BB-8: Behind the Circuits

(NARRATOR) BB-8, the charming, carefree little
Droid rolled his way right into America’s heart delighting children and adults everywhere. Yet, his journey was hardly as
smooth as Lando’s mustache, and in fact coarse as
Chewbacca’s mighty roar. This is BB- 8: Behind the circuits. (NARRATOR)
Born in 1976 in Winchester, Hampshire to Esteemed theater actor Sir Montgomery Bradford
and biology professor Elizabeth Holland, B. Bradford the 8th, discovered a passion for acting at a very young age. It came with no surprise, that he was
accepted to the university of Cambridge, and later to the Royal Academy of Dramatic arts Where he took a shine to greek and Latin, masterfully performing in several
classic greek tragedies. But it was right out of university where BB leaped head first into
a whole new and surprising endeavor; Comedy. Along with fellow school mate Jude Law, BB created the incredibly popular
BBC sketch comedy series, “A dash of Law and BB”. I loved the show. we both did! The Queen herself was quoted reciting “Get those trisects from my sight, Hitler, love!” HAAHAHAA. It could have gone on forever. We could have even made a whopping…
20 episodes! But it wasn’t enough for BB. I could see it in his eye sensors. He wasn’t happy. (NARRATOR) Leaving the show, BB-8 partnered with one of the
young writers of his comedy show, Russel T Davies graciously appearing in his
ambitious revival of Doctor Who *dramatic music* *gasp*
DOCTOR! BB was incredible. Whatever creature they threw on him to play that week he crafted with sheer brilliance. A true chameleon he was. We were all devastated when he left. Me, Russel, Barrowman, we all left shortly after. We just couldn’t bear it. (NARRATOR) Coming up Crossing the ocean to America brings with it a whole new set of challenges. When BB-8: Behind the circuits returns. (NARRATOR) Feeling that his cold, mechanical acting didn’t distinct him from any other Englishman, BB found his way to Hollywood. With his stock on the rise,
BB quickly landed his first major Hollywood role in the Pixar 2008 film: Wall-E The film could have made BB
one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Sadly, he experienced a full mental break-down on set. It was crazy! he started shouting: “I didn’t come to America to play robots again” “Why can’t Wall-E be a man?” “Or have an
accent!?” Kept talking about how he’s done Shakespeare,
and terrorizing poor Randy Newman for some reason. But I said Look, BB, this is how showbiz works. Tom Hanks had an Oscar
and HE didn’t say a thing about playing a 10 inch doll. But he wouldn’t have it. He just got up and rolled away. A real shame. Real shame. shame. (NARRATOR) Following the scandal,
BB’s agent and manager left, sending him to a deep spiraling depression. Oh yeah, BB was down.
Believe me I’ve seen my share of actors getting rammed by this city, But… he was a new low. I tried cheering him up with my brilliant pranks but he wouldn’t budge poor bastard. (NARRATOR)
After nearly two years of barricading himself
in his Los Feliz apartment a change emerged within BB-8. It was a call from the robot league of equality that turned a page to a new chapter in his life. When I called BB-8 about appearing in January’s monthly meeting “breaking the metal ceiling” we never expected him to end up
becoming the icon for the community but something in that phone call just… connected. It was during one of his most heated speeches that BB caught the attention of
writer and director J.J Abrams who was inspired by his bravery and charm. I saw him on that stage and… wow! I’ve never seen such passion! I auditioned every
artificially intelligent being in Hollywood The short circuit guy, Chappie, the.. the dude who played Bender… But nothing worked. I told George “This is our droid.”
He’s our Metropolis. Don’t tell 3PO I said that. (NARRATOR) And so, BB-8 rose to stardom, paving the way to other droids and proving that it’s not about the length of your power cord, but the size of your heart. This was BB-8: Behind the circuits. (narrator off record) Do… Robots have hearts? Remind me to google that later.
I love learning new things. oh, well then. whats for lunch today?
I’ve been having a great craving for cronuts I’ve never had cronuts before
But I know i’ll like them. *clears throat*
CRONUTS. CROOOONUTS. Little Puffy cronut. I need to go now.
there’s a pocket square sale at ROSS. *getting up leaving* I don’t care. i need.. I need to go. I’m contracted here till now
and now I need to go. Well, get….
Get bloody Ian McKellen to do it. People pretty much can’t tell us apart anyway. well I don’t know. look, Neville, I..I have to go Because, darling, there’s a pocket square sale at ROSS. I said I’d be there. No.
No. I need to go. Yes well you can talk to my agent now she’ll be happy to call.

100 thoughts on “BB-8: Behind the Circuits

  1. I hope BB-8 returns to theater one day. And I dare say…that was a fine impression from Brent Spiner, narrating the all thing like Sir Stewart. Bravo.

  2. You missed the opportunity to make J.J Abrams say "this is the droid we're looking for" and I am disappointed. Other than that this was great!

  3. 4:50 Alpha 5 was there? Ay ay ay why didnt I watch this speech vid? Also did the Iron Giant rust over these years he seems kinda small lol.

  4. When this came out, the full title didn't show on the subscription tab, so I read it as "Spoilers" To sum it up, I ended up seeing the movie and finally decided to watch this, only to find out my long period of suffering in waiting to be able to see this video could have been avoided.

  5. J.J: "I told George, this is the droid we`re looking for!"
    I love this!!!!!!!!! i literally cannot stop watching it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 😀 Haha! That was cute.
    BB-8 was totally my favorite of the new characters. Finn's probably second. But I've been thinking of BB as a "girl" droid, for some reason…the fact that "Bebe" is a feminine name probably has a lot to do with it.

  7. ''Feeling that his cold, mechanical acting didn't distinct him from any other Englishman'' Cor blimey that one got me right in the chimney sweep it did it did!

  8. HEE-HEE-HEE! Man, this was great, had me laughing so hard!!
    I actually thought for a while there, right up until I read the credits, that you'd actually gotten the real Patrick Stewart is as that Narrator!! X)

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