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>>My name is Ryan Pfielsticker and I’m an apprentice tool and die maker at Edwards Pro-Tech Ltd. in Brantford. They make fixtures, jigs, and dies.>>A die is two pieces of steel, one on top of the other for stamping out parts or punching holes in parts.>>As an apprentice, I work on the mill, have worked on the lathe, drill press, surface grinders, band saws. I use end mills, counter boring, counter sinking, many many different things. It’s good. You learn a lot and you learn something different every day here. I applied through apprenticesearch.com and within a week I got the job. It’s easy to use and there’s a lot more jobs. >>The screening process that they do saves me a lot of time. They narrowed the search down and only sent me people that they thought were qualified to do this job, and it was seamless. He’s been here six months and he’s working out better than any apprentice we’ve had before. >>My apprenticeship is working out very well; very happy that I got into it finally. I’m from Fort Erie and there was nothing there, so I had to relocate. There’s so much more opportunity around this area. I moved up here and within a couple of months I got into the trade. For people who like machining it’s a great trade to get into. >>The apprentices are always somebody that a shop like this is going to have. >>It takes three and a half to four years before you can write your ticket. You need 7,300 hours. As an apprentice I can go with any of the guys in here and they have all been doing this stuff for 30 or 40 years.>>He will learn in this company from 5 different tool makers. He can take the best from all five of them and become his own person. >>These guys they help you and they show you tricks, so I feel good about my future. I feel like I’m going somewhere now. >>Every young person deserves a chance at employment. Once they come out of school, they come to a place like this, they deserve to have a job.>>The day that I become a journeyman it’s going to be a good day, because that’s my goal – to get from here to there. When that happens I’ll be a happy camper

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  1. He says young person, what about us 44 years old. We don't deserve a job and apprenticeship. We take care of family and we should be given chance too.

  2. Fuckin' right….I applied to be a mechanic apprentice and the manager said "You want to be an apprentice?". I was like "yeah"…then he gave me a funny look as if I was too old to get into a trade…….I'm only 33!!

  3. To the three post below me stop your whining and get busy, stop with the excuses and make it happen. They will always need tool and die makers.

  4. i am 24 and thinking about getting into this trade. Is the pay off good? How much can i make after like 3-4years of working?

  5. 4 years later as China through consumerism has picked up jobs that have been sold out to them via our politicians. there are far less shops left to work in. If you want in, do it in CNC, EDM and robotics.

  6. Be a apprentice tool&die maker and get screwed big time. Talk to the toolmakers in the eignty's when they took all the tool work to china We don't have much die making in this country. The work is not in this country to learn good tool making. They are looking for suckers they will find out soon like the toolmakers of the eighty's and get it up the ass.

  7. Between the government and the manufacture these ass holes gave the trade a bad reputation. When they took the tool work to china they burned alot of bridges with with skilled labor. Trump wants to bring back manufacturing jobs . Their going to have these retired toolmakers come out retirement to train people. I say good luck . a lot of guys got out.when you went for a job they beat you down money wise. These guys are going to tell them go get fucked.

  8. Those ass holes that destroyed the tool &die trade are saying. These kids don't want to work. you can't blame them they want to make money. The manufacture want to screw them. So these kids are saying shove it up your ass.

  9. its a fulfilling job. be a slave to money and try to live happy. i love a challange. on top of it. You can manipulate metal you can work any material. this coming from a cnc guy.. i want that job. And i did some things in my apprenticeship that lead me to believe that..

  10. I started in 1968 right out of high school , retired last year, worked for five companies and the US ARMY and was never unemployed.

  11. I started in my dads shop as a T&D Apprentice in 1965. As with any trade I had to start paying my dues. Cutting off steel for the journeyman. The pay was very low but again. Ya gotta pay your dues. If you can not master the simple stuff you don't have what it takes!!! It's was never ever about the money anyway. Nothing filling is about the money! Anyway, was drafter at 18, fought a small war in south east Asia, got severely wounded, came back home and took over the t&d shop. Started manufacturing on the side. After many years of hard hard hard work 6 & 7 days a week success came. I sold both shops and retired at 50 years old. I've been retired many years. Success comes to those that drive hard. The rest don't deserve it!!!

  12. Yes, it's an amazing trade and as my dad said many times; "You are either born with the ability to learn it or you aren't!" A few will be the best most are just good and a few should find another trade!

  13. That old fart called those calipers verniers! My boss didn't like me measuring a bore with a telescoping gauge. He said "use your verniers"! I looked around and said ….we'll I don't have verniers! Then he grabbed my DIGITAL calipers and said "these". Old school lol. I'll bet 75 percent of new machinists can't even read vernier calipers

  14. God bless these guys working a high tech skilled job for peanuts each week .he will realize after a few years his wage won’t keep up with inflation and his great opportunity isn’t as bright as he once thought . Teachers or local cops will make more than this guy with much better benefits and not have to stand in front of dangerous equipment on a cement floor for ten hours a day making the boss rich trying to meet impossible deadlines and close tolerances

  15. A honest noble job yes but 9 times out ten your boss will exploit you and keep you doing more work for less benefits . Your raises will be far and few between and your pay will be the same as it was twenty years ago when you finally get to the top after a decade

  16. I had an uncle who was a Rover Group Tookmaker in Canley Coventry, UK. His name was Austin. He was named after an American relative.

  17. Or you could be like me….a master plumber to pay the bills, and have fun in my machine shop/gun smith cave to stay sane….haha get it? 🙂

  18. only job worth having in machining is a cnc programmer whos an expert in all the mainstream cad /cam programs.. As a newb you will make more than the 40yr veteran tool die maker next to you.

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