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Assalamualaikum , welcome to GFXMentor i am your teacher Imran now we will learn class 3 pentool now with the pentool we can draw or trace we will see tracing after sometime but today we will see how to use pentool and we will also see a new tool that is curvature tool which is added recently and i hope you will like this class also now before starting this class and i want to tell something that one friend of mine Aamir gave me a suggestion that like i am recording my screen, in the same way my viewers and students can see what i am pressing in my keyboard so finally i got good sugestion and this will tell you what key i am pressing as well as also the mouse button which i am pressing it will show you left click and right click scroll everything everything will be visible to you whatever i will do . so it will visible to you in a small box it will show you which keys i am pressing i hope it will be very helpful to you i wish you all will suggest me so i can make more best videos so let’s start today’s class Pentool so pentool is a your tool and here is your pentool which look like a pen we had saw last time add anchor point , delete anchor point and through anchor point tool we can do some modification also so today we will watch how to do drawing through pentool drawing through pentool is quite so easy sometime easy and i know some people find it difficult if you practice little bit then i know definitely you will do it better In childhood you had saw drawing books in which we used to connect dots and drawing was made exactly in the same way see with my pen there is a line attached to it one more thing i want to tell you in this cc version you can see a line attached to the pen if you are using old version then you will not see this line attached to the pen but there is no very much difference in it it is just guiding you where you will make your line if i click here and when i click here it made a line from here to there and this line will continue with your pen wherever you click so if you come and click to the initial point where you started see when i come here then my pen is indicating a small circle that i am closing my path what is the meaning of closing path ? as long as this open it is just a line as soon as you closed this this will became a shape so we keep everything in shapes so we can fill colours on it. now we didn’t filled the colour Insha allah will do it very soon today i will also discuss little too much about colours alright so so i am selecting all and deleting this for delete you can press backspace or delete button yes you can see a small indication now for making drawing with pen toll remember one thing that my smart guides are on which will help you now i clicked here because of smart guide i am snapping straight that is if my life is straight it will tell me that it is straight if you are making line i mean line in straight position and you don’t need help of smart guide then please press shift it will make straight line see my cursor has gone far away but it is making straight line i hold shift and when i clicked it then it will give me a straight line and so on i am going with shift see i made a rectangle with my pen tool if we want to make curve so remember one thing for curve you have to hold the mouse and then drag so what is the meaning of hold and then drag ? it means when i click and then come to below i am doing this with pressing shift (straight line) and i clicked here but i did not released my mouse so it means that i am dragging this drag means i had pressed mouse button and without releasing mouse i am moving in the right direction you can see curve curve is in ‘C’ shape always remember if you will move to other direction it means that if you want to make curve at other side for example if you want to make curve in left side then drag your mouse at right side alright so i am dragging in right side right side is exactly this side and i am going little bit slant so always remember please if you want to make a curve at a particular direction then drag your mouse at opposite direction now i am making this again so let’s say from here to there is a straight line so from here i want to make a curve i left position so what will i do ? so i will click here and i will drag my mouse in right side and we got a curve at left side Pen tool will not leave you alive if you don’t want to draw further press escape if you want to keep it open path then please escape key your drawing will stop here if you select this by your selection tool then see you had made a line ok now again i am making some more things one more thing which is also most important if you directly click here and then drag and you make a curve then notice it carefully or look here see this in one curve handle and another is this curve handle this curve handle is curving this if i close this then also it this curve will remain here we will see later why to close curve what’s the reason behind this but if i don’t close it what will happen this curve handle will make the incoming in the form of curve now this time i am didn’t drag anything i didn’t clicked the mouse button i mean i did nothing this line is automatically showing smooth curve and if i will simply click it automatically it will make a curve if i want a corner instead of curve i mean a want a smooth curve so i have to close this curve handle how to close this? simply go to the last point with you r pen tool click on the anchor point ( last point here ) when you will click your curve handle will close and now you can make your line with sharp corner ok i am pressing escape again see this point let me zoom in for you , it is a sharp point usually try to make corners at extreme conditions then only close this curve handle otherwise please don’t close it yes if you want to make smooth then you want to make corners let’s make something so i click simply here and i click here and drag in right side i want to make a leaf shape see in here here this curve is coming if will close this then a strange shape is becoming I would like to have a corner over here so i will click in this point and close this and i closing my path if i click and leave then it will make a half shape only just like this if click now i did undo (control + Z)
if i click and drag see this this is your leaf shape it became a leaf shape alright if i want to make a little bit complex shape let say i clicked here and i move to little bit right side let me zoom in so you can see it clearly and i am going to right side in upward direction and i clicked and drag like this and i closed this curve handle and by clicking to closing the path i took it down this will became Nike’s shoes icon i know this is not too good strange but it’s ok . remember one thing ah when you are making anything with your Pen tool it doesn’t mean that it will became perfect at first time you can adjust it later by direct selection tool so see here if i select this by direct selection then by using this handles i can edit this this is not a big issue ok alright i am moving this some shapes are symmetrical types ok what is symmetrical shapes and symmetry ? for example anything like my face or your face our body parts are very symmetry symmetry is called balance what is balance ,if your see my half face i have one ear in this side and one ear in this side this is called inverse symmetry
