Assistant is a Mummy! PJ Masks Romeo makes her Spooky with Vampirina

– [Assistant] Family fun for everyone! (rock music) – [Cat Boy] I can’t see that
well with these goggles, let me take them off. Okay now, what was that? (yelling) – Hmm I wonder with my new telescope I’ll be able to see a shooting star. Let’s see if I can see anything. Whoa, look, there’s one. I wonder if I can see anything else. Oh!
(laughing) – Perfect!
– Amazing! – The Assistant is distracted so she will never see this coming. I just made a new invention
that will mummify her. And while she’s out spooking everyone, I can be free to do whatever I want ’cause they’ll all be distracted. (yelling) (moaning) – Perfect! Now I’m free to do whatever I want. (laughing) (moaning) – Okay so I will add a
little extra frosting here, some sprinkles there,
a little heart there, polka dots there, oh it’s done. I’ve done it. I’ve created the best cake ever! It could use one more thing,
hmm, I know, I’ll go get it. I think it’s back here somewhere. Somewhere over here. (loud moaning) Okay I think this will do the trick. Hmm. Now this is the best cake ever. (moaning) – Huh, what, a mummy? (screaming)
(yelling) I gotta get out of here. (cake splatters) (groaning) I gotta go warn the other PJ Masks there’s a mummy on the loose. (exclaiming) (moaning) – Hmm, okay let’s see
if I can fix the glitch in our transforming towers. It keeps turning everything to slime. Before I get started, safety first. All right, lets get going. (rock music) (mutters) Over here, a
little something over here, a little something over here, a little something over
here and it should be good. (moaning) Whoa, what’s that sound? I can’t see that well with these goggles. Let me take them off. Okay now, what was that? (screaming) (moaning) Whoa, what was a mummy doing here? – [Gecko] Cat Boy, Cat Boy, Cat Boy, there’s a mummy on the loose. – Yeah Gecko, I just saw. Wait, what’s on your face? – Oh it’s not important
but, if you have to know it was only the best cake ever made. Help me get it off. Now come on, we have to follow that mummy and warn whoever it’s gonna spook next. (moaning)
(suspenseful music) (doorbell rings) – [Vampirina] Oh hi, you
must be our newest guest of the Scare BNB. Come on in, mummy. Okay mummy, so how long is
your stay with us gonna be? (moaning) Are you okay? You don’t sound like
how most mummies sound. (moaning) Hmm, let me get you some tea. That might help. I don’t think this
mummy is a mummy at all. This tea will show who it really is. (grinding) Okay, here you go mummy. This might help your throat. (moaning) But really it’s gonna show
me who you really are. Who are you? – [Cat Boy] Okay so I think
he’s somewhere over here, Gecko. – Well if there is anyone
who knows how to deal with a mummy, its definitely Vampirina. Let’s make sure she’s okay, just in case. (moaning) – Whoa, Vampirina, thank goodness or I would have been
stuck as a mummy all day. – Assistant? What happened? – I don’t know. I was just using my telescope when… – [Cat Boy And Gecko]
Vampirina, watch out!! – Cat Boy? Gecko? What’s wrong? – There’s been a mummy going
around spooking everyone today and they just came in your Scare BNB. – Oh, hey Cat Boy, hey Gecko. Um that was me. I somehow turned into a mummy. – Whoa, how’d that happen? – I don’t know but all that matters now is that I’m back to normal. (evil laughing) – I wonder how my mummy
distraction has been doing all day. I better take a look. – Hey do you guys want to
come look at my new telescope? – Oh yeah, that sounds like fun. – [Romeo] What? The Assistant’s back to normal? How did that happen? No, no, no, this simply won’t do. There must be something
wrong with my invention, but that can’t because when
you press this button it goes. Whoa. Aw man. (groans) – [Announcer] We’ll help you, bud That was so crazy watching
the Assistant as a mummy. Stay tuned, another awesome
video starts right now. Bye. – If I pour these two
mixtures into my experiment, it will be complete. If I just slowly just pour ’em in… Uh-oh I don’t think it’s
