5 Weird 99 CENT ONLY Gadgets

– Woo! Didn’t even come out, what? Welcome back to another
episode of Weird Shopping. This time, we are at
the 99 Cents Only store, also known as the dollar store. You guys voted on it. Make sure you vote up in the i-card which store we check out next. Let’s do it. Oh my god. It says most items are
priced at 99 cents or less. We’ll see about that. The very first thing that we found, surprise, is not 99
cents or under or only. This isn’t the 99 cents and under store. This is the 99 cents only store. It’s build your own robot. It’s for five bucks. Sounds interesting, robot, alright. Think I need a soda can, so,
we gotta grab one of those. But five bucks, damn. We’re starting it off hot. The next thing that I found is
kinda something interesting. It’s from Despicable Me 3. I know the movie. They’ve been in a few
of these episodes before with the fluffy drone. This is a fart gun. I think it’s just like an air gun. I gotta know more about this. Three targeted components, sure. This kid looks like he’s
having a lot of fun. I’m gonna be that kid. Nowadays, everyone wants
to be a vlogger on YouTube. We got a tripod for two bucks. Still breaking the rules. It’s got a phone mount part. Looks interesting. You can bend those and it articulates. That would be dope. So I don’t know if you guys know this, but I’ve actually been
really digging my Apple watch as of late. I found another band. It’s always good to have an extra band. This one goes for three bucks. Still breaking the curse here, 99 Only. What is going on here? It said everything in the
store, mostly, is 99 cents. This is three bucks, but
it looks like a good band. Yes, dude, Kobe, Keaton
with the shots boy. I was just thinking to myself, I already got a black Apple watch. I wanna get the white one. This white one, same price, 2.99, and let me know in the comments if you guys own an Apple watch or have ever been to a
99 Only store before. I feel like I’m the only person here within like my age group. Everyone else here is
like way older than me. So, got an Apple watch band. It’s white. I think the reason it’s three bucks is ’cause there’s a stain. I’m gonna see if I can fix that. This thing kinda caught my eye here. For two bucks, it’s an
LED lamp USB kinda lamp, if that makes sense. Looks interesting. There’s so many lights here. It’s got me twisting my words. But for two bucks, like,
I’m okay paying that. That makes sense. And another thing I just
found right next to it, is this disco ball speaker. Never seen anything like this before. For six bucks, it’s got Bluetooth,
it lights up, obviously, ’cause it’s a disco ball. Tell me something I don’t know. Sounds interesting. These are kinda worth it. I go in all these stores. It really puts a lot of
stress on my muscles. – Do you even lift, bro? – A USB vibrating massager. Sounds pretty good, sir. Two bucks, he wants it, I want it. I’m not getting pink though. We’re gonna get the blue one. There’s even a yellow one, that’s cool. We’re getting the blue one. It’s a little more manly. When you’re at the 99 Cents Only store, you can’t pass up a deal like this. Dollar for eight streamers? I’m grabbing the two pack. Alright, grabbing a few actually. It’s like the best thing ever here. Like who wouldn’t get this? Now there’s one thing that I keep noticing in every store we go to. They always have Cheese Nips. I used to never see
Cheese Nips in any stores. I’ve always have to like
really go out and hunt for ’em. So I think 99 Cents Only store has watched the Target episode. If you haven’t checked it
out, make sure you check it out right after this video ends. They had Cheese Nips there, but I’m going to the dark side. I’m going with Cheez-Its today. Why do they keep showing up? They always, they’re watching. The people that own these stores. They’re watching. With that robot thing that I checked out, you need a soda can to design it. At least that’s what
it’s saying on the box. So I’m picking up this
Campbell’s tomato juice in a can. I’ve never seen this ever in my life. And then just a classic
V8 kiwi strawberry. This robot’s gonna look lit. We’re gonna name it Campbell. We’re gonna go pay for this,
head back to the studio, and check them all out. What if they didn’t have wheels, you know? I spent around 31 dollars,
34 dollars with tax at the 99 Cents Only store. That’s actually not too bad considering we didn’t just get five
items, we got seven. I mean, that makes sense because there’s a lot of
savings at the dollar store. So the first thing that we’re checking out is the thing that I’m most excited for. It’s a new Apple Watch band. I got the official Apple Watch band here. It feels pretty nice. I’ve dabbled around with
