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Tropical climate in indonesia make ac become part which can not be separated from various activity in our house But remember The longer we use ac, the higher the electricity we consume AC LOWWAT Is an option to resolve this issue but, unfortunately Its cooling process is very long There are also AC CONVENTIONAL Its cooling fast but unfortunately the electricity is wasteful For the best choice there is ac inverter Its cooling is fast and its electricity is also sparingly Because the inverter ac automatically adjusts the speed of its compressor according to the temperature change of the room Unlike ordinary compressors That will off and come back on Ac inverter widely found in the market It’s just that the price is relatively expensive The good news LG has a solution LG DUAL COOL Ac inverter with 2 features that answer all our needs Its faster cooling features It only takes 3 minutes to cool our room And features 4 energy consumption options first in Indonesia Who can arrange the electrical options as we see fit Ranging from 100% 80% 60% 40% So we can save more LG DUAL COOL Available in all cooling capacity Making it the first ac inverter in indonesia Who are able to answer our needs anytime anywhere Thanks to AC DUAL COOL every home in indonesia can enjoy the comfort and excellence of inverter ac technology LG DUAL COOL inverter for all Thanks For Watching

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  1. Kmren aq mau bli ini ac krn leat ikln d g jdi krn hrgnya g trjangkao buat sya.. Ahirny bli ac samsung..ckup buat sya

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