8BitDo (and Switch & Lever) N30 Wireless Mouse

Hello and welcome back to Switch & Lever! Today marks a very special day in the history
of Switch & Lever, and in fact me as a product designer. Today is the day the very first product I
designed that I can speak openly about was released! I would love to tell you all I did when I
was working for XXXX designing really cool products for brands like XXXX and XXXX, really
life changing stuff for many people around the world, but sadly I cannot. Instead, let me present to you, the 8BitDo
NC30 Wireless Mouse! Let’s head inside and see what all of this
is about! Before we actually take a look at the mouse
let me take you on a little journey, a journey starting eleven years ago, all the way back
in 2008 when I had just started my bachelor’s education in industrial design at Umeå Institute
of Design. A prerequisite to use the school workshop
was a modelmaking course, where we all had to make somewhat simple models so we could
try out various workshop techniques. I chose to do a NES inspired computer mouse,
to some criticism from our teacher. Little did I, or he, know that the following
year, after I posted some photos of it on my website, it would absolutely blow up and
go viral on technology blogs all over the world. So many people wanted to see it made into
an actual product, but still being in school and not having any industry connections that
was not a posibility. It wasn’t until years later that the company
8BitDo reached out and wanted to take the product forward that I decided that the time
was right. 8BitDo, as I’m sure some of you already know,
makes a lot of retro gaming inspired gamepads, and they’re lauded for their quality and design. We collaborated over the course of a few years,
making prototypes and refining the design until one day, in the year of our lord Super
Mario 2019, it was finally done. It’s not 100% the same as the original model
I made back in 2008, which is fortunate, as it was much too big and somewhat lacking in
ergonomy. I cannot tell you how great it feels to be
able to present this product to you all. But, enough jibber jabber, how about we actually
crack open this box and see what’s inside? The box itself is pretty cool, showing the
goodness awaiting us inside. As we can see on the back it’s a pretty standard
wireless mouse, it requires a single AA battery to run and it’s compatible with both Windows
and Mac, and I would assume Linux as well. What’s really cool, and a surprise even to
me, is the touch scroll area in between the buttons. We’re definitely going to have to check that
out! Inside the sleeve is one of those goosebump
inducing perfectly fit boxes which you may be used to from high end mobile phones. A nice little plastic cover for you to cast
chocolate mice in is included free of charge! And there she is, just look at this thing! It’s just like a gamepad and a mid 90s mouse
had a sordid affair in a downtown alley, and this was the result! Okay, I love it, I know it sounds hollow since
I’m the designer, but damn, I love it. I’m not going to hide it! The feel of the A and B, I mean the mouse
buttons are just spot on! Even the D-pad fits perfectly on your thumb. The underside is what you’d expect, a sensor
and a battery compartment. I really like that the USB dongle has its
own space inside, and comes color coded with the rest of the mouse. But let’s not waste any time, let’s throw
in a battery, hook up the dongle to the computer and see what she’s made of! Anything in the manual we need to know about? Nah, let’s get on with it! The mouse and its buttons do exactly what
you’d expect, you may not be able to actually see the cursor in the video, but you can see
where I’m selecting and right clicking at least. I guess the biggest question is what the D-pad
is actually doing though. Up and down may be what you expect, to move
up and down in a document. To understand what left and right does though
we have to open up a web browser, because left and right steps forward or backwards
between web pages.Hold CTRL as you’re doing it and you’re instead shifting in between
tabs. Pretty neat, and pretty standard fare for
a mouse. I quite like having that on my thumb though,
it’s a little strange at first, but I quickly got used to it! But wait! What kind of heathen am I using it directly
on top of a table! Let’s fix that at once! There we go, a nice matching mousepad to go
with it! Order is restored in the world! The NC30 Wireless mouse is available right
now from 8bitdo.com and sells for $24.99 plus shipping to wherever you are. It will definitely make a great gift for that
special retro gaming enthusiast in your life, you know who it is…knowing my audience it’s
probably you watching this, and that is great! But wait, there’s even more! I do have an extra mousepad…and of course
an extra mouse as well. I will be giving this away to one lucky viewer! All you have to do is to of course be a subscriber
and then make a comment below using the word ‘warp’ somewhere in the comment. You won’t get extra points for using it in
the form of a retro inspired poem or song lyric, but I would sure appreciate it! The winner will be randomly picked exactly
two weeks after this video is published, and will be announced on a followup video on this
channel. For further details on the giveaway, please
refer to the video description! Only one question now remains, will it run
Crys…how is it to use for gaming? Now, it would be sacrilige to run modern first
person shooters using this mouse, so instead let’s turn to playing something more era apropriate,
one of my absolutely favourite games of all time, Super Mario Bros. To accomplish this feat I had to remap how
some of the buttons worked, which using a program like X-Mouse Button Control is fairly
trivial. The left and right click buttons become my
A and B buttons, and the D-pad will work just as you expect a D-pad to work. Well that went far better than I thought it
would, for the most part. Your mileage will obviously vary depending
on the game, but with some games I could very much see this becoming a pretty interesting
one handed gamepad. Maybe we can inspire a new category of speed
running, using only this mouse-gamepad? Thank you ever so much for sharing my excitement
about this wireless mouse! I am overly extatic that it’s finally on the
market, and I really hope you will like it as much as I do! Remember to join in the giveaway, and if you
feel like supporting the channel watch some other videos and buy yourself a t-shirt from
the store! Until next time!

100 thoughts on “8BitDo (and Switch & Lever) N30 Wireless Mouse

  1. Just what the doctor ordered: I was actually just looking for a mouse with a retro aesthetic. Congrats on getting your design made into a product! Edit: Ordered one!

  2. This looks cool and kudos for the design, but i can't think of any usefull aplication for this… Would i like to play games with this…No. Do something else..Can't really think of anything…

  3. Is it just me, or does Switch and Lever feel like it warps your mind? My mind was perfectly shaped, now its warped into something else; like when you smoke alot of crack-cocaine or do mescaline. Mind blown.

  4. I would love it if it would hit Warp Speed to Scotland. I'd like it even more if they did a left handed one otherwise I'd have to wrap my arms around it.

  5. Oh warp, it really is a little beauty. The magic scroll area is really appealing. I tend to not pay attention to my scroll wheels for a long while, then GAH, they're dirty and gross. This one would clean right up, with a little alcohol on a q-tip. Being able to reassign the buttons for games makes this really good for those who may only have one hand, and just laying your hand on top and pressing buttons has to be a lot easier on the arthritic than typical controllers.

  6. The fire and the smoke in the begining got me all qurious; I wander if it was only me seeing it as it did warp inwards.

  7. Lol. Completed missed the opportunity of a wired option… The old controller was wired too…

    Oh did I say warp? Warp warp

  8. Oh wow, I had no idea you were behind this design. Great work, really captures the essence of the controller. Can I get it in left handed? Warp 😉

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