7 Essential Tools for the Spiritual Path

What are the best tools, what are the
essential tools on the spiritual path That’s a very important thing for us
all really understanding because even in the room like this there’s people that
have to spirituality now there is also many rooms on the planet where they’re
not practicing anything but even in a group where we are on the path and we’re
practicing things it’s kind of interesting because we still kind of a
lot of us don’t know which things to practice in other words it’s almost like
strange because we go to it’s like going to the market and picking a little bit
of this or that off their shelves I kind of do yoga I kind of do this or I’m into
health or I’m into meditation or I like hikes you know and it’s kind of strange
because folks are thinking of this very eclectically but are there essentials
yes so this will be important for us to
cover today because in case you didn’t know these essentials or in case you do
some of them and not others I’m not going to share things that you should
pick from I’m sharing things that are all essential on the spiritual path so
let’s start let’s start with this to make sure we’re all on the same team
at least in a group like this most of us would agree we all have a spirit right
now if we can agree that we all have a spirit within us then it means that any
path we walk is then by default a spiritual path you can’t ever be off of
the spiritual path technically because you have a spirit so wherever you’re
walking is a spiritual path now that doesn’t mean you understand that there’s
an easy way in a hard way but the good news that’s the good news is that we all
are on the spiritual path it doesn’t matter where you been
virgin prostitute 12-step or drug addict mystics and morons everybody
the spiritual path Wow one of those might have included me so oh that’s good
news you know so no matter where you’ve been it’s it’s we’re all okay
the old Pinocchio story The Selfish Pinocchio
just self-centered he he kept thinking of his own self the shallowness Pleasure
Island what do you think Pleasure Island isn’t a cartoon it’s Earth Pleasure
Island you get distracted by stuff and no sooner did he say okay I got it this
time and then you know look shiny stuff and
he’s off again that’s the typical human being but notice how like the story of
the prodigal son we hear about in Christianity and Buddhism also had a
prodigal son story which is almost identical and it’s it’s telling us that
the same point which is no matter where you’ve been at the end of the day
Pinocchio becomes a real boy meaning the real self but he had to be willing to
get past his own thinking of himself the selfishness on the you know on the path
selfishness isn’t part of the spiritual path but you experience the temptation
to be selfish while we’re on the spiritual path if that makes any sense
it’s not encouraged like a tool on the spiritual path but it’s one of the
temptations so we’re all on the spiritual path it doesn’t matter you
know and and some people hear me sometimes it sounds like I’m dissing
religion or dissing New Agers or dissing like anything that you heard me talk it
reverently about and it really isn’t if you know me you actually know that I’m
never really dissing a person or a thing there’s other than one thing which is
hypocrisy just as Jesus dissed hypocrisy and not
because he sectioned out a group and said these are the bad people I’ve said
this many times the reason Jesus dissed hypocrisy was because he’s saying
there’s it’s not it’s not exclusive to any group he’s just saying when you’re
not being honest you’re harming yourself and others one of the dangers of being a
hypocrite is not only what you’re doing you’re
cuz you’re lying to yourself but you could mislead other people with your
deception as a hypocrite in other words of the people that like for me
personally I respect people that know they’re on the path and they’re growing
and they’re happy about that I respect that I also respect people that know
they’re not on the path because both of those groups are honest the ones that
aren’t so nice to me are people that think they’re doing well on the path but
are not that’s the hypocrisy not because I like hate someone I’m saying that’s a
danger because you’re harming yourself but what’s worse is when you think
you’re one of those people who tell everyone else how things work and in
fact you’re not living it congruently when you’re telling people they have to
do this or that spiritually and what you’re telling them is something that
misdirects them way that comes back karma bad karma believe it or not to
deceive yourself you could say oh no because I’m gonna hold that against
myself you already are as soon as your not being true to
yourself you’re you’re all it’s by default it’s not like you can choose
later to have any bad karma good karma as soon as you deceive yourself you’re
automatically in the bad karma if that makes sense okay
you’re already miss creating because there’s a there’s a brokenness there’s a
deception but like I said the worst part would be those who dragged others with
them in that deception so hypocrisy Jesus was talking about he wasn’t like I
said dissing a group he was talking about how harmful it is for you to live
in congruently so I’ll come back to that in just a moment so is there are like
these you know these ideas that you’re on the path you’re not on the path
everyone’s on the path but some of us are choosing to learn the easy way and
some the hard way the great news is everyone’s still on the path it’s not
like let’s say you have a person who believes in spirituality and one that
doesn’t and both of them experienced a lot of loss
it hurts lately it’s not like the losses and hurts only are relevant as tools for
growth – the one that’s on the path Oh more overtly both of them are still
going through those losses and can learn from them one of them might never use
the word God but they could start to recognize there’s a lesson behind what
I’m experiencing and that’s good enough learning the hard way is just kind of
like being a hypocritical or ignorant the more you fight the fact that there’s
a purpose to life’s test the more it’s going to come back and hit you harder
and again I’ve said this many many many times over many many many years everyone
gets there some receive an anointing like I believe and then comes this
miracle you know the clouds part oh and you know angels coming down that’s
beautiful that happens others it’s not the you know angel blessings and
sprinkles of miracle dust from the fairies but it some of us it’s like just
a christening of a Holy 2×4 just boom and and at the end of it both people go
I got it you see so even when you’re stubborn and
hypocritical all you’re doing is postponing sometimes the awakening when
it comes but you’re definitely increasing its intensity as has only
only bad people to have done that everybody has had moments in their life
or lifetimes where we tend to push something aside postponing it or
intensifying it so is this a story about good people but no it’s everyone’s the
same everyone’s the same I don’t care who you are I don’t care if you’re
mystic or Jesus or remember everyone on earth still has lessons meaning tests
and and some people don’t like the term you know tests or lessons but it’s I use
that term because it denotes when you pass a test you go up higher
whether it’s great school it or whatever when you pass a test you get certified
your goal higher you know so we have to come to understand and accept
life is filled with these tests or at a sweeter word lessons other people would
say opportunities but if you don’t get hold of the opportunity then what do you
call that it still failed tests good news again technically no failed tests
it just means they’ve intensified that’s all it means it’s just gonna be more
tense now if you go for a driver’s test and you don’t pass the good news is you
kind of remember the ones you got right and that becomes ingrained more so
that’s the good news when we go through life the things we get right like using
