True Money is a product of ascend money. We have 20 million customers across Southeast Asia, offering remittance services and a wallet platform within Thailand. There’s a lot of difference between the countries where we operate than the countries outside of Thailand. The majority of the population has never had a bank account. we need to be able to respond to those uncertainties as soon as we can. Being a payment processor, requires from us a high secure environment. We look closely at Red Hat OpenShift container platform because we knew that there are other financial services using the similar platform. OpenShift also can come with blocking tracing and monitoring. It allowed us to investigate and dig out the root cause much faster much easier and that also help reduce that have to market for us. We’ve been out simplify IT by taking a standard template or a standard platform within one country and then transporting that to another country. This has simplified our deployment process. we can easily say the platform application, we have more consistent platform and application for all country. Open source technology sparks innovation by bringing lots of people together. Since we implemented the platform we can see a lot more cooperation happening between those teams. this platform help us to, let’s say we have a new data center in a new country for example we can build the whole data pipeline in like just one click. It’s helping to modernize banking and it’s great that we’re at the forefront of that.

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