Being an Engineer Means Making People’s Lives Better

I remember my first day of middle school,
coming in and being like, I have to prove to people that I’m smart.
That just has to happen. At first, since I came from a different country, they just kind of thought I didn’t know what I was doing. People didn’t even like bother to ask, “Is this too easy for you?” “Do you want to do something else?” But it was just hard to know that I was different somehow when I felt the same. My favorite parts of school was science experiments and getting a problem and then finding out
a solution from it. And that’s when I kind of realized that I had a more logistical way of thinking, and this is something I enjoy. Math and science can be taken into my career in a deeper way. My parents both had degrees and were
very highly successful people, and when they came here, they kind of lost all of that and had to start over. So seeing them go through that and coming from
such a high success, maintained lifestyle to basically having nothing and having to start degrees over again was really tough. Because they did that, it makes
me even want to work so much harder to make sure what they did is validated. Having an opportunity like Abbott in high school is definitely a blessing that I couldn’t have asked more for. It kind of puts me ahead of the game and for me to kind of feel reassured that I do know what I’m doing and just really get what it feels like to be an engineer. I think so many times I see so many girls of color try to put themselves down
because they were constantly told “I can’t do this. I’m not good enough.” “I’m not smart enough.” So then they put themselves down because of that. And for me to say that I am good enough, I can do this and tell them that lifts them up to.

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