the proper spiritual tools we’re likely going to go these are working for me and
you keep those you just start honing in on what’s not working and that means
you’re passing the test again so it’s kind of sweet that there’s no absolute
failures life is not going to result in actually a evan nal for those who pass
the test in that form we are living the tests constantly and you are living in
heaven or hell constantly when you’re when we’re not learning we’re not
getting it and and so forth you can call it lack of faith but it can be minor
things it can be just having low self-worth means you’re already in hell
you don’t go to a run of L called low self-worth room you know hi welcome to
hell which room are you I’m checking into room you know purse low self-worth
oh that’s down at the end of the hall yeah that’s not it’s we’re already
living in when you have low self-worth you don’t tend to make great choices and
those bring negative results which means you’re in pain what is hell but living
in pain so we live heaven in hell that doesn’t mean the versions of heaven like
today when you make healthy choices right you’re in a room like this and you
feel some pretty good vibes and all that that doesn’t mean that’s as good as it
gets you’re living a microcosm of heaven here
on earth and the more we can get that together
the more it’s actually called Eden when we actually lived like heaven on earth
it’s like Eden so there’s a purpose to all this there is a purpose behind it
all it’s kind of cool because it’s like you know we recognized all of my tests
get me somewhere I grabbed hold of it I breathe it in I integrate it and I get
higher and higher you’re not just you know it’s not like picking an item out
of a spread of food at a table if people think that’s what the spiritual path –
often they think that’s what it is I think I’ll try a little disorder
behind that your soul only wants you to use the things that work for you and
there’s days when this thing works and that thing works
never judge the things you thought would work and then they didn’t work out so
well whether it’s a relationship or a religion if you dissed them in you know
kind of a hurt I’m angry about what they did or didn’t do partner or whomever if
you have residual issues with it you’re actually never free from it and you’ll
end up having to go back to some form of it you know if you had a controlling
parent you might then end up into controlling
religion and then if that’s not enough of controlling partner or five of them
it depends how much you’re gonna be stubborn and learning the lesson but we
could say the opposite okay I had a controlling parent I want nothing
controlling I want to have Elmi people in my life where everything’s just sky’s
the limit we do everything nothing on time nothing
responsibly we just do whatever free you know Green Green Green you know and
that’s the opposite it’s still reactive that’s not healthy always man something
in the middle path it’s always about Center the middle path that we find the
right stuff you know but anything I’ve done out here peripherally I swung a
little here and swung a little they’re never really holding resentment about it
what did you learn from it is all you should be asking yourself and I don’t
care could be the most absurd religion with where the intensity and guilt and
shame if I were you I might think of it this way Wow that
was weird Wow what was I thinking all that instead
of anger judgment I would just go wow I just had the weirdest dream I dreamt
that I needed someone to tell me I was valueless and that I was going to hell
are there any other times I’ve experienced oh yeah I remember there was
a teacher or there was a dad or a mom oh so this has been a pattern and what I
would say to myself is deaths it’s a good possibility that if in this
lifetime I have lived in such an extreme connection to a religion or a person
where I was bad evil gonna go to hell there’s a good chance I’ve probably
dragged this in from another lifetime I probably been in some really fundamental
religious kind of stuff in the past why do you think that would be with me today
to get over it this time so when you’re no longer in it if you hate having been
there you didn’t learn but if you can say thank you oh my god I totally got it
crazy religion write it down write it down and light it you know just like wow
like that was the weirdest thing burn it let it be gone and then save
yourself and no I don’t have to go there again I’m not gonna become that nor am I
going to try the opposite in my Center I can see clearly that’s not for me so
there are tools I’m not going to give you tools to choose from I’m going to
give you essential tools that you have to be on that you have to work with to
some degree or another now if any of them don’t make sense into a problem if
they don’t resonate with you no problem you could double the number of items on
the list you can cut him in half as long as you’re being true to what you know to
be doing something healing or right for yourself on the path I don’t know if any
of them you’re gonna say man that one you can probably toss I doubt it but if
you do you know that’s cool whatever works for you the first item the first
tool is communion communion and guidance which means the
first rule is about connecting with God I do not believe you can say I’m on the
spiritual path what do you commute to get your guidance
nothing well do you ever stick it stolen and become one with God
no I become one with my yoga mat or my you know fruit loops or whatever the
heck you think is is every day I have fruit loops but every day I do not
commute with God that doesn’t make any sense to me find God like a 12-stepper
God get vulnerable and say I cannot do this of myself oh but I can because I
have a religion that says I’m God how’s that worked for you as have you picked
on nothing but great relationships if you’re God then how do you keep creating
bizarre relationships if you’re God how come you haven’t discovered your soul’s
purpose if you’re God how come you can’t bring yourself back to life after you
die you can’t even get over a cold so don’t do the I am God commune with God
then God will remind you that the real God is within us but don’t love
ourselves try to figure out where God is in ourselves in other words the broken
self can’t figure that out so we need humility vulnerability surrender to God
before we can become the God that some people proclaim themselves to be so when
I say you know Communion and guidance just picture this tool number one
connect with God and what does it mean any form of prayer and meditation that’s
fine see I’m not going to give you one and
say you must do this just some form of communion but what’s beautiful about it
is one of the perks of communing with God in your own way
I don’t care call it Jesus Holy Spirit God whatever like God okay don’t call it
tree stump or red rock call it something that created the tree stumps in the Red
Rock and you go to the highest commune with God one of the perks is all of a
sudden you start having day-to-day guidance I mean like all of a sudden you
have a compass created by God is the mind of God within our
hard to say this works for me this doesn’t work should I date this person
without with this movie that movie eat this food that food you you all of a
sudden you’re plugged in and you have direct connection beautiful part of the
Bible at the end of Revelation when it says and and now God will you know we
will be God’s people will be connected at the end of Revelation at the end of
the Bible one of the closing points I’m paraphrasing is no longer is it stone
tablets no longer is it rules out there and regulations out there all of a
sudden God is living in our heart and we automatically know it says you want the
Sun to have daylight what does the Bible mean when there would be no light or
darkness always there’ll be light but not Sun light God to imagine living in
this pure consciousness this pure you know this pure centeredness to know I am
the light of the world there is no darkness and if there’s no darkest and
