One of the most overlooked features on our phones is clearly the NFC. For those of you who don’t know this technology, NFC means “Near Field Communication”. It’s mainly used for contactless payments, such as Android Pay or Apple Pay. NFC technology is also used for other things, such as “Android Beam”, which allows to transfer files. Or for the connection of some headphones to your phone. But it’s frustrating, especially if you’re like me, and you like to customize, automate, optimize, your high-tech stuff. And that’s why today we will test an app called NFC Tools, that will allow us to program NFC tags. This video is produced in partnership with Julien, who develops NFC Tools alone, as an indie dev. He’s a nice guy with whom I have talked.
He’s been working on his project for several years, and clearly, he does a great job. So, NFC Tools is an app that has 4 main screens. The first is “READ”, which allow you to learn more about an NFC tag. The second is “WRITE”, which allow you to save information, such as a phone number, an address, etc … An important note here, everything you will do in this tab will work on any NFC phones, without having to install the app. There is the “OTHER” tab which allow you to, mainly, copy, erase or lock a tag. And finally the last tab called “TASKS”, which allows to perform actions automatically However, this tab will only work if you have NFC Tasks app installed. For this video, we will focus only on “WRITE” and “TASKS” tabs, to show you some of the possibilities of the app. Let’s take our first tag, on that one, we’ll record the address of my YouTube channel. So we go in “WRITE”, “Add a record”, “URL”, enter the address of my channel, write the info on the tag, and … that’s all. Now, we stick the tag where we want, we move the phone closer, and my YouTube channel appears. And a cool trick is, as I said before, is that the person doesn’t need to have the app installed.
NFC just needs to be activated on its Android. Second tag! And this time, a more common case: sharing his wifi with guests. You just need to go again in “Add a record”, “Wi-Fi network”, and to fill parameters. For most of you, you will put, “WPA / WPA2 Personal”, for encryption “AES / TKIP”, and for “SSID”, this is your Wi-Fi name. Then for the password, well… it’s your password. You press ok, you write the info on the tag, and if you have a guest that arrives at your place. He just needs to activate his NFC, get his phone close to the tag and it connects automatically. A little tip that I’ve discovered by making the video, you can make it simpler by going into the Wi-Fi settings of your phone keep pressing the Wi-Fi network you want to share, and choose write on the NFC tag. You tap the tag and it does the same thing, in a simpler way. Third tag, and this time we will go to create tasks. We’ll start with something quite simple, put your phone in silent mode when you tap the tag. For example, it is quite practical on your bedside table, just before sleeping. We go to “Add a task”, “Configuration”, “Profile”, “Silence”, we validate and we write on the tag NFC. And now you just tap the tag with your phone to switch in this mode. And finally, we will take the previous example by making it a little more interesting. The objective is: if it is between 9pm and 1am, in other words, in the evening. Then I want to switch the phone in silent mode, activate an alarm for 7am and put the brightness to minimum. Otherwise, if you are not in this time range, so usually in the morning, when you waking up. Then I turn off the silent mode, and I reset the brightness to a normal level. To do this, we add a time condition, specifying from 9pm until 1am. And we include the tasks that will be underneath. Now, we will add the profile in silent mode, the alarm at 7 o’clock and set the brightness to 0. We add an else block, and just below, we add the tasks, profile but this time in normal mode. Then the brightness to 100, we add the end block to finish the condition and that’s it So in short, we have the first hourly condition that executes the tasks : silence mode, alarm and brightness to 0, if it’s between 9pm and 1am. Otherwise, the normal profile and brightness at 100 tasks are executed. Now, we will see what it gives in real life, to show you a small demo. Well, it’s 9:32pm, the brightness is increased, and we are in normal mode. And I will pass the tag on the phone, the NFC tag on which I wrote the algorithm. As you can see, the brightness drops to 0, as it was in the evening, we are in silent mode and the alarm is activated for 7am. But now, it’s 11:59am, I have a little bit lowered the brightness, and it’s in mute mode. I tap the tag and this time it makes me switch to ring mode, the brightness is increased to 100, and … voila. In short, we have just seen a tiny part of the possibilities of the app. Now you have to imagine actions to make your life easier. For example, you can use a tag in your kitchen that launches a timer for your pasta. A tag in your car that activates your Bluetooth, etc … it’s really really cool. Also the ergonomics of the app is very nice, so on this point, I’ve no complaints. Well after that, there are still some inconvenience, including the fact that for an NFC tag to work, your screen needs to be turned on. It’s an Android security. There are some tasks that don’t work if you are not rooted. And for the tasks, you need NFC Tasks installed on your device, otherwise it won’t work. Fortunately, by tapping the tag, the developer redirect automatically to the Play Store if the person doesn’t have the app installed. And finally, on long algorithms, it’s a shame that there is not a full screen mode. Because sometimes we need to scroll to see all conditions, and it’s not quite practical. Before the end of the video, I have a few points to clarify. First of all, I put you in the description some links on Amazon, for good and cheap NFC tags. For you to start to have fun with NFC. Then the free version of the app is without ads and already allows you to do a lot. Personally, I still advise the pro version, because it costs only 3$. It unlocks everything and allows the dev to be thanked for his job. Also the NFC Tools app is compatible with Tasker, for those who want to go further to the automation. And finally on my Twitter, and my FaceBook, we will soon organize a contest, to win some tags and codes for the Pro version of the app. So don’t hesitate to follow me. Thank you for watching this video, if you liked it, don’t hesitate to like the video, and tell me what you think in the comments. I make it clear that all the links, whether for the app or for the NFC tags, are in the description below. You can follow me on social networks, watch my previous videos or subscribe by clicking on the small thumbnails or the logo that appeared. See you the next time.
Ciao everyone!

