9 thoughts on “Acrylic Pour with a Ribbon Swipe and Straw techniques #aprilpouringchallenge

  1. I miss the challenges too – last one i did was in November, for the #DecemberPouringChallenge – seems like forever ago. Lol @ the dog going mad. Just so you know, you and I had a conversation while I watched this… from 9:07 i was telling you to STOP FIDDLING and then you said oh, i played with it too much and i don't like it as much now… my response "told you so!" lol. Looked pretty in the end though, nice colours, buti did prefer it before you started swiping over it again. Looking forward to doing the #MayPouringChallenge with you all this month x

  2. Very cool. Love the new swipe tools! And a very beautiful set of colors. I'll rejoin you for the upcoming challenge.

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