there’s no sickness so just rule number one can live on its own it could just
thrive and be on it just rule number one if I’m only community connecting with
God I really don’t need anything else but then that starts to sound like we’re
like abstinent mystics of some kind like we’re we’re living in some okay you know
a little too withdrawn from the world so I say it’s almost perfect on its own in
a sense it’s perfect on its own but there are other tools we still have to
consider I’ll say this much if we were still one with God completely one with
God there are no tools you would need on the spiritual or for the spiritual path
because the tools are to help us get back into our oneness that making sense
so rule number one is the only one out of these tools and I’ll share seven it’s
only rule number one has to actually still be practiced you know even on the
other side because it has to do with with God so we still have have that but
well on earth commune oh how beautiful a communion I’m connected
so I’m communing with God I’m in commute communion Cove Union and that means I
get guidance that helps me to know what works for me and what doesn’t work for
me so let’s say for example let’s say you guys go we really like the way
Michael Toxie he gets up there and he kind of
just starts on a flow and it comes through so what if all of us could do
that same thing when we’re having conversations with partners know what to
say at just the right time how to handle discrepancies at work you know what I’m
saying there is the connecting with God is what allows this thing and it’s
practical it’s applicable to know what to say and not take just what to say
you’re on Eco when it rears its ugly head when it starts telling you you have
no value you know instead of getting broken down by that internal ego voice
or by the voice of ego from other people instead of getting broken down if you
have this tool number one down your in your Center these things these storms
come men and all they do is strengthen your roots as a tree they distort come
bring them on you know you just Center more and more into God rather than being
so fragile the more because it’s you know it’s it’s about consciousness and
the more we know who we are and the more we ask God to help us know who we are
the more we’re getting to the real root of it so to speak and then we can
withstand you know all the storms so tool number two is a natural movement
off of – you know tool number one communion with God becomes love and
forgiveness how would I be centered in God communing with God and not be loving
so one naturally breathes exhales in the form of love but love on earth most
manifests it as forgiveness it does not manifest as hugs hugs are worthless if
you like the person you’re hugging no fine
come here you know the hugs the intimacy’s the beloved friendships you
know the partnerships the sensualities absolutely worthless
those are symptoms the love means your capability of recognizing your oneness
with everyone because how could you not love them if you if you recognize you’re
one of them you know you’d have to be quite disturbed to stay on one with you
and I don’t like you because I also don’t like me you know that’s really
awful but when you really know that we’re all one you you you love people
I mean it’s when when you actually have those surreal mystical moments when you
recognize your one one this with everything no person that’s ever
recognized their oneness with everything didn’t feel love as a natural result
they don’t you know do you hear Mystics say that do you hear men and women that
have passed near-death experiences in a hospital come back and go it was the
weirdest thing I suddenly felt connected and in love with everyone and I I hated
that experience that’s not what happens when you go under there when it’s the
coolest thing there’s this oneness and automatically and I felt love that’s
what they say and they say and I felt peace right so tool number one leads to
tool number two God practice love and forgiveness and again this practicing
love and content and forgiveness confirms we’re growing so it’s a great
way to get a pulse on whether you’re growing enough if somebody says to me I
know I’m growing spiritually well how do you know because I’m eating more
organically that’s not necessarily meaning you’re becoming more spiritual
maybe you just afraid you know and you’re eating well I mean some people do
that they’ll say I eat these foods why because if you don’t you know you’re
gonna die you’re gonna die anyway you might even choke on some of your
granola during the it’s not food love and forgiveness is
your compass is your pulse so and this is important because I know lots of
people man they drum they hike the Red Rocks they do all kinds of cool organic
e kinds of things and they still are hypocritical about love and forgiveness
they’ll talk the total love peace joy everyone you know but they resent me or
they resent you or they resent their exes or they resent this or that or and
it’s it’s it’s a popular lack of a better word it’s just the best word
you’re being the McCrystal dude you’re out of alignment or you know being in
congruent so you can’t say that any of the other tools are working now if I
name some other tools if you don’t practice love and forgiveness it negates
all the rest that’s how strong this one is I don’t care if you can stand on one
head and chant for hours I don’t care I don’t care what kind of beads you wear
none of it matters crystal grids around your bed when you sleep at night
creating a wonderful more of a you know pattern of energy if you cannot practice
love and forgiveness it’s absolutely worthless so much so that if I were you
like like I myself would not let myself get away with that if I see myself
practical I’m doing talks and people are digging the talks and everything’s
peachy and the more praise I get the better off a the more cells of books the
better none of that measures it if I am not feeling love and forgiveness I know
I’m in trouble you follow what I’m saying there I know that I’m not living
it and if you’re not living it it becomes the bigger tests so to me the
love and forgiveness it’s a big part of it you know I’ve written a dozen books
and one of them’s only on that topic because that’s how important it is the
practice of love and forgiveness it’s really cool because again I’ve already
said this but when we really know each other is forgiveness is very easy
it’s when we forget who we are that forgiveness becomes difficult I’m not
going to forgive that person why because of what they did the real them could not
have done that so if I’m not going to forgive you it means I am absolutely
insisting on seeing the Unreal you when you see the real them forgiveness is
just absolutely natural when you don’t feel like you can forgive you’re not in
your natural self either the God in us can never escape forgiving it wouldn’t
make any sense so remember that please without getting too deep and cosmic
about the time the topic of forgiveness when you can’t forgive first of all I
understand if you’re hurt enough angry enough you’re not going to be in the
mood to forgive nobody should judge you for that it’s if
that just tells us how hurt we are got that just how hurt we are nibs why would
you be angry or hate anybody does that hurt I mean really when you hear
somebody say I refuse to forgive don’t don’t be upset with them don’t judge
them do you know how hurt a person has to be to refuse the love of God or the
presence of God I mean that’s intense I think they deserve a lot of compassion a
hug perhaps a lot of compassion but also it will help us if we can see the light
in them that they can’t see we can forgive for them but only to a degree
they still will own it someday themselves that’s great but we can do
our best to step up and help them you know so so love love and forgiveness it
brings there anything else you just you can’t have healthy relationships without
practicing love and forgiveness you can’t really say that your spiritual
without love and forgiveness you can’t you can’t be a co-creator with God if
