Air Conditioner Cleaning at home:業者不要のプロ並みエアコン掃除‼

Drop the breaker and unplug the air conditioner Remove air conditioning panel Observe the air conditioner, think about covering … Carefully covering air outlet Cover a commercially available air conditioner wash cover Expand the cover’s mouth and paste it on the ceiling etc. Expanding cover sheet How waste liquid accumulates in the bucket below Dilute the washing solution 20 times 4 L of washing solution can be made with about 200 ml of stock solution. This can wash one AC Place the washing liquid in the Sprayer and stir well well Put air until the safety valve operates Cleaning solution comes out like a spray Turning the tip of the nozzle … Ejecting in a shower shape Turn it further … Eject like a water gun It is better to adjust according to the washing application Spray the cleaning liquid throughout the fin in the spray mode Similarly spray it on blower fan Dilute the neutralizing agent of the washing solution 20 times Rinse dirt in shower mode. Also remove the dirt on the back side of the fan as much as possible 9 months of dirt Drop the dirt that did not fall off by the sprayer with a cloth or a brush Place the cloth on the air outlet and heat it for one hour Moisture that has entered the clearance of the air conditioner evaporates Dirt of the filter is absorbed by a vacuum cleaner

9 thoughts on “Air Conditioner Cleaning at home:業者不要のプロ並みエアコン掃除‼

  1. JSK .. thanks for share this maintenance job .. it seems is not the first time you do it, and its the kind of work you cannot find on any user's manual… thumbs up!

  2. I never know the flap could be bent. And that is a very serious covering, your air con is like wearing hazmat. Not to sound ungrateful, but can you show us the cleaning of the outdoor unit as well? Anyway, great video and thanks for the upload.

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