Abhinav Sawhney – Energy Engineering

Life is a journey, it’s full of
challenges, sometimes you have to take challenge to make decisions.
I took decisions to come to unity campus to study masters in Energy Engineering.
As an energy engineer always want to do something for the society. First I
just wanted to do my dreams to become an energy engineer, but now my motive is for
the betterment of society. I am pushing it just not because I like it, I’m
pushing it because I believe in people well-being and I can make their life better. I’m in Italy because I think Italy and India shares a common grounds:
India is culture rich so do Italy, so it would be better for me to integrate into
society which is culturally strong and rich. Here we are in the library,
everybody is studying I don’t have to speak so loud, probably is the better place
to study because it’s so peaceful and so calm. I’m studying energy engineering, a part from energy engineering so extensive
course in the university, this will provide me at ro information and
thorough understanding about the course which give me a lot more clarity, but how
the wall is sure it should walk and how the world should utilize the
energy sources in order to better optimize whatever we are already using. I think life at the campus for me is the best one because apart from studies you do
require a lot of extracurricular activities, so I prefer gym over all
other activities because not that much tiring if you play football if you play
basketball if you have less time you can just go to gym and come back
and you can start your studies. University of Genova dot means
procrastination is a thief of time I always wanted to do my things in time.
This university has taught me a lot. It has always supported me, it has always
done so good for me so that I can be a better person tomorrow.

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