see butterfly one feather is in this side and other is at that side if you cut a apple from bottom you will get two parts one part is this side and other part is at that side this is inverse symmetry
it is like a mirror if you want to make this types of shapes so it will better to make it half and then copy it for example let me make a heart shape let see i clicked here and i made a curve
i came below and did this ok and i closed this now a problem is that i can’t make this properly this thing is made is not exactly same as this if you know that you are making one side good and other side thing is not becoming good then you don’t need to make other side because you can make one part and you can easily copy it by reflect option how to do that i will tell you but before it i want to tell you a small thing that is rulers. What is rulers? so i am pressing control + R so it will give you rulers in left and upward side. what is the real purpose of ruler ? yes it measures as well as it do one more thing which is interesting at the same time you can change units and measurements simply do right click on rulers and simply change your unit by selecting from here you can choose from these options ex cm, points, Picas, inches and pixels whatever you want you can take from the options now i am not changing my units since i am not going to make anything with measurements ah here in this left side this is the ruller if click and drag it then see here is thin and fine line it is known as guide one thing remember by default this guides are locked in nature is this locked or not, you can see this take your selection tool and then right click see here is written unlock guides which means it is locked if it was unlocked then it was written lock guides in old version it was shown by check marks please see once your guides are locked or not why this is important ? if you unlock this then you can’t work because your guiding is moving so how can you work on it i mean if your guide is moving here and there then who will guide you so keep it locked i am doing undo to tell you once more press control + R for your guide (here rulers) if you don’t remember shortcut then come to view and come to rulers and show rulers if you want vertical guide then drag it from vertical guide and put it here if you want horizontal then you can take it from here also if you want to find center point of anything then you can do like this and it is very helpful now i don’t need horizontal line i need only vertical guide (vertical line) so i took my pen tool and i am starting with my guide so what is the purpose of starting with guide ? so i want that my vertical points in the same level correct i mean in the same axis so if i reflect it , it may be possible that it will show some gapes so i don’t want the gapes so that’s why i am putting this vertical points in the same axis so my one part (half) is completed and i am pressing escape that’s it our half shape is completed now select this half shape by selection tool and then right click and here you will get transform you will get many options and we will learn it in details but now but for now we will see Reflect.
what will reflect do ? The way you see your face in the mirror it is upside down. so we have to make it in opposite manner ( i want to reflect it) so after clicking in reflect option you will get a small dialog box and you can see preview and you can on preview if you on it then it will show you which type of shape is going to create if i will press ok then it will reflect only that part which i made but i don’t want to do ok, i want to copy it i mean i want to generate it’s copy for generating copy simply click on copy and now i am dragging this part and also pressing shift see this our shape is completed but one more thing. now this shape is made this is actually not a shape Both are different lines now if i want to make them a shape for now i am hiding my guides because i don’t need any guide now for hide one way is that do right click and click on hide guides or there is one short cut “control + semicolon” now your guide will hide now it is indicating what i typed and i know it is helping you now what to do ? we have to join them i think you remember what i said to you in the last class that we can make them group always remember one thing group means keeping different parts keeping or gathering different things together but it is not use to make a single object it is just for keeping them along i don’t want to make group here i want to make them a single shape just like we do welding or it is joining process for joining this you have to do one work see i am zooming in and i am selecting this points by direct selection ok why we are selecting this two points? ok remember one thing that direct selection is also important we have to join this point which is possible with direct selection only, if you select this two points with selection tool then all points will selected and strange things will be happen and it will not even joint it will show error
but before joining i want to do a small work i have to merge them ok i am stopping this here ah i am stopping this for some time i want to make you understand about this i am putting this in side for sometime let say i have two lines and i want to merge them so select this both points and do right click and then join and see this it made a line between them and yes it was joined but actually we don’t want to join like this we wanted to joined them as point like a rectangle or square’s corner they all have one point , they do not have two lines if i will join this from here then i am adding an extra line i don’t need this thing , i need corner here for corner i need to take this closer and then i right clicked and joint it now this is not actually right but how ? see i am zooming in to show you how it is not right now one point is this and this is other point so this is not joined properly
so our problem is not solved at all ok so what’s the solution of it ? we have to take both of them exactly in same place this is same that you are merging something with glue and you joined them here and there then will join irregular manner so you have to join them finely so we have to take them perfectly close for closing them take them close as much as possible with your mouse then you have a nice thing , so select both the points with your direct selection and right click and you have a option here called average so what average do ?
