AIMS 6000 Watt Low Frequency Solar Inverter Charger

This is the AIMS Power 6000 Watt Low Frequency
Inverter Charger. This is a Split Phase 240V and 120V inverter, making it perfect for home
use. This inverter has a built in battery charger,
solar charge controller and transfer switch, providing multiple sources of input for maintaining
the charge on your batteries. This unit has a 24 Volt DC input for use with
Golf Cart, or Deep Cycle Marine batteries of various voltages, giving your battery bank
a better longevity through the years. This inverter comes with an 80 Amp 24 Volt
Battery charger capable of charging from 240 Volt Shore power or from a 240 Volt Gasoline
Generator, greatly expanding your recharging capabilities.
While being hooked up to grid or generator power, the inverter will passively utilize
the incoming line voltage to both charge the batteries and run your appliances.
If for some reason the AC Input is interrupted like in the event of a power outage or other
emergency, the inverter’s built in Automatic Transfer switch will change to immediately
start running off of the batteries. The transfer time is roughly 10 Milliseconds,
making the transfer almost unnoticeable and immediate. This is typically faster than most
transfer switches and automatic generator starts on traditional backup systems.
If in the even your batteries are low, this inverter comes with an Auto-Gen start feature,
compatible with most generators with an Automatic Ignition system. This will start your Gen-set
to recharge your batteries and provide uninterrupted power.
You may choose to utilize the Inverters 60 Amp Solar Charge Controller. This inverter
is designed to use a maximum of six 120 Watt Solar panels, series together in sets of 3
for maximum power output. 60 Amps at 24 volts equates to roughly 1440 watts of total power
output on the brightest, coldest day. Three sets of panels will be wired together
in parallel utilizing MC4 Branch Connectors. These panels input directly into the inverter
through this Anderson SB50 connector. Both the Solar Charge Controller and AC to
DC battery charger will work together to charge your batteries through tree modes; Bulk, Absorption
and Float modes. Your 6, 12 or 24 Volt Batteries may have unique
chemical properties that require a certain amount of care when charging. This inverter
comes with a Battery Type selector switch so that you will be getting the right amount
of maintenance charge whether you have Wet Cell, AGM, Gel or Lithium Ion batteries.
The AC Output of this inverter will produce two legs of 120 Volts running In-Phase, producing
230V AC line voltage, on either 50 or 60Hz cycles. This inverter will work world-wide
with many power systems and is popular in Africa and South America where the power grids
are notoriously unstable. If you absolutely needed to, this inverter
has the capability of outputting 18,000 watts for 20 seconds, giving high draw items like
Air Conditioners, Well Pumps and Compressors the necessary amperage for their start up
surge. Most inverters come with standard internal
circuitry that is not necessarily protected against the elements. This inverter however
has a Coated board protecting against Water Vapor, Condensation, Salt-Air, Dust and Ice
Particles, which would otherwise make a normal inverter short out. This inverter is truly
marine and industrial grade, a dependable solution when you need power the most.
This inverter comes with a 1 year full replacement warranty and over-the-phone technical service
with our in-house technicians. If for some reason the inverter fails after the warranty
period, this unit is serviceable at the factory, or with instructions, at home, giving you
a unit designed to last decades. The AIMS Power 6000 Watt Inverter is the perfect
solution for your whole-house backup or off grid solution on the construction site, hunting
cabin, yacht or large RV, military base or more.

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