Bare Paint – the first conductive paint for interactive electronics

I moved to London in 2007 to study, met a
lot of great people. Three of them I started working with on a group project. We got along
well. And those three friends and myself came up with this funny idea that’s now turned
into a business called Bare Conductive. We were interested in looking at how we could
make materials that had to do with electronics somehow more accessible to your everyday person.
And then came up with the idea of a conductive paint.
So, essentially the material can be used in really three ways. You can power a small device
like lighting up a light, you can use it kind of as a glue or as a conductive glue, but
you can also use it as a sensor. One of the best things for us is showing what
we do to people who have never seen it, and they are just totally blown away by this ‘thing’
that to them seems completely magical. I guess it started when we presented the paint
during the interim show at the Royal College of Art.
It got a huge response. We got tonnes of emails lots of phone calls saying hi, I’d like to
purchase some or I want to work with you. Can we buy this? We want to do this with it
and that with it and that was a really exciting moment.
And that’s the point at which we started taking it much more seriously, started looking for
funding. We heard about the digital innovation challenge
from the Technology Strategy Board. And we thought there is a good opportunity
there but would they ever take us seriously. The answer was a definite yes.
We won and we got Ł100,000 in funding. It was both exciting and daunting.
There is no question that, that was the single moment that turned our project into a product
and turned a group of four friends into a business run by a group of four friends. It
was absolutely the most crucial moment in the creation of the business.

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