“Apply as a Party” Quota Hunt Applications Questions Answered

So, we had a hunter ask about the
difference between applying for the alligator hunt as a party versus
actually going alligator hunting as a party. So when you apply for the
alligator hunt, you can add two people to your party, and so the three of you get
drawn each of you can purchase an alligator permit, so the three of you
could go hunting you can harvest three alligators, one each. Now you can also, as
individuals, go hunting, and you can take other licensed people with you on your
alligator hunt and as long as you, the person with the permit, are there, then
anybody in your party with a license could theoretically harvest that
alligator. You could pull it up to the boat, they could actually dispatch it, but
you would only be able to take one alligator, because only one of you has a
permit, so I hope that clarifies a little bit on the difference between applying
as a party, which can be up to three people. You get drawn you get three
permits versus a person with a permit can go and take other licensed hunters
with them but they can only take one alligator as a group, because there’s
only one permit. I hope that clarifies things, and good luck in the alligator hunt.

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