5 Secret Techniques – How to get them in Pokemon Lets Go

hi in this video I’m gonna share with
you five secret techniques that you should get as early as possible in
Pokemon let’s go these five techniques are chop down,
sky, strong push, sea skin and light up however there are certain missions that
you have to complete before you can have access to these special techniques so
let’s just jump into it. Now the first technique is the chop down technique,
which I consider the most important in the game because without it you are not
able to access certain locations that allows you to progress further into the
game. You can get this technique from the
captain of SS Anne ship located in the Vermilion City but first you will need
an SS ticket in order for you to reach the captain at the Vermilion city.
Without it you are not allowed to board the ship. Well the SS ticket can be
obtained from Bill. This is where the talking pokemon lives. The cottage of
bill is just in the right corner of Route 24 above Cerulean City. well once you have obtained the ticket, head to the top deck of the ship where the captain will teach your Pokemon the
secret technique: Chop Down Well once your Pokemon have learned the technique you can now chop down any tree that gets in your way. The next technique is the Sky Dash.
After you reach Celadon City you will have to enter this gaming center and
find the secret entrance to Team Rockets HQ. Once you’re inside you will need to
work your way through the dungeon until you reach the boss. Now once defeated,
leave the gaming center. And once you’re outside you will see a guy with a flying
machine. Now speak to him to learn to fly there are two ways to use the Sky Dash
technique: you can either open up the main menu, then select “play” with (your
pokemons). now look to the right you will see the Sky Dash in the sidebar with all
the other secret techniques that you’ll unlock. For the other method you will
have to open up the map first. Now once the map is open, hover over the city
you want to travel to, and select the Sky Dash ability The third technique is called Light
Up. For this you have to locate a tunnel found on route 11 just outside Vermilion
City. Once you exit Diglett Cave, you will find Professor Oak’s assistant
standing outside a small house. Talk to him, get inside his house and he will
teach you the Light Up secret technique which lets you travel through darker
areas. The fourth technique is Sea Skim and to
get this ability is pretty straightforward. You will need to reach
Fuchsia City, then you will need to go to Pokemon Go Park. Here you will find a
man standing near a Lapras and a surf board Talk to him and he will teach you
the Sea Skim ability which lets you travel across water. Last technique, number five, is the Strong
Push. Now to get this ability you will need to progress through the story and
find Koga in Fuchsia city gym. After that go to route 19 and you will find
Team Rocket at the beach here. Now talk to them and they will give you a set of
gold teeth. Then head to Warden’s house and give him the set of gold teeth. Doing
this will give you the ability Strong Push technique Well that’s all for this video. If it helped,
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22 thoughts on “5 Secret Techniques – How to get them in Pokemon Lets Go

  1. I'm at Cerulean City and what city is this and how do we get there?? and give us all a walkthrough and how to get there

  2. I screwed up on the boulders and can’t reset them in the Seafoam Island ,no matter what suggestions I’ve heard ( leaving the room, etc.) and only one boulder is blocking the water current and I can’t get to Articuno who is right there where the fast water current is only half blocked. At some point I must’ve saved.Also the other boulders I had got pushed into a position/ angle that they can’t to pushed into the holes. Articuno is right nearby divided by the strong water that keeps flipping my surfboard ashore . Again the other boulders are unusable to block the remaining space . Can’t reset as mentioned regardless of leaving the room. Help

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