18-in-1 multi-tool the size of a credit card!

Great. And you want to open a
Sal’s Super Saver card and save 5% on your
gum purchase today? Yeah, I think I have
Sal’s card here somewhere. A lot of wallets are filled
with junk you don’t need. Will you take a
Steve’s Hot Dog card? Yeah. But what if you could slip
in something really handy, like an entire chest full of
tools without adding bulk? The Wallet Ninja an
18-in-1 multitool that’s the same size
as a credit card. Weighing just 2 ounces, it’s
a super compact, super useful device loaded with handy tools. Despite its small size,
the Wallet Ninja’s practically indestructible. Forged from four-times
heat treated steel, it’s guaranteed to never rust,
never dull, and never bend, even if you hit
it with a katana. Sure, with a tool of
this compact and useful, we could do a hackneyed
demonstration. But we fixed things while
making ninjutsu noises. Hyah! Hwah! Hi-yah, ha! Hee, yah! But we trust that
you’re smart enough to see the utility
in the Wallet Ninja. With a tool this
useful, it might feel like you’re sneaking
through security. But the Wallet Ninja
is TSA-approved. That is not
regulation-size shampoo. I’m going to need some backup. Buy the super-useful Wallet
Ninja now at vat19.com. (SINGING) Vat19.com.

100 thoughts on “18-in-1 multi-tool the size of a credit card!

  1. Why would she bring shampoo onto an airplane anyway? The ride must be miles away and it might rot or if it's a new Zealand plane

  2. I have this card and I took it to the airport in my wallet but forgot to take it out and almost had it confiscated haha

  3. When i got into an airport they said that the wallet ninja was not allowded in the airport WHAT THE F*CK VAT19

  4. They have like 5 of those on their site now I could literally fill a whole wallet with these now

  5. Video:we could fix thing while mucking ninjutsu noise
    Ninja: pops a bottle cap
    Me:hmmmm yeah fixing stuff
    Edit: I PUT MUCKING😅I mean making oof

  6. I actually went through airport security once and they stopped me and said wtf is in ur wallet and I pulled it out and I said I got it at vat19 and he said oh um ok cool and sent me on my way

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  8. Me: MissJamJam, I NEED IT!
    She: That's great!
    ctrl u (Anna lee): This is for my company, it's still dedicated to action and fantasy.

    Penny and Techy: We need it because we must do ninja abilities with this tool!

  9. i got arrested for carrying one of these in airport
    Cant be because i used it as a neck scratcher on an infant

  10. I took this To preschool when i was younger and we got a call that i had a sharp weapon

  11. 0:50
    but I threw it a wall and it actually bent though B)
    the wall still had parts broke off, like a big chunk.

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