2017 ProLine Power Inverter – UnBoxing, Specifications & Features – Wagan Tech

this is the unboxing video for the new pro
line series from wagan tech included in this series is a 3000 and 5000 8000 in
10000 Watt inverter models included in the box is the inverter the wired
power switch nuts and bolts and the instruction manual the new proline
inverter features a lightweight aluminum case with
an attractive black finish on the rear of the device there’s a heavy duty
positive terminal negative terminal ground terminal and a high speed cooling
fan the 3000 5000 watt models featured three AC outlets capable of 1500 watt
each whereas the 8,000 and 10,000 watt models have four AC outlets the AC
outlets are turned sideways so that you can utilize all the outlets at the same
time all models feature a high output terminal capable of delivering the full
capacity of the inverter also included is a power switch overload and
over-temperature lights battery voltmeter battery amp meter and a remote
port with a power switch on the bottom of the proline inverter you’ll find four
pre-drilled mounting holes to ensure a solid mount for your inverter that’s
the end of the proline unboxing video thank you very much for watching thank you very much for watching our
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