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Today at MicksGarage.com we’re going to show you three essential tools to keep in the boot of your car did you know that about 70-percent of new cars actually come without a spare wheel. So the tools that we’re going to show you today all wheel and tire related. So if your car does come with spare whereel what you’re going to get in the toolkit is something like this. This is a the factory wheel brace and these are fine but the problem with them is that they’re too short to get the proper leverage that you need so if we just put it on the wheel here …onto the wheel nuts **STRUGGLES** Im using all my force in a genuinely can’t get that off what we have to do to undo that is actually stand on it and that’s very dangerous you can slip, cut yourself and do yourself all kinds of damage The solution to the problem is to buy a extendable or longer wheelbrace because leverage is your friend so the first thing you might notice that is not actually a lot of difference in the length between the two but this one extend you can pull that right down and it’s obviously a lot longer also the socket on the wrench can be switched around then it has two sizes on it most popular 17 and 19 millimeters let’s give this one a try and see how we get on still difficult extremely tight and you can tell by that kind of cracking noise and possibly even too tight have been done up with a gun or somethign like that that but we got it undone with the the extension so great piece of kit The next thing we want to show you is the draper air compressor and we stock a bunch of different types of these and these things are super super handy i have one and use it all the time actually even using this morning come to think of it So what it is a little air pumper and basically exploded into the 12v talking inside the car and you then attach this to the valve on the tyre and it pumps up your tyre you can check the pressure with the the gauges on the compressor so we will give you quick demo of how this works and this was a very basic model and doesn’t even have an off-and-on to just simply plugging depending on and take it out to On some cars the 12 volt socket is powered up all the time and on the other cars like this one and it’s only part of the ignition is on so we’ve got it plugged in we’re going to attach the valve to the tire or the connection to the valve rather and then turn on the the key. So thats the compressor its super handy and really nice and compact great thing to keep in the boot now the last thing you want to show you is this stuff with his instant puncture repair or tyre weld whatever you wanna call it and you can see you guys who don’t have a spare wheel at all i’m not going to and use the product on this car becasue we don’t have a have a puncture but we do have a video already i will put a link to it up here somewhere and what we have demonstrated how to use it This is useful for and punctures in the main surface and main thread area of the tyre it wont fix anything around the sidewall area of the tyre. it reall is a great product gets you out of toruble and get you home or get it to the mechanic to get your tire replaced or repaired So thats it for this video and we’ll put some links to other products that we used in the description below. If you got any comments leave them in the comment section below don’t forget you can subscribe to our channel to talk about on facebook and twitter as well thank you very much for watching

13 thoughts on “3 Essential Tools To Carry In Your Boot-MicksGarage.com

  1. If you use tyre weld and you take the tire to be replaced you will be in a mess cause most of them will not want to do it cause it will make a mess of their machine

  2. good video. Lukily I have all 3 already before watching the video so nice to know im on top of things. For the tyre foam kit, you said the tyre can be repaired or replaced after, are you sure you can repair the tyre after all the foam has gone inside?

  3. Lol he never learn how to useing car tools to wheels ,try use proper way all your power is it in legs not hands lol ,put key and stand up just will much easier bud ,they never learned hehe ,and bileve me you not need it long key …!!!and yes you scratch car by long one so learn lol how use factory tools!! sorry for my bad command but I see it ppl what don't use it brain I can't thinking even how they worked…I really like your order videos but this is it so weard

  4. Are those VMR 710's with a BBS sticker on top of center cap? lol. actually looks legit, Have the same ones in gunmetal.

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