average will make them closer and align them in a particular position go to average and it is asking me in which axis you will do vertical or horizontal there is one more option that is both select both option if you want either it is vertical or horizontal
it will align them i hope you can see this, both are in exact same location now if will do join done . This is now exactly became one point see this ok so average i hope you all undertand now as i said you earlier
ok let see i made this object and i made a copy of this and i am reflecting this you can also copy and reflect it or go inside the reflect option and do it from there, both are same things ok so so if i want to join this shapes from here i mean i want to join it from here then then i selected this and then right click and i did average it will all disappear why ? do you understand what was my fault ? because i was doing my work with selection tool i did it by knowingly to make you understand that don’t do it by selection tool why ? because selection tool will select all the object when we average them then all the points come together and disappears right yes definitely you will not do this things yes if i select them with my direct selection tool and right click then i will do average then ok then i will do join yes it is converted into one point so i am coming on that shape which i made that is heart shape this and i took them together i am zooming in well our smart guide helped us as much as possible now still i am doing average and then join similarly i am doing this below i am selecting this by direct selection tool then right click and average and join now this is now completely a single path or you can call it a complete shape you can fill it by any colours or gradients you can fill anything which you like if it was not joined then also you can fill colours but gap will come between them and problems was arrived due to it so i will suggest you whenever you will make shapes joined them alright and that’s it for average and join let us make one more shape with join with the help of guides that guide which we used earlier
where is that ? don’t worry it was not disappear
it is only hided do right click and then show guide ok let us make one more shape i am clicking on default shape now i am making spade you had seen this in cards (deck) again i said you earlier we can edit it later so i am doing little correction by direct selection as it is looking too larger so i selected this two points by direct selection and i am pressing shift alright then i selected this whole part and then i did right clicked transform, reflect and see if you do horizontal then it will become opposite but now i don’t want to do that i want to make a copy in vertical (reflect- vertical) simply i did reflect vertical and i did copy i am doing this with pressing shift since both are in same axis so it will arrive any problem anyways direct selection tool (shortcut -A) sorry i mean direction selection tool’s shortcut is A direct selection tool’s shortcut is A and slection tool’s shortcut is V now i am pressing A so i can get direct selection here i selected both the points average and join simply we get this now the below part aveargae and join done we had made this and now i am filling black colour on it i mean dark colour ok i hope you all are understanding so far ok right ok in pen tool some more things are also left but before that i want to tell you something again that here if you can see the fill and stroke option now i know you all are thinking that why i am making fade things why we are not taking good colours yes we will take colours but i want to tell you something which is important so you can practice you will do colorful things now you have to understand this little bit so here by default this is showing you that is white fill and black stroke black stroke is this white fill is here remember some things you can off stoke and fill anytime but how ? if fill is up and then you click nun option it will be off then fill will disappear completely ok i did undo if i want to remove stroke then i just click to stroke to make it up and then nun so now see now it have only white feel there is no stroke and yes our object is not visible because it is in white art board and if put it here if you did this like you off the fill also ok then it will not visible to you but it is here path is available so best thing is select this and click on default button this is one thing and now other thing is that let say i change the colours i took this colour from here and i am taking stroke colour pink so if i want to make my stroke thick or you can see i want to increase it’s weight you can see stroke weight one point so i am making it 8 points ok now i want to swap this grey fill and pink stroke that is pink fill and grey stroke this is very simple solution for this please select it see there is a small option above this fill and stroke boxes this option is known as swap if you put your mouse here it will shown you swap fill and stoke so if i click here then it will swap fill and stroke ok if you come below you know it is default Fill and stroke now i am doing default here below there are 3 buttons
one you know is known as nun this is your last colour which you used if you want to add gradient you can add gradient but we are not coming in gradients we will learn it in details later i know many peoples use gradients in very strange way ok leave we will discuss it later i hope everything is clear that is fill and stroke if you want to take any colour simply double click on it select your colours from here let me tell you about this box, this place is known as hue here are some buttons (H,S,B) , H button is on if you want to see hue you can see it , hue means basic colours so what is basic colours? let me understand you that is hue for example blue
