you do
it in seconds. Oh and I’m sure you’ll be delighted to hear
this tool is available from Youtube’s central comments page so you can manage all the comments
for you channel via the template tool. Speaking of managing stuff let’s move onto
the video manager tools. The vidIQ button seated next to every video
includes a wide tool set. These include setting a video as your featured
video (this option is usually hidden deep within Youtube’s video manager.) A copy card facility that let’s you chose
one, some or all the cards from one video and then copy them to one, some or all or
your other videos… An end screen cards copy facility that does
exactly the same thing for promotional material that appears at the conclusion of your videos…. A social media syndication tool that enables
you to send a Youtube video directly to your facebook page within the space of 30 seconds
and four or five clicks of a mouse And last but not least there is a fully functional
thumbnail editor where you can select any frame you want from the video and then add
text to it along with emojis, because who doesn’t like emojis on their thumbnails!? A couple more tools before we more on. At the top of the video manager page you can
edit video cards and ends screens on a mass scale and if you want to add some text to
the video description of some, many or all of your videos for a limited period of time
(say for example, a giveaway) you can take advantage of the bulk descriptions tool). Now we all know the upload process can be
intense so here’s a few things to assist. Character counts and limits are added to titles,
descriptions and tags so you never go over your limits. You will also find an emoji inserter tool
because if you haven’t already established, we love emojis. As you continue your upload process the SEO
score will dynamically update to let you know whether you’re optimizing your tags, titles
and descriptions correctly. And just below that is the upload checklist
that lists eight important actions you need to take during the upload process and after
video publication. Rather handily each of these suggestion include
direction links to take the necessary actions. In this case setting up your video cards For for the final piece of the upload jigsaw
puzzle when you use high volume tags you can mouse over those tags for more information. Further more if you have vidIQ boost access
the lower section of the upload page recommends other tags you should use, all you need to
do is click on the plus button. And if you’re interested to know similar videos
to yours that are trending those are shown on the right hand side. Have you had enough yet? Nope, let’s carry on then. Two tabs vidIQ have added to the Youtube homepage
are Competitors and Trend alerts. The competitors tab allows you add Youtube
channels to a list where videos are then sorted by views per hour. That tells you what videos are performing
well for channels that you are interested in as a Youtuber yourself. The trend alerts tab on the other hand, let’s
you create a custom filter that lists trending videos for specific keywords over a certain
views per hour threshold over a set period of time. And what makes this tool even better is that
it will email you that list so you never miss out on content that’s trending that’s specific
to your interests. Let’s return to Youtube now for a few more
handy features. The comment filter tool helps you pick out
such things as questions, comments with positive or negatives words as well as comments from
specific users. You can even bundle different criteria together
if you want to search for comments that contain questions that you haven’t responded to yet
that include positive words. And if that’s not enough, if you want to search
for influential Youtubers you can search by minimum number of subscribers. At the same time as filtering those commentors
it will also show you exactly how many subscribers the commentor has. These comment filter tools are available from
both the Youtuber comment manager page and from your individual video pages. On the subject of your own video pages, you
can click the vidIQ tool button to copy video cards, send the video to facebook and create
a thumbnail. That same button on other Youtuber’s videos
only allows you to embed the video. At the bottom of thumbnails you will see a
blue red bar. This shows you likes to dislikes ratio, very
good for sniffing out clickbaity videos. Below that is an engagement snapshot of the
video and you can mouse over that for even more info. On the video card creation screen, once you’ve
finished making your cards you can save them as a template and load them into other videos
saving you the hassle of manually creating the cards all over again. Now if by chance you don’t like the realtime
stats bar or the thumbnail likes/dislikes bar you can turn them off by clicking on the
vidiq button and choosing settings at the very bottom. Two simple checkboxes here allow you to turn
them off so that your Youtube page will change from looking like this to looking like this. Now these are all tools that have been embedded
into the Youtube website, but we’ve got dozen more to show you from vidIQs own web applications. Let’s take look Once you have the vidIQ chrome extension installed
you will see this button in your browser, click it and you will find two sets of shortcuts. The first provides links to all the major
Youtube pages so wherever you are on the internet you can jump straight to where you want to
be on Youtube. The second set of shortcuts link to vidIQs
own web applications, full of fantastic Youtube tools, let’s delve right in. Analytics is our first destination with a
wide range of enhanced Youtube analytics. You can minimise many of the panels or move
them about to bring the ones that interest you the most to the top of the list. As well as minimising panels some can be expanded
to reveal more information such as the playlist panel. Now let’s take a look at some of the analytics
in more detail. The best time to post panel tracks when your