you’re not practicing love and forgiveness so the third tool
responsibilities and boundaries and you’ll see these kind of progressed one
from another or connected in some way but practicing
responsibility now I love this one because in a way this is to a degree
this is where the rubber meets the rust because responsibility see even if we
say I’m gonna practice love and forgiveness you’re not going to really
be able to bring that to its fullest if you don’t know how to be a responsible
human being and responsibility you really you know it’s it’s a it’s easily
forgotten I mean I endure all kinds of people that are on the spiritual path
and they’ll still slip and judge other people and then justify their judgement
and somebody will say to me Michael somebody did this this this this this
and this and this and this and this to me what should I do or how do I think of
that person how do I deal with that person honestly almost every time the
first thing I’m going to ask them to do is look inside doesn’t negate that the
person’s doing these things but I’m going to ask them to look inside to see
where it’s coming from within us and what’s what it’s triggering because if
all I do is tell you you should do this or this and I only give you external
oriented advice we have neglected the only thing that really matters which is
the internal experience so I’ve got to in my in the most loving tactful way
bring it back to instead of just going well why don’t you look at what’s going
on inside of you all you do is upset them more they need to be heard not
shamed not wronged so I would be tactful and say why don’t we do some tracking
and look at that inside first then the actions will start becoming guided
because when you to practice true responsibility like the exercise we all
have to learn here tracking you go within you you see what this is about
and heal it and then you close by reconnecting with God which is tool
number one so when you reconnect with God what did I say one of the perks of
connecting with God is guidance love guidance so now I’ll know what to say to
you what to ask you to do with your your you’re a person that hurt you as a
healer as a counselor I’ll know what I should do on how to say something when I
connect well see I’m not in my reactive self I’m in my responsible self but now
that I’m entering my responsible self I know what this is bringing up for me
instead of just saying hi I’m a wonderful person I don’t have a jerk in
my life can you tell me what I should do about that yeah we would say well why do
you have a jerk in your life it was an accident they pretended they weren’t a
jerk those’ll will make rational sense on earth that does so think they said hi
nice to meet you I’m definitely not a jerk and I just believed them it looks
good we look mentally innocent but I would then ask you have you ever had a
jerk before in your life yes well then you’re the constant aren’t you I won’t
say that but I’m thinking oh but that’s the truth
so why would I want to get away with that if this is me I’m talking about
and I’ve got somebody triggering me why would I want to get away with somebody
enabling me and helping me be angry at them justifiably I would rather somebody
help me remind myself of my responsibilities like god damn you’re
right what is this reminding me of oh I’ve had
this before how so and you track it back and you realize
wow this has been a pattern in my life low self-worth
you know undeserved ability betrayal whatever my patterns are and I start to
uproot those and when I got through those before I’ve even talked to the
person that I said I was conflicted with before I even get my way
with them that I thought I wanted someone to help me make them wrong and
me right all of that has been put aside and I have discovered me my weaknesses
my patterns is that making sense my judgments and it’s profound so all of a
sudden that some of the energy just dissipates because I’m learning rather
than judging instead of external judging I’m learning internally and that’s
always going to shift consciousness so all of a sudden now you asked me so did
you want to talk about that jerk now no I I feel kind of complete once I saw
what it was really about chose to give that to God and asked for tool number
one back to God’s presence I feel kind of complete now that’s not always the
case sometimes I still will choose to engage but I’m going to be different
when I do because I’m more responsible but when I do engage it’s likely my my
communication with that person is going to be in a summary themed on setting
better boundaries see when I’m broken I have broken boundaries and then people
stomp on them and then we get mad at the people for stomping on it hi can I talk
to you a minute issue I’ve got somebody who’s stomping on my life and when you
track that you realize it’s real the boundaries they’re stomping on but
they only are able to stop on the boundaries because they’re shattered
where did the shattered boundaries come from my brokenness when I see that and
heal that the boundary start coming back together and all of a sudden it becomes
very natural for me to go wow not only am i healing what has happened
I am also doing a preventative my boundaries are now more intact
I feel clearer hi nice to see you in this the person that’s used you ten
times says how can I use you again you go let me check it no I don’t think so
what do you mean used to let you know I remember that yeah I got I got that
cleared I remember I you know Larry healed it I feel a different level of
self-worth now can I stomp on you can I push you into it can I pull you can I
drag it can I guilt you into it shame you into it no I don’t see any of
those weak spots you used to find you know buttons to push because that’s what
they’re saying when they’re trying to get you to react what they’re it’s not
you think they’re causing you to react it’s actually a request when people act
that way it’s not an insistence it’s a request
because nobody can actually do without your permission and I’m not saying you
give conscious permission typically we don’t what we do is we give unconscious
permission the permission is granted as soon as they find a broken person that
doesn’t have healthy boundaries not being healthy gives permission
automatically so when we look inside be responsible all of a sudden boundaries
become intact and we’re a different person leading us to tool for tool for
is our spiritual practices our spiritual studies and practices now notice this
was a tool number one our our little things the guns and whatever else this
is this can’t come first or second or third this has to come after we learn to
connect with God we learn to to you know be more responsible healthy people you
know we’re becoming better people we know love and forgiveness and
we’re just becoming healthier now the spiritual tools are practices studies
they come in and then that’s every kind of study or your study groups your
12-step groups discovering your souls purpose psychic development all that you
know all these things are are part of that what I do then why do I do them
because I learned to commune with God I know love and forgiveness and I’m
responsible the tool will step for the the the practices and studies they help
me keep focused on tool one two and three that’s all
the psychic class doesn’t make you holy you have to find your holiness and then
practice do the psychic class the 12-step class and so forth to keep
yourself on course these spiritual studies are part of kind of a support
system but they are valuable as a support system just you know but a lot
of people make religion out of this one they think that if they go to yoga yoga
is their new religion they forget tool one two and three and they made this
tool one you see studies and practices are only support systems they are not
the God thing itself they’re not your first priority not not should they
should not be anyway because then that’s making a religion out of it so hopefully
that one’s clear now tool number five easily could jump above the last one
number four that I mentioned and the order can change per circumstance for
