Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Aeronautical), University of Sydney

Aeronautical Engineering is the design, production,
testing and maintenance of aircraft, aerospace vehicles and their systems. This includes conventional fixed wing aircraft
and helicopters, rockets and spacecraft, as well as drones. With the growth in commercial air and space
travel, and the demand for high speed travel on the rise, the opportunity to revolutionise
the next generation of aircraft and become a leader in the aerospace industry is all
yours. So I chose to study aeronautical engineering
because it lets me express that passion in aircraft and spacecraft and now I’m working
in it. The Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical)
degree is really designed to take the students from the very beginning. So we start off with the fundamentals of aircraft
design, then we look at flying aircraft and aircraft operations. In first year, we work on an aeroplane, the
Jamberoo which you can see just behind me here and for that we do fibre glassing, electrical
work, like wiring up the instrument panel and it’s all really exciting because it’s
a real plane. And following on from the building of the
Jamberoo aircraft, you then understand the components of the aircraft and you look at
individual parts: the propulsion, the wings and the control. In the later years, you get the exciting opportunity
to be involved in things like wind tunnel testing, development of full-motion flight
simulators, running calculations on very large supercomputing facilities. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a very
exciting student project while I’ve been here. We built a UAV and another team at Texas A&M
University built another very similar UAV. Through the internet, we flew their UAV and
they flew our UAV. I’ve done two internships; both have been
at Moog In-Space Propulsion in the United Kingdom. Whilst I was there, I worked on the design
and simulation of a supersonic diffuser that allows rocket engines to be tested as if they
were in space. We’ve had quite a few students that have
gone straight from the industrial placements to getting job offers and working in that
company. And that includes very large companies such
as Boeing, Virgin, Airbus, Lockheed Martin and Northup Grumman. I currently work as a design engineer with
Hawker Pacific Special Missions out at Bankstown Airport. If someone wants different camera equipment
or different survey equipment that they want fitted to the aircraft, you have to look at
how to make it happen. Your approach to problems is really what you
take from University. It gives you the skills to excel. Flying is an amazing thing. With aircrafts and helicopters it’s not
simply just about the aircraft flying, it’s about how they navigate, how they communicate
and I try and understand as much as possible how it all works.

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