Basic Leather Working : Learn What General Tools You Need for Leather Working

Ok, so again there’s a, there’s actually a
national chain of stores you can go to, to kind buy a lot of the tools you need for leather
tooling. You can also order these things online and probably even get them off Ebay. But there
are a lot of different tools that you want to try and start getting together if you’re
interested in this. Kind of the most basic thing is a place to work, where you can actually,
probably a nice sturdy work bench or table because you’re going to be kind of hammering
against it with a mallet quite a bit so, you don’t want something that shakes or moves
to much. You can also use kind of a protective surface like something like this which is
basically the same thing as a cutting board. This is a little one and I have kind of a
larger one here, kind a large plastic cutting board. And this is kind of the surface you’ll
place your leather on while you’re tooling it. This is a mallet here, there are different
kinds of mallets, this one’s a wooden one. They also have ones that are made with like
rawhide heads, it’ll still have like a wooden handle. You know you want to have a little
bit of water, kind of a small sponge to use for casing the leather. Obviously you want
to have leather and then there are a whole lot of different kinds of tools that you’ll
use as well. So for example, things like a scribe, different types of knives, this is
like a straight knife here, this is a swivel knife. And then if you’re interested in doing
kind of the stamping type tooling you can use stamp tools such as these. And then for
the leather carving you’ll use more things like, this is like a beveller tool here, this
is something called a parashader and then when for your finishing, you decide to finish
the leather, you’ll use things like, like I don’t know, paint brushes and different
types of the leather finishes and colors like over here on this side over here.

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