that matter for some of these but the next one has to do with integration and
the reason I’m sharing this one after the tool of studies is because
integration means to absorb and become what you studied so I made this after
you know I’m sharing this one after sharing our studies and practices this
one five is all about you have to integrate and implement within yourself
you have to become the thing you read if you’re meditating in one tool number one
when did you become that meditation if you like sacred sounds guns
great but what if you don’t have a gun oh I can’t meditate I gotta have my gun
with me codependence you know my gun loves me and I love my cologne
codependence you know so people or things
I can’t meditate I can’t sleep well without such-and-such okay those all
become dependencies and the truth is you are all made in the image of God we are
all so they don’t need anything but I’ll go ahead and have my spiritual studies
and practices while I’m here because it helps remind me that I don’t need things
of a more mundane nature one of the other values of that one the spiritual
studies practices is to help us stay focused on what’s you know relevant or
important to us I sort of said that in another way so this one has to do with
integration it’s learning to become the things you studied become don’t go out
to the Red Rocks hike and say all these Red Rocks give me this that and the
other they cannot give you anything you don’t already have remember America the
band wasps and everything give nothing to the Tin Man
that he didn’t didn’t already have remember that you have everything you
need you’ve had a long long Dorothy just
click your heels there’s no place like home
and you’re there that means focus on tool number one only god matters and
then you’re there but theorising going out to the Red Rock so the Red Rocks
make me feel it’s just terminology I’m not gonna get into you know I don’t
judge people just because of the words they use but is it what you actually
believe that’s when it’s dangerous if I don’t have my hike out to the Red Rock
so my whole day’s gonna be bad if I were you I’d go out to the Red
Rocks meditate feel the feeling and then breathe it in and keep it next time you
do it do it again and keep it keep any of the good you’ve ever had with any
circumstance meditation near-death experience absorb it instead of wow that
was amazing unless I will leave it behind there goes my meditation
there goes my oneness with God there goes my inner peace someone loved me
once upon a time and now I’m not loved anymore because they’re no longer with
me that doesn’t make any sense if ever you felt loved be the love absorb it
take it with you if ever you’ve had great meditations take it with you into
the day what good is any meditation if you’re not going to take it into your
day with you I had a great meditation until you came along you’re supposed to
say I had a great meditation and this is an opportunity for me to practice it
that’s integration so integration to me it’s it’s one of those that you remember
the old saying where you separate the men from the my step that won’t thank
you I would say this it separates the spiritual beings from the mortals this
integration is so important if you don’t become what you’ve experienced or
learned then you’re still immortal meaning a limited mortal being to be a
spiritual being you must you know practice the other tools I named but
this one is essential this one’s a real pivotal point the next one we’re at what
are we don’t like the six six has to do with relationships creating fulfilling
relationships you know and relationships are really greatly founded on everything
else I just name you cannot have good relationships without a sense of
communion with God without a sense of knowing how to practice love and
forgiveness every time you’re taking if I don’t practice it what good has our
relationship expected to do very well gotta have the love and forgiveness
obviously my spiritual studies will make the difference integration
responsibility boundaries all these things so this next one six creating
fulfilling relationships do the others that’s the first thing that’ll help your
relationships not which website you find your partner on
if are you practicing these other principles that’s it but also to help
relationships but not yet named healthy communication healthy loving forgiving
responsible communication is going to make a difference in all our all of our
relationships you know I believe that a lot of people go to relationships to
find something that they believe is missing and I’ve said this many times
but the healthiest way to have relationship is to bring your fullness
of who you are it’s through the relationship that doesn’t mean you’re
not going to have some bless you some pieces missing now and then but a
responsible person knows how to see it when it’s happening you know it you slip
you blame them for you know making you feel because that’s the way we were did
you take my power away you make me feel but you can’t they can’t do that you are
made in the image of God so you can’t now people can’t actually take your
power away I’ve talked about this in our free Facebook thing on Friday night
people can – actually I’m you know I know that’s gonna upset some people
because you maybe thrive on that but it’s not true
your power is synonymous with your identity people cannot take your
identity what they do because they made me feel lower your intensity is I am
made in the image of God God cannot be kidnapped God cannot be taken and held
hostage by a codependent person typically what’s got to happen is we
have to be willing to bargain it away they find our weak spots but if we don’t
have weak spots how are they going to find it
we don’t have buttons how are they going to push them so we’ve got to take more
responsibility even in that area but you know healthy relationships healthy
communication this is greatly going to come from practicing all these other
principles and if I can if I can remember you know the golden rule
if I can remember this because I truly believe this if we’re all made in the
image of God and God is love then there is this vibe deep in me that I forget
sometimes that is love and one of the best ways for me to access that love
which is also my identity which is also God’s identity is to see that thing in
you so this is what I believe what people will say to me as a counselor as
a speaker as a healer how do you know things and some of them will go oh you
must be an Aquarius with no that’s not it oh you must be psychically trained no
that’s not it keep going get rid of all your reasons to think and I swear to God
love is the answer when you truly feel a sense of love for people you will know
them as a healer you’ll know where their aches are without them telling you as a
parent you’ll know what’s going on in their hearts without them telling you as
a partner you see the techniques of lovemaking
everybody thinks it’s like doing you know sexual twister game you know look
at all the postures like in all the positions you’re not Wow aren’t I
amazing as a lover know love helps you know what the person’s looking for or
feeling or maybe love can guide us in the most mundane sexual kinds of things
to the partner to the parenting to the communication as a counselor how did you
know what was going on somebody will say well I’m just struggling with and you
pop out a word they’ll go oh my god or if you’re doing a talk like this
consistently people you were talking directly to me and love is so profound
and multi-dimensional it’s true I can talk to 150 people in the room and
hundreds or thousands online without even seeing them or meeting them because
it isn’t me it’s love and I’m not claiming to have a power a super power
I’m saying it’s the opposite when we let go of I having a super power you’re more
likely gonna find the we of love then all of a sudden you know what we need to
hear today so yeah it’s not contrived you know I don’t sit there and
psychically look at people this would be good that person right there they can
