Advanced Camera Tools for SketchUp Pro 8

MALE SPEAKER: We built the
Advanced Camera Tools for people who use SketchUp Pro in
the film and TV industry. They use their models for
everything from storyboarding to set design and location
planning. What they all have in common is
a need to see their models through the lens of a camera. So that’s what we built. Use the Advanced Camera Tools to
place real world cameras in your SketchUp models. We’ve included dozens of
pre-configured cameras for you to choose from. Every one is customizable, and
you can make your own if the one you need isn’t
on the list. Here’s the general idea. You line up a shot of your
model, pick a camera type, and click Create Camera. Right away, you can preview
aspect ratio and you can change your focal length
to zoom in or out on your subject. We added keyboard commands that
make it easy to aim and reposition your camera using
traditional moves like dolly, truck, pedestal, pan,
tilt, and roll. Use the arrow keys to frame
your shot precisely. Lock down your camera when
you’re done, then orbit away to see it in your model. Turn on camera frustums to see
exactly which parts of your model your cameras can see. Frustum lines are good
for top views. Frustum volumes are amazing when
you’re looking at things from multiple angles. One more thing. Every camera you add has
a corresponding scene. Just click it to fly right in
and look through that camera. You can even previs simple
motion shots by setting up more than one camera and
clicking between their scenes to simulate a camera move. The Advanced Camera Tools work
on any Windows or Mac set up that’s running SketchUp Pro 8. You get them by downloading
a free plugin. Just click this button, and
we’ll take you right where you need to go.

61 thoughts on “Advanced Camera Tools for SketchUp Pro 8

  1. @xThorProductionsx yes they want their customers so they use their OS so they can show them their products to convince them 😉

  2. @xThorProductionsx
    Putting camera tools in a PC exclusive software suite is like making waterproof hardware exclusively for the use of desert explorers.

  3. @xThorProductionsx because they are just well known for design. most TV companies, film-makers, photo editors, musicians, anyone in the "creative" industry tend to use mac.

  4. Of course they use a mac. It's the best machine for editing and media stuff. They're only "fighting" Apple on the moblie front…

  5. @DEVILSNAKELDS The only reason Macs are "safer" is because less people use them. If Mac and Windows switched the number of people running them , then the people developing malware would do so for Mac. They make it for Windows now because there is a larger chance for their efforts for pay off because of the amount of users.

  6. @xThorProductionsx Yes, in fact they change to mac since they got hacked. It's easier to hack a mac but the people who has mac are not a good target so nobody cares.
    Just check the iOS they get hacket the same they the releases are up. What a shame.

  7. @xThorProductionsx They it's a say: Keep friend close and enemies closer.
    This way Mac got a lot of attention building a lot of support for Windows. Now you can have windows in a mac but not mac in a windows(theoretically). This is a bussines strategy many people should go with in their company.

  8. @axel1973w Don't et me wrong, I mean no disrespect. But Linux is more geeky and the share market of arquitects using it is not worth it.
    But if Linux got absorbed by a company such as apple did with linux couple of years ago, it will be an amazing platform.

  9. @xThorProductionsx They use every thing 😀 thats whats so beautiful about them 😛

    Bringing the World to gather….. one Program at a time 😀

  10. @xThorProductionsx After the Chinese hacker attacks in 2010 Google announced it was going to ditch windows and employees were now going to use Mac OS, and Linux distros. No more windows for Google.

  11. @xThorProductionsx I'd send you a link but I don't think YouTube allows that in comments. Just google, "google ditches windows". I'm sure you will find a few articles out there. They claim windows has too many security flaws. I would agree.

  12. I wonder or a 3-D camera is possible ?
    Two small window's (just like with the shadow bug) : one for the left, one for the right eye. Not for the entire screen, only for the chosen shot.

  13. ok everybody if you want to make high quality models just use 3ds max its much better than spending like 500 bucks on this

  14. This video us uploaded by but no created by Google, this is Ar-Media from Inglobe Technologies, which creates plugins for Sketchup. Google uses Linux.

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