subscribers are most active on Youtube to calculate when the best time is to publish
your videos. In this example prime hotspots are weekends
and afternoons. The trend analytics is good for taking a snapshot
of your channel’s general health tracking growth over 7 and 30 day periods. You will also find these three top panels
that you can customise between Top Youtube searches for your videos, most views from
which country, most embedded views and most video views over a 30 day period. And if you’ve ever wanted a graph that collates
Youtube views, minutes watched, likes, dislikes, subscribers gained, subscribers lost and comments
for each and every day all into one, well you’ll find it right here. At the top of the vidIQ web apps page you’ll
find links to other tools so let’s take a look at the video page next. Like the Youtube Video manager this lists
important analytics for your videos but the settings button in the top left hand corner
allows you to add and remove statistics to match your preferences. Some of the columns will even offer suggestions
such as adding tags where there are none. If you click on a video, a panel to the right
will sweep in to give you even more analytics as well as tools to edit the video title and
description, schedule a video to be published, delete the video and so on. Now if you’ve connected your facebook pages
account to vidIQ you can look at the performance of your Facebook videos too, which will be
quite useful if you’re sending your content from Youtube to Facebook through vidIQ’s syndication
tool. The tools just keep on coming with subscriber
analysis. This takes a sample of your current subscribers
and tracks what videos they are liking from other video makers as well as other Youtubers
they are subscribing to. It stands to reason that some of the content
will be similar to yours so you might want to go check these videos and channels out
for yourself. See if there are any techniques you could
adopt or similar channels you can collaborate with. Naturally each of the these videos and channels
include direct links back to Youtube. Let’s return now to the topic of search engine
optimization because the next vidIQ web app tab is full of useful tools. Bulk SEO is first on the list. This shows how well your tags are performing
for a video by counting how many times a search term has brought a viewer to the video. Sometimes viewers may even be finding your
video through a search term you’ve not even added to your video tags so this is perfect
opportunity to add that tag to your video to help improve its discoverability. You can also quickly edit your video title
and description here to include words and phrases from the most popular tags, and you
can sort the video list either by best opportunities to optimize or most recently analysed which
is done on a daily basis. Channel wide tags harvest all the tags from
all of your videos to see how well they perform. You can sort by any of the columns so it’s
interesting to see if a tag you use ranks on the first page of a Youtube search for
that tag and how many times your videos rank for a search term. If you do rank highly and frequently that
means you’re doing a good job within a particular search term. The last three columns calculate the score
of the search term to help you decide whether it’s a term that’s high in demand and if you
can realistically compete with other channels for that search term. If any of the tags you see on this page are
of particular interest you can highlight them in order to copy them and if you want to see
how the tags you use are shifting over time you can set a period of time. So you might see best ranked tags go up, search
volumes go down, and how overall tag scores fluctuate over time. If the channel wide tags page focuses on your
own tags, the keyword research tool gives you the power to search for any keyword and
see how it performs on Youtube. You can use this to research, compare and
sort related keywords, search volume, competition score and number of words which is really
useful for discovering longtail keywords. This is the sort of tool that can help you
build an entire channel and of course, a copy tags featured is included. For an overview of what content is popular
right now the trending keywords tab is the place to be. These keywords and videos will change quickly
which is why you have options to choose keywords over the last day or week and which Youtube
category to look at. Alright this next tool is a monster so strap
yourselves in. Simply take any username from a youtube channel
and add it via the compare channels box and this will give you an instant comparison for
all sorts of data sets such as views, subscribers, average daily views, average daily subscribers
and so on. You can choose to look at this data as totals,
cumulative or daily over 30 days, 60 days or all time. And things start to get really interesting
when you add several channels to the mix. We call this the competitor tool and it can
give you an insight into how channels like yours are performing. So if they enjoy a sudden spike in viewership
you might want to look at their channel and see what content you might have missed. We’re not finished yet though because underneath
the graph, channel snapshots will display which way the channel is trending over the
last month and below that you can see which videos are trending for the selected channels
as they are sorted by views per hour. Also note that any channels you add to the
competitor analysis page driectly feed into the competitors tab on Youtube and can be
used in trend alert searches And finally, if you want more information
on any of the tools featured in this video and a whole lot more tips, tricks and guides
for getting more Youtube views in less time then subscribe to vidIQ. And that ladies and gentlemen is the most
comprehensive set of Youtube tools you’lll find anywhere on the planet. To start using these tools (many of which
are free) all you need to do is click on the link in the video description to download
the vidIQ extension

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