trigger that how do I do that simultaneously with thousands of people
it can’t be done without burning yourself out
instead love when you truly love you’ll you’ll get that too if your head is
intact it you know working your gonna think what your children want to hear at
a certain way you’re gonna think what your partner wants for Christmas your
heads going to be working sometimes you’ll be right sometimes you’ll be
wrong typically for me even when somebody says
they’re looking for a good movie to rent I can just know a movie they’re gonna go
that was the best movie ever they’re not gonna go well it kind of is
terrible thanks for that referral I can recommend move anything and I when I say
I I’m saying just the concept of love can actually plug us in that thoroughly
swear to God there’s no magic to it there’s no you
know because then I would have to be studying and practicing all kinds of
techniques within each topic parenting techniques and lovemaking techniques and
communication techniques and so on and so on and so on that’s a lot to memorize
constantly instead you let love speak you let love here that helps us stay
connected exactly what was needed in that meditation if you’re leading a
group exactly what was it instead of just reading your script that somebody
else wrote and studied for years and they all repeat the same script which is
fine to do because it can be very powerful or the prayer or whatever else
but to remember just to say Here I am if I’m one with God and you’re one with God
it should be quite easy for us to know what we need to hear right now and it
just starts happening so I hope this one makes sense because it’s a non
intellectual piece even though I’m talking about relations so when we’re
getting down to it the last I’m just going to share one form because it’s the
one kind of the most ground of the most practical but that sounds like a wrong
word because all of it’s very practical I just mean the most grounded
third-dimensional of all which is healthy living healthy and
balanced living is tool number seven now technically this is not by far not more
important than one or two or three to me number seven is almost an outcropping of
fruit from a result of doing the others so six and seven relationships and live
healthy living is really greatly coming from doing all the others properly but
you don’t just sit around and wait for the result in number seven you also
practice healthy living living in a fresh air and you know eating foods that
you feel are right for you just don’t make this into a religion
either but just healthy balanced living balanced living also means healthy
emotional maintenance program see a counselor and your 12-stepper
you know your sponsors once in a while don’t say well I did that once healthy
balanced living means maintain a healthy program so communion with God practicing
love and forgiveness you see all these things coming together the the
responsibility which includes boundaries all these pieces they just flow the
spiritual practices the integration it just comes into my relationships in it
it’s also lived by me not waiting for it to happen because there are spiritual
studies and religions that kind of do that they only tell you the theoretical
but they don’t really discuss the how to do it it’s a funny thing because of
course a miracle doesn’t tell you like which beads to wear and whether you
shouldn’t stand or kneel when you pray and meditate it won’t address much of
the healthy balanced living and yet it does because at the end of that material
it says this can all be summarized in you being of service to other people and
that’s still healthy balanced living how can you make a difference is still me in
my daily living walking around trying to be all sublime and airhead
you know that’s not being spiritual it’s still can you pay the bill for the next
person in line can you pick someone up when they’ve fallen can you give
somebody an extra minute when they need a minute you know you’re kind of it you
know not in the mood or whatever can you can you can you rise to the occasion and
that keeps all the spirituality from being philosophical so as I’m coming to
a close the last piece on that healthy balanced living it’s very important for
us this is a tough one to understand this one includes practicing prosperity
so if you think about it in these seven tools I’m really addressing all the
things you might be into yourself but you might be addressing one facet of any
one of these like let’s say your whole thing is all about prosperity living
that’s only one facet of one of these seven I would raise the volume and go
after all seven if I were you right so seven healthy balanced living counseling
getting massages and bodywork now and then you take care the healthy balanced
living do your best to eat things that are biogenic life-giving instead of bio
cynic and light life destroying healthy balanced living get the maintenance
program emotionally but it’s also having healthy perspectives on things like
sexuality it doesn’t matter if you’re celibate or you know having several
partners it does it’s not how on that level I said a healthy perspective
healthy perceptions perspectives around sexuality why would that be one of the
seven tools because it’s one of the most twisted topics on the planet and it
greatly affects your root chakra and your which is your grounding to earth if
that topic is messed up it’s going to mess up your ability to interact with
the earth plane which will affect your health your vitality your sexuality of
course with finances and so on so it’s not just a I’m not making that one of
the seven but it’s one facet of the seventh topic clean up on everything a
healthy balanced life that’s a topic that’s dark for a lot of
people and we have to come back to having a healthy balanced life so and
again with all those tough my emotional stuff sexual self you know financial
self all areas now think about that think about the seven that we’ve covered
well will share that in meditation to think about that you know it’s like wow
this is really about connecting more with God and then bringing that to the
world and if you only practice you know some of a couple of these you cannot
have a fulfilling life because there are to me there are seven facets that I’m
addressing here and they feel complete but even if you took one out you can say
well I have so many lifetimes as a nun I can eliminate number seven I don’t care
about the earth plane or sex or anything good so that could that would be just
fine but what else you gonna put in its place anything else you can think of if
you’re gonna drop anything off this list is it because you have a great better
idea than to it but I’m saying to if we know this list exists and we neglect any
of them it could confirm that we’re not living as much spiritually on the path
or whatever as we thought we were okay I would say to you then if you are well
practicing these seven it’s probably a great confirmation for you to soak in I
think I’m doing pretty well on my spiritual path and I think that’s
brilliant see if you covered most of those seven
nice job and anytime you doubt you should either find out why you’re
doubting if there’s some authentic reason for doubting because maybe you
are missing something or it’s your ego instead sometimes then you say to it I
checked in and I am working these communing with God practicing love and
forgiveness etc being a responsible person you’re doing really well but I
will say the opposite is true if you’re neglecting any of these it’s probably
confirming you’re not as far as you thought and you might want to do some
work on that okay all right let’s please take a few
centering breaths a few centering breaths just kind of
exhaling the world away exhaling thoughts and concerns and mundane things
just exhaling all that away one of the points we brought up today
was integration so what what did you learn here today that’s really important
for you breathe it in and integrated whether it was I just need to be more
balanced overall I need to practice more responsibility I should probably do some
