Analytic Systems DC to AC Inverter – IPS Series

Welcome to G-TV! Today I will be showing you
Analytic Systems IPS Series of DC to AC Inverters. Inverters can take DC power in and outputs
it to AC so that you can run computers or other types of electronics in mobile and off-grid
locations. The IPS series uses a true sine wave compared to the quasi sine wave found
in many other inverters. The quasi-sine wave inverters often have complaints about noisy
displays as well as cursors that move by themselves. The true sine wave inverter allows for a more
pure form of AC power that is required for computers and reduces the computer disruptions
and technical problems associated with other inverters. It also has surge, transient and
short circuit protection as well as a reduction of dropouts from excessive loads. The IPS
series has an ultra-quiet low EMI design and provide a reliable output. They are crystal
controlled for precise frequency with plus or minus .01 hertz. They feature extra heavy
input filtering to eliminate interference with other equipment sharing the same batteries.
The state of the art MosFet technology and unique soft start circuitry ensures reliable
operation. They include diagnostic LEDs and overvoltage as well as overheating protection,
where the units will indicate warning and shut down circuitry to protect the inverter.
The fan is also thermostatically controlled. The IPS series comes with one or two AC receptacle
that provides for easy connection with versions available to operate on 24 or 32 volt battery
systems. The units are made of a rugged construction and come with a three year warranty. Analytic
Systems IPS Series of DC to AC Inverters along with thousands of other products and services
are available at

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