suppose to make that sound. I may have done something wrong. (yelling) Ugh, yuck! Look at this place. There is slime all over. My experiment definitely
wasn’t suppose to do this. Hmm, I’m definitely gonna need someone to help me clean this up. Hmm, who is free? (gasps) Oh, I know! Cat Boy said he was free today. I’ll go give him a call. – [Greg] Hey Assistant,
Assistant, are you here? Let’s do something fun. Romeo said you were at
his lab trying to make a science experiment but he didn’t say that it was gonna be so spooky in here. Ew. Oh whoa, look at this mess. Looks like the experiment
didn’t go as planned. Let’s see if I can figure out
what you were trying to make. Hmm, yep nope, no idea. I have no idea what you were making. Woo, what’s over here? Whoa, silly me. I slipped on the slime. Whoa, what’s happening? (roaring) – Thanks so much Cat Boy for coming. I made a huge mess while
trying to do an experiment and it kind of went haywire. So I definitely need some
extra hands to help clean up. – Sure thing, Assistant. I actually love cleaning. I do it just for fun. – Are you sure you don’t want any gloves before you touch the slime? If you touch the slime
something crazy might happen. – Oh no, that’s okay. My super suit has built in super gloves which means nothing crazy
is gonna happen to me while I have these on. – Okay let’s get cleaning. We have a lot of ground to cover. (gloves snapping) ♪ We’re cleaning up the slime ♪ ♪ It’s my favorite thing to do ♪
– This is really gross. ♪ Cleaning up the slime, how about you ♪ (roaring) – Cat Boy, was that you
making cat like noises? Or… – I mean, I wouldn’t call
my singing cat like noises but yeah, I was singing
over here, so was it me? – No, it’s not singing, it’s
more sounds like an angry cat. I don’t know. Maybe I was just hearing things. – Okay, well let’s finish cleaning up. We almost got it all done
and I’m not going anywhere until this place is spic and span. – Hey guys, I heard you needed some help cleaning up some slime. I came over to help. – Wait, Vampirina, no,
don’t touch anything! – [Assistant And Cat Boy] No! (mystical music) – Oh no, Vampirina
didn’t have any gloves on when she touched the slime. Now she’s a butterfly. Well, at least she knows how to fly. Come on Cat Boy we’ve gotta help her. Cat Boy, Cat Boy where are you? – Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow. – Oh of course, Cat Boy has a cat instinct so he went off chasing the butterfly. And I guess it’s all up to me now. (gloves snapping) If I add two ounces of each,
it should fix everything. Okay, here I go. Oh I hope this works.
(explosion booms) Whoa! Woo hoo it worked! – Oh, uh, sorry I was
chasing you Vampirina. I just got a little distracted. – (laughing) That’s okay Cat Boy. Now is everything cleaned up? – The last piece of slime and I’m going to get rid of it. I’ll just dispose of it properly. Everything is back to normal. Woo hoo, we did it guys. Don’t need those anymore. – Um, Assistant? I don’t think everything
is back to normal. What’s that over there? (roaring) – That’s the noise that I heard earlier and I think I know what it is. – Wait, Assistant, be careful. – [Cat Boy And Vampirina] Watch out! – See guys, its just Greg. Dressed as a tiger? – Wait, why are you
dressed as a tiger, Greg? – Well I was stuck in that tiger suit until the Assistant took
the mask off of me finally. I don’t know. I slipped on some slime
and the next thing I know, Tiger Gecko was a thing. – Here Greg, drink this. It’ll bring you back to normal. – Awesome, I’m back to being me! – Wow, what a crazy day. But hey, Assistant, what were you trying to
make in here anyways? – Oh, I was just trying to make the best batch of brownies in the world. But it didn’t exactly go as planned. But maybe next time. (laughing) – [Announcer] Wow, that was so much fun watching the Assistant have an awesome cool science adventure. (bright music) – [Engineer] Hey there everyone, thanks for watching our video. Now make sure that you subscribe
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