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  1. Thank you for this lovely travelogue of the event. Visiting the Biennale has been on the bucket list for some time, and this has done nothing to persuade me. The piece Pillars by EJ Hill was particularly intriguing, as I'm working on a series about the intersection of theme parks and art, and someone once asked if roller-coasters counted as art.

  2. Hi Sarah, did you have an opportunity to see the work of Khadija Saye? She was a young British artist of Gambian heritage whose work was being shown at the Venice Biennale for the first time. Tragically she died in the Grenfell Tower fire in London in June. Her photographic work is very striking. I think it is currently being exhibited at Tate Britain in the UK. Such a sad loss.

  3. Thank you for another great video!
    I was in London last week for an academic seminar, and decided to forgo the beaten tourist track for some of the Art Trip: London video locations, it was a marvelous experience. I saw the current Serpentine pavilion, the Tate Modern (my now favorite art gallery in the world), the Courtauld, the Whitechapel… I feel privileged to have been guided into these by you.

  4. Whenever John said Venice Biennale, I always thought it was one word. Venicepienale. So this video title through me off at first. Lol.

  5. It's good video. A good coverage of the Biennale. But I think that I'd make 3 videos, instead of only one. Because, it's too much information. Anyway, I just another way of making this kind of videos.

  6. So well done! I really appreciate the level of access your art trip videos lend to me and everyone else who can't travel to all these events/locations. Thank you!

  7. I love listening to Sara's voice. For some reason Erensto Neo's piece really hit me. I found myself tearing up. Thank you, this was a really LOVELY tour from someone who is not likely to ever make it there herself.

  8. your commentary brings such depth to the shown art. for me art is 40% what you see in the gallery and 60% the story behind it. these videos help me connect with the works.

  9. It's a pity that you dismissed Hirst's show so easily. The grandeur and extravagance can indeed be offputting and seem as a tiresome display of exuberance, but Hirst does something much more interesting. To me, the show is a very timely comment on the notion of truth and fantasy in our current society, as well as an investigation of the curatorial practice.

  10. Yay, field trip! 😀 Wow, so much great work, so much great installation art, plus Alvar Aalto and the lovely backdrop of Venice itself. And the Mending Project really (and unexpectedly) hit me in the heart, something very moving about it. Wonderful video, makes me intent on visiting Venice during a Biennale sometime. (Though hard to choose between an Architecture or Art Biennale…)

    Also I wholeheartedly agree about stepping out from the "usual" piazzas and canals to explore the back alleys; my dad got us lost when we were last in Venice and it turned out to be wonderful to see much of the "unvarnished" portions of the city, which turned out to be not so unvarnished and full of life. 🙂

    I was very excited to see both this video and its length, and it did not disappoint. Thank you!

  11. Thank you so much for this video. Wow, what a trip!

    Please accept my unofficial invitation to the Bangkok Art Biennale Nov 2018 – Feb 2019. It's going to be the first in Thailand, so it will probably experience some hiccups & growing pains, but hey it will be an art trip to Thailand in winter. 😉
    More info via: BK Mag >

  12. zombification of capitalist bodies? Jeez, I'm democrat and a capital-socialist, but that sounds like a load of pretentious bullshit spewed out by some high-noser. I can hear the "ugh" from him or her already.

  13. Thank you for making this and sharing your expansive tour of the Biennale. I went in 2015 and yearn to return as soon as possible; I envy those like you who are able to see it this year. It looks like an incredible showing, and I appreciate your added insight as well. I hope you enjoyed your experience as much as I did!

  14. I don't know why I'm so emotional today, but I had to pause the video twice, because the message of an artwork almost made me cry. The mute howls and the stamp that declares one 'only human'… I've seen so much bullshit recently that seeing art that tries to make the world a better place is so refreshing. And that was only a small clip on youtube, I wish I had been there for real.

  15. Thank you so much for taking us along with you ! Such a beautiful city, and beautifully filmed as well. PS: as and alternative title you should consider "Art trip Venice – or people in galleries taking pictures with their phone .

  16. You should go to Istanbul next week. The biennale starts on Sep 16th. The previous biennale in Istanbul was magnificent. I bet this one would be just as great!

