– I painted him, he he he, let’s go. Hey, guys, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. Just a quick disclaimer, these are not real Apple items or products. These are not real Apple
Watches that I’m eating, these are not real iPhones
that I’m eating, or iPads. It is fake, it is fake. All right, and please
do not try and eat them. Do not try and eat an Apple Watch. That is so harmful and
you will probably have to get it surgically removed. Like please, this is
just a creative thing. Everything is made with
100% real ingredients, so it is completely safe, okay? Well, I hope you all are
doing really, really well. So today, oh my gosh, you
all have been asking me for the iPhone. So it finally worked for me. I’ve tried it before
and it didn’t work out, but today it did. And it worked for this. (nails tapping) So these are sugar sheets. It’s for cake, so basically it’s just like a sugar sheet and yeah, and then I printed it and this is a chocolate bar underneath. So I’ll show you, it’s like that, crazy. Make sure you use edible ink
as well, if you try this. So there’s that and then the iPad, which is the same thing. I was so happy that they worked. I was seriously ecstatic. And then I made an Apple Watch. This is just made with
Rice Krispie and fondant, and then edible paint, obviously. And yeah, so that’s
what we’re eating today. But before we get into the eating, I want you all to go to
my Instagram right now, follow me and the first
20 people that DM me the most cheesiest joke that
they know, I will respond to. So yeah, I just thought that that would be a little fun thing
to do, you know what I mean? And our refreshment for
today is our Coldest, Coldest Water Bottle. So get yourself one in
the description box. All right, I’m ready to eat. I think that I might start with the iPhone, why not right? I’ll just do it, look at this. This is what it looks like. And then the back. It got a little messed up there, so I just put a little patch on it. But it looks so real, does it not? The crazy.
(nails tapping) All right, let’s go. (iPhone crunching) All right, guys. I feel like actually doing the iPad. And it is resting on an actual iPad. Crazy, so this is Rice Krispies, as you can see. I’m gonna take off this part. The first plate. Wow, who knew that iPads
could bend like this? This is crazy. (iPad crunching) Oh my gosh. (iPad crunching) All right, guys, I think I’m good on this one. I might just put it over here. Oh, by the way, selling
an iPhone 2 actually, well my parents are. So hey, if you need a
cellphone, let me know. Maybe I shouldn’t put the Rice Krispie on the phone that we’re selling. And the last but not least, this guy. I painted him, he he he. Yo, should I try this? Oh my god, it doesn’t fit. Oh no, wait. Oh, just broke it. That’s so sad. That is so sad. Okay, let’s go. (Apple Watch crunching) Oh my gosh, so much sugar. That was straight up fondant. Okay, but this part is Rice Krispie. So it will be a bit tastier. You know what I mean, okay? (Apple Watch crunching) Oh my gosh, here we go. If my lips, black. Great, well that was so fun. Like that was seriously so freakin’ fun. You guys have no idea how
much I enjoy doing this. I freakin’ love doing
this for you, seriously. And just so you know, if you wanna get five extra
videos a month from me for 4.99 and behind the
scenes, private Snapchat, private messaging, stuff like
that, then go to my Patreon. Link will be in the description box. Okay, I love you guys so much. You freakin’ know how
much I freakin’ love you. Holy crap, I love you. And I hope you have a really good night. Okay, see you soon.


  1. Hi my hunnnii’s❤️ eating starts at 3:58 and go follow my second channel for comedy/non asmr videos hehe

  2. Me:anybody saw my phone?
    Hunni:-Chew devices-
    Everybody:-points at hunni👈🏻-
    Hunni:yummy! Yes why r u guys pointing at me?

  3. HunniBee ASMR? pretty.
    her background? pretty.
    eating sounds? amazing.
    my comment? unoriginal.
    hotel? Trivago.
    LOL i’m not funny

  4. She literally just prints the image on them lol I figured it out finally the whole time I’m thinking how in the fuck is she doing this

  5. video: wanna bite?

    me: eats my phone

    mom: walks in my room

    me: * cough cough *

    me: my phone

    mom: nice joke but i’m serious * laughs*

    me: i’m serious too.

    mom: * diles ambulance * HELP MY DAUGHTER ATE HER PHONE!!!
    ambulance person: ma’ am you can only dile this number in emergencies.
    mom: I. AM. 100%. SERIOUS
    me: dies bleh

  6. i swear you are so good at making these. the vsco girl one was amazing and everything is awesome on your channel. bro i sound like a bot❤️❤️🤩

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