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  1. Petite erreur : à 3:19 , j'ai mis "luminosité à 0". C'est "luminosité à 100" plutÎt ! ^^
    Merci à ceux qui l'ont remarqué. :p

  2. Hey trÚs bonne vidéos ces vraiment cool ce que on peux faire avec le NFC malheureusement je ne l'ai pas aurait tu une applis qui utilise une alternative du NFC ? avec son propre systÚme ?

  3. Super concept mais mon smartphone n'a pas le nfc. Je trouve que tu t'améliores de vidéos en vidéos au niveau du montage et de la clarté des explications, je sais de quoi je parle je te suis depuis ta premiÚre vidéo avec Jojol.

  4. Merci Super vidéo ! c'est vrai que le NFC est pas utilisé mais mtn ma puce va chauffer xD Bravo au Dev super boulot et merci pour cette nouvelle découverte Gui. Pourrais-tu faire une vidéo sur les meilleurs applications de Payement NFC sur Androïde je cherche de puis un moment sans rien trouver qui me paresse sûre.

  5. Je n'ai pas entendu l'information… mon tĂ©lĂ©phone est compatible NFC mais en Android 4.2.2 (oui ça date…) c'est compatible aux TAGS ?

  6. Haha, tu mets plop aussi! Je me sentais seul Ă  mettre plop partout quand je fais des tests! Sinon bonne vidĂ©o, tu m'as convaincu de l'utilitĂ© que ça peut avoir 🙂

  7. super vidéo super bien realise mais esque tu pourais faire un top des mode de xposed Instaleur sa serais cool

  8. le soucis c'est que les tags ne sont dispo que sur internet pour en acheter, et il y en a tellement qu'ont ne sais pas vraiment lesquels choisir.

  9. salut je trouve ta vidéo sur les tags nfc sympa. je possÚde cet apk mais je n'ai pas encore eu l'occasion de la tester

  10. Sony avait dĂ©jĂ  rĂ©alisĂ© ce concept de tags NFC qui rĂ©alisait des taches il y a quelques annĂ©es. Mais c'est quand mĂȘme cool de le remettre au gout du jour

  11. quelqu'un peut m'aider svp
    quand j'ouvre mon skype, ca affiche ce message d'erreur :
    " impossible de démarrer le programme car il manque api-ms-win-crt-runti­me-|1-1-0.dll sur votre ordinateur "

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  14. Stp parle de Google+ que les gens arrĂȘte d'en dire du male juste parceque il on instagrame, facebook, ou je sais pas quoi d'autre alors qu'ils ne connaissent pas rĂ©ellement ! (en plus ils disent que c'est pour les paummĂ© par dessus le marchĂ© -_-)

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    (jais confiance que en toi xd)

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    Les forfaits de ski SkiData sont des tags NFC 🙂

    Bisous 🙂

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    Je voulais savoir si tu ne savais pas comment pourrais – je supprimer mes malware?
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  19. Présente l'application Plex
    (Acompatible androĂŻde pc mac IPhone et Linux et sur le smart tv)
    C'est une application média center trÚs bien fait (il y a une partie gratuite, et la partie payante), permettante de se faire un média center intelligent
    Il y a trÚs peu de vidéos explicatives en Français présentant ce produit qui d'un base open source et gratuit

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    Appli indispensable et bien conçu, d'une simplicité absolue.
    Seul regret, Apple ne fait pas de NFC.

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    Je possĂšde aussi une chaĂźne High-Tech pour ceux que ça intĂ©resse 🙂 Continu ainsi Gui

  29. Pout utiliser la fonction bluetooth il vous faudra l'adresse mac du périphérique, vous pouvez taper Bluetooth Adress finder pour trouver celle-ci. C'est comme ça que j'ai rendu la Bose Mini Soundlink NFC.
    Sinon sur le socle de mon téléphone j'ai installé un tag qui permet de désactiver le mot de passe jusqu'à 7h du matin

  30. Pas besoin de la version pro mais j'ai voulu "soutenir" le dev donc j'ai acheté. Mais en y repensant j'aurait préféré un bouton "donate" quelque part.

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  34. Dans mon boulot je prĂ©pare des souvent des tablettes Android sur serveur de filtrage et j'ai fais le liens il y'a peu avec cette vidĂ©o que j'avais vu il y a quelques temps… Et la je me pose une question…
    Si on oublie le tag NFC, peut-on juste ce servir d'un terminal Android (un smartphone lambda…) pour Ă©crire directement sur un autres terminal Android sans avoir besoin de tags NFC ?
    Car si la rĂ©ponse est oui alors la il faut que je me penche sur la question de suite pour optimisĂ© mon temps de travail ! 😼
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    j ai une question pour toi
    es ce qu on peut ce servir du nfc pour lire une valeur d un scan????…exemple si je veux scanner un capteur pour avoir une valeur comme la temperature ou autre. es ce que le recepteur nfc peut m afficher la valeur? sur arduino par exemple.

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  40. Bon, 2 ans aprĂšs mais… Les liens commerciaux vers les Tags NFC parlent tous de Sumsung et autres constructeurs mais… ces Tags sont-ils universels dĂšs l'instant oĂč le tĂ©lĂ©phone Android est compatible NFC ? Je m'apprĂȘte Ă  recevoir un Motorola G6 (qui est compatible NFC) en remplacement d'un G5 (qui ne l'Ă©tait pas).

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