Best Budget Wireless Earbuds? AXGIO Dash Review – Under $50

So, you’re looking for the best budget wireless earbuds out there? Well, in today’s video, I’ve got a review for you of one of my favorite options… …AND it’s under fifty dollars… coming up! (instrumental) Hey everyone, it’s Zach with Z Big Media. And, on this channel, we do tips and strategy videos… and also product reviews like this one, so if you’re new here, please consider subscribing. Also, everything we talk about in this video will be in the description… including links to all the products and things we talk about during this video so at any time during the video, please feel free to look at the description below. BOOM! So these are the earbuds I’m talking about. These are the AXGIO Dash earbuds. Now, a lot of you out there will look at these and go “wait a minute, they look a little too gaudy for me.” Well, let’s go through a couple of things. First, you’ve got two of them and it’s ‘true wireless.’ There’s a lot of people out there that will search for wireless headphones or wireless earbuds and they will say “wait a minute, there’s still that cord attached.” Not here. You are getting true stereo quality sound through two earbuds and there’s nothing connecting the two of them. So, obviously, that is advantage number one! Now there’s something a lot of people talk about with these true wireless headphones that don’t have a wire between them at all, and that is “when you put them in the ear, do they stay?” That’s the reason I like these more than a whole lot of other options out on the market because they do have the little hook that you can bring around the ear. So, when I put those in, now I know they are going to stay no matter what. There’s a lot of options out there… they don’t have the hook and when you start moving around a little bit, especially if you’re working out or things of that nature, every little move that you make with your jaw or any part of your head–any sudden movements– it starts to fall out just slightly, so for me, my preference is to have that little hook and I think there’s a lot of other great things that end up coming with the hook. The big thing is size. So, when you have this little hook on the end of it, it gives these companies a chance to make it just a little bit bigger, right? And here’s what you get with just that little extra size right there–it’s not much but what you get with it is–A… longer battery. So a lot of true wireless headphone options out there that don’t have the hook around them and are much smaller than this that just go straight into the ear– …you might be able to get two hours of listening time and/or talk time out of those headphones. But with this just a smidge bigger, now you’ve got a bigger battery in there and at fifty percent volume these will go on for eight hours– EIGHT HOURS without a charge. For me, I’m usually around the seventy-five percent range. When you’ve been in media as long as I have, your ears have lost a good amount of hearing. So, I keep it at about seventy-five percent and I still get a good four hours out of each one of these headphones in each ear. The other thing you get with something just a little bit bigger than the things that just go right into the ear is sound quality. It’s got a little bit better of a processor in there. So, you get the benefits of what you hear in your ear being a little better than a lot of the options out there which are just a little bit better than telephone-quality. I mean, let’s be honest, this is true stereo-quality sound in something very, very small. Now, one drawback for me is the charger. Now, the charger only comes like this. Now, obviously, that’s good news… you’ve got the USB end on one end that you can plug into any normal car charger on in-wall outlet But, you really don’t have a whole lot of length when it comes to being able to plug from there, so what are we talking about? Maybe from one ear to another on my big head? Not a lot of room, so if you have to plug it right into a wall or right into a car charger, you can’t expect a whole lot of room to be coming out of there. In my opinion, I would go ahead and get yourself an extended USB cord that can plug into this and then that’ll give you a little bit more slack and I will link to a little cord like that in the description below. You can charge these one-at-a-time or both at the same time and it is very simple. All you got to do is pop that bad boy in just like that. You do that with both them. I’m just doing it with one right now, but you do that with both of them just like that… stick this into your plug outlet or your wall charger or car charger and you’ve got a pretty good charge pretty fast, as far as I’m concerned. There’s a lot of times where I’m in the car for an extended period of time–30 minutes to an hour– I can leave these in the car if my charger is still running, which it does, thank goodness– and by the time I’m back in the car a half hour or an hour later, these are usually showing full charge. It doesn’t take longer than maybe an hour to an hour-and-a-half to get a full charge out of these in any regular outlet. And maybe you’re not going to be around a charger all day long. You know, I love to use both of these together, right? I like to put one in each ear and listen to them together and at about seventy-five percent volume I’ll usually get about four hours out of these things. But, if I’m not going to be around a charger all day long, maybe I’ll get four hours of listening time out of one and just listen to one all day long and when it runs out of battery, I just swap it out and I’ll listen to the other one for another four hours. And that’s at 75 percent volume. If you do fifty percent volume, you’ll be able to get basically a full day of listening just out of one earpiece. And, HELLO, we haven’t even talked about price! As of this recording, you can these on Amazon for just $49.99 USD. I will have a link in the description below if you want to grab a pair for yourself. $49.99 USD for something like this, especially with the audio quality and especially with the battery life, I think these are one of the best options on the market. Question of the day: what do you look for in a great set of true wireless heaphones? Not the ones with the wire in between, I’m talking true wireless headphones. 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  1. The concept is cool, features were great but my only problem is that I tried them with he extra ear tips and they made my ear ache, so they are not of everyone, so I'm still hunting for a comfortable headset

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