a few cheap ones before. I don’t know why I said I
dabbled around, I just dab. Hit that dab. So, this was three bucks. Kind of everything at
the 99 Cents Only store isn’t 99 cents. Let me know in the comments
how you guys feel about it. If you think it’s gonna be good or not, and if you own an Apple Watch. Well, I’m realizing why
this was so cheap now. This isn’t an Apple
Watch band of any sorts, it’s pretty much just a digital watch that looks exactly like an Apple Watch. I got fooled. I was giving the dollar
store a little more credit, but they don’t actually
deserve all that credit. I’d link everything down
below in the description but just go to your local dollar store or 99 Cents Only store
and you’ll find this. It’s not a bad looking watch. Not a bad looking watch at all. Kinda looks like my
Apple Watch a little bit. I like it. And just reading the packaging
here, it says digital watch. I should have picked up
on that a little earlier, but I was still really confident that this was just like
an Apple Watch case. Next up is this disco ball speaker. I’m really excited ’cause
we’re about to throw a party up in here. That actually worked out a lot
better than I was thinking. Well this is a disco party ball speaker. It’s pretty much just a regular speaker with a disco ball on top. It’s six bucks though. That’s what I want you
guys to pay attention to. We’re gonna see if this is
actually worth six bucks. Bluetooth connectivity,
it’s rechargeable, alright. The speaker feels pretty good. It’s not too heavy. Actually doesn’t feel like
it’s worth six dollars, which is really surprising
in these cheap speakers. So I’m gonna test this out. Recharges with Micro-USB. I’m always a fan of that. We’re just gonna play
Panic! At The Disco’s Death of a Bachelor. Now getting that disco mood. It’s not too bad. It sounds like the bass is like
trying to make an appearance but it just can’t. At least it lights up, like, it’s a six dollar disco speaker. I’m not that surprised. Now this was something that caught my eye. I thought it was like build your own robot with some sort of like gadgets in there, like a motor, you know, just a little more something that a robot that is a robot you design for. I realize that as soon as I picked it up but it was five bucks so it’s pretty much you
can design your own robot. Build your own robot. Damn, I thought this was gonna be a lot cooler than it actually was. Oh, this is kinda lame. I’m not gonna lie. This is, I find some pretty lame stuff, but this is definitely one
of the most lame products I’ve ever checked out. So you pretty much just
grab any kinda soda can. I got some tomato juice. Not your average tomato juice
though, made by Campbell’s, never seen that before and I don’t even need to drink it, but you know what, we’re gonna try, what tomato juice in a can is like. I’m not gonna lie, that has a little bit
of carbonation on it. I think they’re imagining people
are gonna just pound these at lunch and stuff. Interesting. Really interesting. Alright, I don’t even wanna chance it. It’s gonna tip over. So we got the V8 kiwi strawberry. So now we can just design our own robot? Oh we have a lot of pieces here. Alright, give me a sec. – [Narrator] 20 minutes later. – This is probably the dumbest
thing I’ve ever checked out. Why did I pick this up? I finished building the robot. I found out it’s actually battery powered and this is what it looks like. We got some plastic harness
put around my V8 can. There were so many pieces which is kinda interesting, but here we go. Let’s turn on the robot. And somehow, it’s able
to manage all the weight. It looks like it’s gonna topple over. Alright, that’s pretty cool. Worth five dollars? Uh, no. This product really caught my eye because it’s another Despicable Me 3 toy. It’s like they keep following me around. Let me know in the comments if you know which other Weird Shopping episode I checked out another
Despicable Me 3 toy in. Only the super fans are gonna know. This is a fart gun, which, I think it just pretty much blows air. I hope that’s what it does. Or else, I’m pretty
sure that’d be illegal. So let’s open this up. Okay, we get these cardboard
cut outs from the movie. So the directions on the back say just prop up these cardboard cutouts, needa bend them in place so they stand up on their own, okay. Then you just pull back and the air cannon will knock them down. Alright. This gun is kind of interesting. It feels pretty rock solid, like I see where all the value is. And then you get this pull back lever. It’s like a bag attached to it. And that’s where all the
wind, or farts in this case, are generated from. Let’s see if we can knock it over. I think it only knocked it
down because I was swaying. I’m gonna shoot it at myself