  17. Hi sarah, I enjoy living viscerally through these videos, but as someone coming from a third world country, I wonder how much consciousness or action works of art that discuss poverty and suffering really propel. I love your argument for "i can do that" and performance art, which I just love love love. How about art being elitist? How about this video? what are your thoughts on that? Partcipatory art is very popular in fine art galleries these days but isn't that the norm for cultural handicrafts, folk art? Art objects as part of both everyday and ritual life? How come all the art trips feature only institutionalized art? Sorry I went off tangent here, but all the art does make you think, about piwer and value and meaning. And , huh. Yeah

  18. This channel is becoming my travel planning channel. My wife and I are now planning a trip to Marfa, TX for late October, thanks to your previous video. And even though we were in Venice during the 2011 Biennale (though somehow we managed to spend five days there, stumble across lots of great art on display, but not realize that the Biennale was actually going on), I can see we'll be going back. You know, to see it _on purpose_..

    So thanks for that! Where am I going in the meantime?

  19. Art Assignment is such a blessing! It gives me hope and makes me feel refreshed even though I don't know shit about art. 😂

  20. I visited the biennale for the first time at the end of August last year and completely missed the country pavilion installations!! will have to definitely visit them again some time in the future

  21. "we saw the Hirst exhibition and felt ok about not going in"
    why do i totally understand this? Hirst has been monumental, yes, but lately he's been: random + random = art. almost lazy.

  22. but the pronunciation of the Italian artists? I don’t make such mistakes in my work. There are translators in our society , so unprofessional the Americans in general !

  23. Aware that the narrator is giving her "spin" on her experience but all of this in the context of REAL life lived and experienced by countless millions/billions at the 'coal face' of life, the "hands-on" life that is demanded of individual 24/7 AND to SUSTAIN life, all this is pretentious, narcissistic, self-indulgent twaddle and worthy of a scene from a psychiatric hospital. Pretending to "demonstrate/express" to the world…….Blah, Blah, Blag, Blah…….get in a fishing boat off the Alaskan Coast in winter, or a Canadian coal mine, perhaps build a bridge or a dam or a skyscraper in howling winds, join the army and the front line in Afghanistan etc., etc., etc. As a House Builder having been "tutored" in 'Conceptual art' in the early seventies by internationally recognised artists at a UK College, and pursued a successful career in 'Art' before entering a Building Firm as a qualified Tradesman (then highly qualified Builder) these comments come from DIRECT and long-standing experience of "ART" and LIFE. There is Merit in some of the art produced but in the context of what has been said about real life….Pah! Nonsense!

  24. I just got back from this year's Biennale and am overwhelmed with how many amazing things I saw! And Venice is always beautiful. Would love to hear your thoughts on Biennale 2019.

  25. You should do an art trip to Lubbock, Texas. Although "Keep Lubbock Boring" is an unofficial slogan of the town, we actually have an interesting art scene. Texas Tech has a great deal of public art available on campus. We also have the LHUCA museum, which sponsors the First Friday Art Trail, a monthly art event that spans much of downtown.


  27. No biennale this year? Btw that exhibition of Hirst was really amazing, you shouldn't have missed it. Go to Biennale every two years (that's what i have been doing in the last 10 years), it is always worth it! Cheers!

  28. The best comment one can make about this exposition is that it is very uneven. Much of it absurdly pretentious. Some of it truly inspired and beautifully produced.

  29. Tbh it looks empty and it appears the art industry should be collapsing so due to lack of public interest. Which makes
    Me very happy, the fine art world becoming totally irrelevant, due to declining monetary mobility of the masses. People wanting to pay for meaningful experiences with their friends and not have one with a object like some antisocial piece of shit. People don’t want some artist who didn’t know shit about politics to make them think about politics, cause most people don’t give a shit about politics and within the next few centuries governments like religion will be a old social construct that we wonder why we even had them. Then add in widespread adaptation of people being able to make it themselves, people not wanting to go into these cities which are slowly becoming viewed as crap holes by the young. Then add in amazon, and lyft, or door dash, if you can’t get it driven to you, the new mentality is “fuck that”, but as the world goes on and artist can make a
    Loving without connections to the industry or bypass the industry using the internet, now that is art

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