more introspection and you know self awareness god I forgot to make God my
first priority great any of them get it breathe it in
as a permanent new awareness and then let’s take a moment to a self
inventory each of the seven you don’t have to do it perfectly just do your
best each of the seven topics rating them
from zero to ten how be honest with yourself how are you doing making number
one the god God your priority communion communion and having a steady guidance
each day of you know starting the day with God and saying you know guide me
where you’d have me go today like having a guide for the day communion and making
it practical a guide for the day how well are you doing with that zero to ten
zero being the weakest ten being the strongest and you don’t have to fix it just rate
it what about practicing love and
forgiveness how are you doing with that do you really practice it if you do
you’ll gossip less often you’ll speak hurtfully and harmfully less often love and forgiveness zero to ten how do you do with being responsible in
setting healthy boundaries responsible for what goes on in your life and I’m
not saying that blaming yourself is healthy I’m talking about how to
recognize our own lessons and situations do you revert to reacting or do you
recognize I’ve I’ve got something I can learn here and also setting healthy
boundaries learning to say this doesn’t work for me and so on a lot of us do much better with the
fourth one most of us in a room like this or watching an event like this
would typically say our spiritual practices and studies are pretty good at
you know we read spiritual material we go to groups drumming grooves so this
one’s probably okay for a lot of us but how are you doing with your studies and
practices are you really reading the most advanced material you can find or
et just read anything your studies and practices you know when you’re doing
these groups there are 12 steps you know or do you go consistently and so on and
so on do you really get into your practices and the next one has to do
with not only do you study do you go do you integrate it do you absorb it the
great outdoors do you absorb your meditations this is all about
integration do you really become that thing and how do you rate your healthiness of
your relationships do you have healthy relationships fulfilling relationships
less the codependent type more of the interdependent type partnerships as well
as relations with family friends and whomever else and are you great with
your technique of communication in those relationships and then the healthy balanced living you
know do you just read stuff and spiritual stuff and all that but you
don’t go for walks you don’t do what you can to eat things that are refreshing to
you you don’t do yoga at all or any forms of exercise and wellness or do you
how do you rate this healthy balanced living that includes emotional
maintenance program like counselling so now having rated all of these and you
might remember later and if not you can do this again but having rated these
just a couple quick questions any of them that you rated at a seven eight
nine ten City rated high seven or higher take just a minute and breathe that it
give thanks for it say it’s righteous to say nice job well good job in this area
of that area acknowledge it and breathe it in so that it anchors it anymore it also helps cancel out the low
self-worth where we try to give ourselves very little credit
so really breathe that in I mean my god if you’re if you could say I’m like a an
eight I used to be a three in the area of forgiveness and nominate that’s huge
that makes or breaks your ability to ascend into heaven one day if not today
I mean it’s big stuff so breathe it in nice god itself is saying to you
fantastic and then there’s areas you might have
scored the lowest seventh a six of five and all the way down is it to judge
ourselves no what can I learn from this how might I learn from this and how
might I raise the volume the the quotient and the quality the quantity of
any of these the volume on any of these which ones can you raise guys pick one
or two or all of the ones you think are a little low and what can you do about
it what can you do to change that just take a moment to acknowledge that and of course it’s up to us to now go
and practice this if we say what I can do is see a counselor go schedule one if
it’s I probably could do better at the healthy living that includes body
working and yoga go do it just let’s do it don’t just buy a yoga
mat stick it in a closet actually do the yoga even if your body is stiff enough
to where you can barely do anything than do the anything or any other category
the love forgiveness one if you struggle then talk to the right people to help
you learn how to forgive more read the right material or whatever it is the one
about number one with God communion well I don’t know it where’s the rules man
what are the words I’m supposed to none there’s no absolute it’s just got to
come from your heart God Here I am you’re now my guide that prayer of the
Divine Feminine Here I am guide me she that part of us that’s so perfectly
humble and receptive Here I am then we’re filled with the presence of
God and guided and then you watch your life and you see synchronicities and
confirmations and affirmations of living a healthy life with God just do
something and as we practice a little more will be given take a moment to quietly give thanks
when you’re ready and gradually stretch out I pray this has worked for you and make
good sense our services since we’re no longer making DVD sets like we did last
year our services more and more are going to be captive just a little over
an hour like like most we’re getting a little longer than most but it’ll be
like this we’ll try to keep it to an hour and a quarter so we’re going to do
our closing song first we’re going to take up collection while they’re taking
up collection I’d like to ask people what they learned today that will only
take a minute there’s folks watching online they can also do the same that
can help us make donations towards our services here I want to thank those of
you who and the donations have also been great some of you have specified to help
us afford a little bit better audio equipment and so on and video equipment
so we’re kind of you know ramping that up a bit some of you might notice we
don’t have two tripods sitting here filming their service yeah thank you
it’s kind of weird when I started the service I thought something’s missing
and I looked at I went you know for a second chair
oh you know no that’s right good so it’s kind of funny we’re so used to it
your love offering if you don’t know the words it’s on the front of your bulletin
board suppose as well but share this together full
heart intention all right we’re gonna let folks share what they learned or her
today if they’re watching online they should also pose what they learned earth
because that’s great for the other people watching online to kind of you’re
teaching each other one you know those that you were watching them you’re sort
of sharing the teaching each other yes that could be strange you know liking
the holy two by formed yeah night kitchen it is it’s a great
concept because even that it means just harder lessons but you still get it
there’s still aha or out no but it’s still it’s there
thank you anyone else yes I’ve been know the three things three techniques to
connect with God this year and one is the reception of God’s love aligning my
well with God’s will and breathing in God’s love exhaling that’s what’s so
nice and what’s cool right is it more communion with God what’s happening
because of that is it’s not I should go to church I didn’t want to go to church
so I think that other very good such a practice of communion is actually
helping everything else fall into place that’s beautiful then you find yourself
in your whole life is becoming more balanced that’s beautiful yeah nice it’s
great when people see what we’re sharing in a service like this our sacred
