A Guide to the Text Tools in Paint 3D

The T icon is for the Text tab. Within the text panel are the options to create
both 2D and 3D text. Both work in the same way. Start by dragging a
text box. This defines the area in which the text will
write. It can be rescaled and rotated using the
bounding box. Text can be formatted in all the ways you would
expect, with fonts, size, colour, style and
alignment. With 2D text you have the additional option to
background fill the text box with a colour. When you are happy with the formatting, simply
click outside of the text box to apply it to the
canvas. Once applied no further changes can be made. With 3D text, clicking out of the text box will
create the 3D text model. Again, you will no longer be able to retype or
reformat the text. However, because it is a 3D
model, you can reselect it to resize and
reposition. 3D text can be an inventive way to make new 3D
shapes. Different characters and fonts can be useful to
create new primitive 3D objects to use in your
scenes and models. So give it a go and get creative with text in
Paint 3D. Follow the link for more tutorials.

24 thoughts on “A Guide to the Text Tools in Paint 3D

  1. Clearly the users will seek ways to edit the text back for a correction. Perhaps you should:

    1. Mark a cue point at the edit history at right before the submission of 2D/3D texts. Undoing should then bring the user back to the moment right before they have submitted the text.

    2. Keep a list of texts submitted within this Paint 3D project in a copy-able format. This way, the users may delete their 3D texts, create a new one, copy-and-paste the old text and make the changes they desire.

    1 is great when you do not have much work to sacrifice to go back, and 2 is perfect for not necessitating any sacrifice at all, even if the 3D text had been created at the very beginning of the project.

  2. 2D Text is not working. As soon I click outside of the picture, the textbox disappears.
    With 3D Text it works.
    Any suggestions?

  3. Once I click outside the text, 'no other changes can be made"?? so I have to create the whole text box just to edit a spelling error? TIA

  4. Why on earth would someone create a text tool that you can NOT EDIT later on?! Frankly speaking, that is downright stupid. Everyone knows text needs editing sooner or later.

  5. Not being able to edit the text is the stupidest thing I have ever seen

    Wait let’s sell you next yours model to edit text on the new and improved version

    So stupid

  6. I'd love to see the capability to create text on a curved line. And, to reposition all text to the place, size and shape that I'd like.

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