Ancient Aliens: Engineering Puma Punku (Season 12) | Exclusive | History

These are the mysterious ruins of Puma Punku, high in the Altaplano
of Bolivia. It’s made out of gigantic blocks
of sandstone and granite. Some of them are weighing
over a hundred tons. Many of the granite blocks
are finely articulated, as if they were made
by precision power tools. Archaeologists are baffled
by this structure. They don’t know what was here, or what the purpose
of Puma Punku originally was. BRIEN FOERSTER:
Puma Punku is unique in terms of its construction. Nowhere on Earth do we see
the same style of cutting into the stone and the same obvious use
of highly precision tools in the distant past. That’s what makes it
so mysterious. Not only do these granite blocks
have precision corners, but they also have
these difficult drill holes that are going
right through the rock. Whatever kind of drilling
mechanism they’re using here has to penetrate
this very hard granite. FOERSTER:
It’s an astonishing piece of
work, and how anyone could think that primitive human beings
could have done this… GIORGIO TSOUKALOS:
In Puma Punku,
the stone seems vitrified, too. It is so smooth, it’s as if
you touch a bathroom mirror. That’s how perfect it is. The so-called “H-blocks” are,
in fact, shaped like dovetails where there were
clear deviations in the width
between the front and the back. And possibly,
they held something in place. The question is, what? FOERSTER:
The great mystery about Puma Punku
is that the local people, the Aymara, have only
lived there for 900 years, so they have no idea
of who made Puma Punku and when. The Inca also didn’t know. No one, in fact,
on Earth knows who built Puma Punku and how far back in time
it was first constructed. That’s the great mystery. TSOUKALOS:
Of all the ancient sites we can find around the world, I think that Puma Punku
is the only one that was actually built
by extraterrestrials. And perhaps
these extraterrestrials knew that some time in the future another generation would stumble
across this and wonder how was such a thing
even possible, forcing us to acknowledge their
existence in the remote past. CAPTIONING PROVIDED BY

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  2. Should I be looking after my kids instead of watching the history youtube channel!? "Ancient astronaut theorist say yes"

  3. You could clearly see, that most of it is probably buried under the soil. The Bolivian government should allow for excavation to find more evidence.
    It looks like a Stargate to me. 🔭

  4. This place was a training facility to teach people how to build. Then they were sent back to their villages knowing what they've learned to start building their cities

  5. Some people making fun of this should understand that the people who are claiming extra-terrestrials built these structures are those that have spent their lives studying and investigating such issues. These are educators, writers, authors, and some have served in big ranks in the government. So have some respect for them because they deserve it.

  6. The ancients just to worship orbs,, which are interdimensional light beings we call angels. These taught humanity a lot, they also mixed with females and had giant humanoid children. These grew large with higher oxigen levels and less radiation allowing them to reach extraordinary heights. Nit just humans grew larger but also trees reached the skies and water levels were lower. In the ancient world people lived much older, so the Einstein's of old invented way more since they had much more experience to test their theories. These humans went to the moon and mars and possibly colonized both, but mostly the moon. They got along well with the orbs, and they worshipped the snake of wisdom which ended up being the one in the garden of Eden that lied to Adam and Eve. The whole world had abandoned the concept of God, they worshipped science and the orbs which granted them knowledge. God open up the great depts of underwater oceans and created the craters found in South Africa and Yucatan among others where water pushed up and engulfed and destroyed everything — which is not meteor impact since no major meteor was ever found but scattered pieces of other small meteors. Noah survived the Flood and set himself in Mt Ararat, which is only 200 away from Gobekli Tepe where the first civilization rose again carving survivor animals to remember the days of old.

  7. If you only knew the minds of many humans are coming thru to this Earth from the other Earth's in the multi-verse . We – C – With Quantum eyes the Sahara appear 2 change 240 years in 24 hrs time . We knew Giza with a Large , Medium , Small pryamids (3) . Pharo with (1) Lone Cobra and no vulture on his crown . No side terrace entrance was known . South America was hundreds of miles west and the Andes mountains were twice as tall . Masters of time and space are in your vicinity . Not us ! But we see the world changing in vast quick spans of time ! Your Earth changes it's radious span decade's in days ! Peace . df .

  8. You're so, so close, however, you're still so far away, get rid of evolution and you just might be able to see a little bit more clearer! Anytime that Academia, Science or anything that is deemed mainstream dismisses something to fast or out of hand, there's usually some truth to it! The ignorance and arrogance of Academia and Scientists are both astounding and mind boggling. The answers you seek are starring you in the face and you refuse to acknowledge it or see it! WOW! Just WOW

  9. Ooooooorrrrrrr "primative humans" as these morons call them are allot smarter than we thought. Oh wait that would go against your arguement that has more holes in it than a spaghetti strainer called evolution.

  10. It's becoming harder and harder to trust the dating of ancient sites anymore as they look like they are much older than we could have ever imagined we don't want to think them being over 4000 years old but they're more like 10000 years old does anyone know how long Granite takes to decay

  11. Awesome video. It shows that man has been around for centuries with order and precision. Not gonna say what goes on now… Either way, I've seen humans do and destroy. Enough said on that but … the only extra terrestrials in this case are ourselves. Its funny to see how people make and spend money talking about ET's though. What a waste of energy. We should focus on our own advancements here on earth.

  12. Lmao that old dude with the beard and a fedora kills me he talks like bubbles from trailer park boys 😭😭💀

  13. What if these structures weren’t carved or even chiseled by tools but was created by casted moldings utilized by an ancient technique by our ancestors that is now a lost craft

  14. Heterogenous modular construction , spaceships made of stone . Why stone ? Because it's very durable , protects from radiation , and impacts of micro meteors . Without 'anti gravity' it doesn't make sense ..but, how exactly did they move stones weighing 1500 tons or more ?
    Primitives ? ..not at all

  15. So if the world flooded over today, and we all died, then people some how evolved a million years later and stumbled upon the rubble, and under water cities of NY and LA. They would just assume it was aliens who created it all? Instead of us?

  16. These keystones was found in india the sankrits had used it,even the mayans had used this keystones too ,in india was find too some huge anomalies the temple from Kailasa was made from a huge granit mountain ,the ancient sankrits had cut the entire mountain of top dawn very exzactly, like it was made of cheese Moreover there was find the temple from Ramappa where they had made all the statues with a kind of artificial material the geopolymers, but the weird thing are it are mixed with metal content , and all these statues are empty inside and are very polish, like was polish with some polish mashine .There exsist another good evidence in the temple from Hoysaleswara, there exsist a carved stone which show the arival to earth from first star travelers ,they all have the same space suits like our modern astronauts ,even they have in them own back the air tanks for life support.Them vimanas commander was the lord Vishnu the almost indians claim all this temples around india, was made by them primitive civilization but i thought even today they can not reply all this temple again .The fact could be this aliens had build all this world wide pyramides and temples and that long time before our civilization ,Why won't the indians to does accept all this evidence and still ignore it ?sorry for my spelling !

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