services it’s really great when people get it because often services are kind
of maybe linear or sometimes religious or ceremonial but not deep talking you
know they have a dimension to them I like ours being multi-dimensional it
feels great and I love that people dig it in and I know a lot of people when we
decided to post online there’s people in this town that are just watching from
home sometimes they’re tired that morning or whatever so it was a chance
that we’re gonna like we could lose 10% or so of an arleigh audience because
they’re home watching but we just did it anyway and the room still ends up close
and you know there’s time so it’s not good because people are watching them
but it’s cool you got to just go for it you know and it’s great that we’re able
to share these kinds of services they feel a deep and and I know I some people
are like oh my god I mean it was like too much you know can I just hear one
nice thing per Sunday practicing you know to hear all the
small to have this multi-dimensional experience is a little much for some
people you know they blow fuses and and I thought well you know we can pare it
down but it’s not me you know seven is the result of doing one to six and it’s
something that I’ve actually been thinking about for a while toward
recognizing and that is that as we live in that love we automatically do that
those are natural interactions it’s just a natural action of love and as we do
that we naturally want to do things for the earth we naturally for each other
just number seven it by itself is perfect but how beautiful she sang it’s
a natural expression of having the others in town right but remember it’s
also its own practice too you don’t just sit around waiting for those to manifest
you also go out and practice it but it’s it’s amazing it takes you it changes the
way you are there’s a guy who attends here now and again and he said to me the
other day he said Michael I don’t I don’t know if it’s from living in Sedona
but I used to be a guy guy he goes and now I like purple and they can’t kill things anymore you
know if I see a spider in the house I kind of scoop it up and take it outside
you know these were cracking up that’s the natural thing that when you’re
growing spiritual you don’t hate as much you don’t resent as much you don’t kill
as much and so on those are coming from the disconnect lack of responsibility
lack of love forgiveness lack of all those other categories so the seventh is
a natural expression of those and yet one we still have to live and I love
living in any of us that do love it practice it is an easy thing to love
once you’re doing it and one of the things I realized in the meditation is
that the places where I’m not as strong as I should be in number seven are
actually result of some things in number three beautiful and she noticed some
weaknesses in number seven when she rated them and also not only that which
is in itself great was able to identify weaknesses and three they’re kind of
triggering that before we’re done anybody else want to share what you got
from that meditation he’s using an example of Rudolf Steiner wonderful
mystic a generation or two ago and how he sort of created what’s called the
Waldorf system of Education and how different it is because he’s got these
other principles intact he didn’t create just another linear form of schooling
because he wasn’t connected on some of those other numbers we talked the tools
it gave him a different manifestation of a school system
an extension booth is the principal of the school
mmm he was you didn’t know what was gonna work
nice yeah we do have one i know locally so some of the kids parents bring your
kids the last person are doing yes there’s a child to come back i wanted to
reflect on how beautifully expressed y’all are as beings of god is everything
that exists our reality with us and to see each other in every place that work
all how different each of our powders are and how lost at some point is how
bad we are at others how beautiful it is and somehow that everybody’s on the path everyone’s on my half not and that means
that means instead of saying to your partners or your children if only you
were on the path better catch on they are on the path so
instead of waiting for them to get it you have to own that you didn’t get and
you can go back to them and say you know what an amazing thing happened today I
realize I’ve been asking you to get on the path and what I meant was I want you
on my path and you are on your path you can’t not be on the path because
wherever you go God is so you are on the path that I’m sorry that I missed that
you can say that because it’s true and they’ll respect you for it
some of them might say I told you so but that’s okay you could also add to that
not only I was asking you to be on my path you know to be able to say and now
I recognize we’re all over even if they don’t believe in a path it’s okay that –
it was beautiful good for you let them be ashamed blaming
that all you’re doing is enforcing separation which is the opposite of
oneness and then you’re only affirming that you missed it so it’s good to own
that and say it’s okay my bad you know sorry about that I was kind of pushing
for something because I didn’t totally understand it and I get it alright those
are those healthy forms of oops and it helps alright
was there one last hand that was up here or something okay I’ve always tried to
talk to you let that guy agree but kind of helped it
come full circle how I’m a forgiveness there’s something that I’ve been holding
on to it was kind of blocking nice job some unforgiveness showing nice
job and and when somebody says I got it I missed it and forgiveness peace that
is not a small issue a person can go from Hell to heaven in one realization
of a lack of forgiveness that’s how big that is
you can nostril breathe a lot you can eat organic a lot we will not add up to
one statement of forgiveness okay so there’s a lot of the doings we can do
but the love forgiveness is huge beyond human comprehension so congratulations
on that and as we’re going now did you guys see things that you rated well on
and did you understand why I said breathe those in and give things now you
won’t have to worry about those as much because you know you’re doing well and
give thanks to yourself that’s very affirming but get to work on the ones
that were a bit weaker

9 thoughts on “7 Essential Tools for the Spiritual Path

  1. This was very helpful in my recognizing that the commitment and dedication of my spiritual path is really changing my life. I was grateful to see that I make all seven tools part of my daily life, already because of my internal guidance!

  2. This reminds me of a simple but powerful movie quote that I try to keep in mind when I feel someone has wronged me: "When you forgive you love and when you love God's light shines on you" (Into the Wild).

  3. shalom <3 one needs to die before they can be resurrected. like a seed that comes out of the darkness of the ground it grows and becomes what it eats- the sunshine that gives its new life. This seed has discovered a new song along with the first 3. hearing with new ears and this song makes the world be just what it was meant to be but another way to hear the creator-sunshine.

  4. Essential tools of spirituality, mastery, goodness, unity, sentience, individuality. Individuality is who we are it's everything we are. It's the spiritual part of us that is the light part of us there is that part of us that is who we really are the reality of who we are and you can call it a soul you can call it our spirit it's who we really are it's our individuality. it's about the universals. It's about what are the things that we can do that make us feel happy. That make us feel Joy like it going into water. Like looking at the water. Like being good to other human beings. Like being there for others when they need us when they need to pick up.well in individuality there's a certain aspect of individuality that wants to meet up with others and join in unity purposefulness and cocreativity.

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