and see if I can feel anything. – Stop it. – That’s a little bit of wind. I know you guys can’t feel that but like where is the
air, where’s the fart? Alright, alright, I got it, I got it. It’s very subtle, but it’s enough to knock
down some cardboard. I was thinking it could try to knock over this Fiji bottle. Yeah, no, there’s no way. Wow, this, I don’t know, I thought the other Despicable
Me 3 toy was better. Moving on. We got a tripod that works with any phone. These things are interesting
because for two bucks, you have a way to like,
actually get stable video. I know optical image stabilization,
it exists in the phones but if you wanna maybe become a vlogger, you now can, thanks to
the 99 Cents Only store. This tripod’s flexible. Yo, this is actually something. I’d recommend picking up. Let me know in the comments if you think this thing’s worth it. Two bucks. It’s like a mini Joby pod. Could really get a vlog going here. What’s cool about it is now
you have a tripod mount. So if you wanna do some
Insta photography, bam, you just click your phone
in there, it slides on in, and what’s cool is this
is a tripod mount, so, you can get vertical, horizontal
video, you’re covered. Just kidding. You can do that too, but there’s also an
articulating ball head. This is nice. Wow, this is really nice. I’m gonna pull out my iPhone, we’re gonna grab some quick video. I think two dollars is the cut off point. It barely fits my 7+. But alright, we got it going here. Now prop it up. Let’s record some video. I wanted to vlog with it. Yo, what’s up? How does it look? Let me tighten it. Yo, hey, I’m vlogging. Alright, it’s swinging a little bit. Might be a little hard to vlog. But, not bad. Just when you thought
it would get cheaper, shocker, it’s not. I got a $1.99 USB LED lamp. That knife is gonna drive me crazy. This thing looks sweet. We have, I think that’s 10 LEDs? One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10. That is 10 LEDs. Wow. This just sounds way too good to be true. I mean, it is way too good to be true. It’s not even 99 cents. Connecting it to the USB-C MacBook. That is articulating too? What? Oh yo, this is the greatest
buy from 99 Cents and only. Let me know in the comments
which buy is the greatest. This is really bright. It’s flexible. That’s a funky angle. I’m gonna turn off all the lights and see how bright this thing actually is. Let’s do it. Hope you guys aren’t too scared. I’m still here. I just have all the lights turned off now. I wanna see how bright
this thing actually is. Whoa. No lie, that is the greatest
product I have found in Weird Shopping. Wow. Look at how bright this
thing is on my face. It’s like I’m going into
like a hospital or something. (maniacal laughter) This for any laptop you could read a book, you could get work done on a plane. Wow. This is the greatest thing ever. Bonus item! I didn’t say it for the light, but this right here is
the second bonus item and we’re in for a real treat. Two dollars, no surprise, nothing
on this list was 99 cents. But it is a vibrating massager. Says there’s a USB cable
included so, that’s sweet. Anything without batteries would be good. This is all I got in the box by the way. There was no top, no cable, and actually, it’s battery powered. So, yeah. That kinda contradicts everything. I would have loved a USB cable but I guess batteries
is the way we’re going. It’s like there was a USB cable
that wanted to be in the box but it’s not, so, this is just a mini vibrating massager. You just push down and it will
give you a nice vibration. Nice massage. That’s all right. It’s kind of intense actually. Oooo, I like that. I like that a lot. That is, it’s like deep tissue. That’s pretty nice. Wow. This bonus item, the
light, if only it was, if it only came with a USB
cable, that would be amazing. But the battery life,
unfortunately, I’m not with it. Now it’s time for me to tell you which was the most worth it. There were some, you know,
faulty ones in this episode. But the one that is the
most worth it, by far, has gotta be this USB LED light. So crazy. Let me know in the comments
which item was your favorite on this list. Shout out time. Woo! Huge shout out going out
to Rydog and Jovaniam, Dovaniam, don’t even know how to say your name. Turn my notifications on,
make sure you get subscribed, just get subscribed right over
there and click that bell. Let me know in the comments so I can give you a
notification shout out. And just tweet me @techsmartt if you guys find any other crazy items while you guys are out shopping. I’ll see you later. Bye. Today we learned some math
in the YouTube comments. 50 is half of 100. It is half of a hundred.

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