i know you had head many types of blue blue , sky blue, dark blue royal blue , navy blue grayish blue, greenish blue etc in this all things all thing is common that is blue because their hue is same i think you understand what is exactly hue so if come towards blue see hue is same and you will get different options of it that how much dull or sharp colour of blue you need saturation is nothing but intensity of that colour (here is blue) how much colour is intensed colour let me tell you about saturation saturation means decreasing or increasing colour actually you all are decreasing or increasing saturation now ok in the same way brightness it is present in television that how much you want to increase your brightness or how much you want to decrease your brightness but remember this is all about colours ok i am taking any colour from here simply you take this colour then click ok similarly if you go to stroke and double click on it then same panel will come in front of you you can select any colour from here that’s it if you don’t want stroke then remove it usually i also don’t use stroke there is little bit problems with stroke which i will tell you later so i selected it and clicked to nun i hope you all understand what is the work of pentool alright i hided my guides so inside pentool there is one tool known as anchor point tool, we had leaned it in previous class let me repeat once again for you this is your anchor point tool it’s one more name is convert anchor point tool ( in old version of illustrator) convert anchor point tool remember that this is same tool convert anchor point tool or anchor point tool this is same tool by which you can add curves or you can remove curves so see when i am dragging then it is generating curve and if click on it it will remove it ok next near this pen tool there is one more new tool may be it is not given in old versions of illustrator yes i know it is not there in old versions of AI curvature tool’s working is same as pen tool but it is more easier you don’t have to hold it and drag it simply it will make only curves but how see i clicked here and clicked here then i clicked here then see it is making curve itself so i put it in fill option it will show like this do not think that it don’t have anchor points it has anchor points, if you select direct selection you can also adjust it you will get your curve handles it will support you in helpful way ok if you want to make a spiral like this then you don’t have to do hardwork inside the line tool you will get spiral tool also you can make it by this also so curvature tool is also used in some types of works see this wherever i will click it will not give me any corner yes you can do one more thing go again that intial place and closed your path so for today’s class this is enough today we learn how to make basic shapes with pentool and i hope you people liked this things which i made today i think this is too much for today’s class you have many things for practice so please practice more and more please practice it and for commanding your tools it will take some time and one more thing when you click and drag it then it become little bit emotional please use your hand lightly if you find trouble in watching or controlling it press control + 0 you data will appear in front of you make your hand light in this software with patience so make it with love patience like i made this Nike shoe logo this will happen sometimes so don’t worry press escape do undo and press control + 0 it will come in front of you ok i know not so good let me take it below and i know this is still not right for just giving some ideas so you will understand that how to make shapes with pen tool so i am closing this class here next class we will do tracing and except tracing we will pic colours i dropper tool will also going to use some things related to path will also going to be discussed also related with stroke we have to see many things so for next class you have to wait little bit
but you have to practice this more and more If you are watching first time my videos then please subscribe it so you can get updates of my new videos if this is your first videos then go and watch my previous two videos then you will get over view that how we are moving forward i am going with basic levels so this is important that you need to cover previous class so it will become easier for you to understand i hope you like this video and if you really like it then like it if you don’t like it then no problem please tell your friends about this and please tell your known person who want to learn this see my channel , subscribe it and watch my videos i will teach you many things all are free ,you don’t have to pay all are free here i recently saw some channels who are teaching illustrator and photoshop ahh so i saw some videos are private at that channel so you can pay , it was strange for me then they will give you link after when you will pay them then they will provide that link so you can watch them but i don’t have any mood like them everything is free from my side i hope you will understand this and guide more and more peoples to watch this channel i am distributing many things so please come and collect it THANK YOU

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