Best Solar Inverters in 2019 – #50

hey everybody and welcome to pick my
solar live this is our 50th anniversary of picked my solar live I am Andrew Bare
introduced by a new friend hi I’m JD Sorrentino. I’m a energy
advisor over here at pick my solar yeah so let’s get right into a topic this
week we’re talking about what are the best inverters or the inverters that sold the
most in 2018 so as always ask us anything and leave a comment in the chat
box and we will get to that as soon as you ask it really or we’ll
get to it next week So our top inverter in 2019 was Solar
Edge with 63% yeah not surprising really a lot of installers are utilizing solar
edge from yeah why does that do you think. I think it mainly it’s
lower-cost equipment versus microinverters also their warranty with
solar edge they include both parts and labor
there’s your replacement so it’s really seamless for them and you know not any
worry after the installation yeah and so what you can see here is SolarEdge took
63% and then SunPower and and Enphase when combined we’re a little under 40 so it’s
like a 60/40 split between solar edge and the rest. The rest – Sun power
and Enphase are micro inverters so that’s kind of the split we’re seeing
between strings plus optimizers and micro inverters and we’ll explain that to you
guys just in a second here but so really given that it seems like that
there’s no really a bad option it’s a little bit of personal preference. It is almost 50-50 So getting into solar edge you give us a
little bit of breakdown but so what do people liking about solar
edge yeah so I’m one of my favorite things about solar edge is the
monitoring system it gives you panel level monitoring a lot of people
like that just gives you deep dive into your system as I said before there’s
there’s less parts for the installers too
less expensive to install and also you’re getting a manufacturer warranty
that person later I always recommend to my customers to getting extended 25-year
warranty the standard is 12 so then you’ve
recovered now yeah and so what’s going on with the solar edges they have a string
plus optimizers which gives you some of the benefits of a micro inverter which
means that you’re if one panel goes down your whole system isn’t gonna go down
you’ll still get the production from the rest of the panels which is a new
feature to string inverters to make them more competitive and then our next one
is SunPower and you can see on the back of the panel and in the picture
there that’s where their micro inverter is located that’s about how big
it is um but Sunpower inverters come with the Sun power module
and so these typically I’m thinking go to customers looking for a premium
product yeah so you know Sunpower most efficient panels on the market and they
actually acquired a micro inverter company a few years back called Solar Bridge in Austin Texas to bring that portion in-house so now
everything’s factory integrated you have that that microinverter preloaded
quicker install everything just snaps them together so installer it somehow
our installers really liked that product they have a great monitoring system as
well and you know getting a full 25 year warranty SunPower does back their
installations, parts and labor for 25 years as well so if that’s something
folks are interested in you’re still getting that full bumper-to-bumper
warranty now professing an opportunity to talk
about Texas yeah yeah I’ve seen SunPower’s monitoring system and and it’s
one of the slickest that I’ve come across and I’ve looked it and it’s Solar Edge or
Sun power and they’re all pretty good to be fair but some power just like
does everything a little bit better it seems and then the last one which had I
think it was 13% of ourselves this year was end phase so this is a pretty
standard micro inverter that you can apply to a lot of panels and so yeah
we’re saying about this one well you know and phase has been around for quite
a while and you know once then I’m gonna hit on the warranties 25-year warranty
would end of the case and and since interphase was kind of one of the first
microbrewers to come around if the customer knows they want micro inverters
that’s the one that you’re going to you know really local product and they have
some really cool things coming down yeah absolutely and just to touch on micro
inverter since we didn’t do that is a micro inverter at each individual panel
will convert your AC and your DC electricity from the panel into AC
energy and so that means that you will get the maximum power possible from your
entire system all the time and and so that’s great obviously but it comes with
a little bit of a price premium which is why it’s not needed on every project
yeah you’re gonna see a little bit more materials involved in micro inverters
one point I forgot to make both micro inverter systems there are typically
less parts you know with central inverter is people don’t like seeing
some folks don’t like seeing a large box on the side of their wall but member
since every all the equipment is on the roof it’s much less lower or it’s much
lower profile you know aesthetics or something as
important for sure so in general the micro inverse opposed to people looking
for more than just production they want like a better look the most power
possible and the last one that we’re going to talk about is SMA and I
actually didn’t have any sales from us in 2019 but they’re a product that that
used to get a decent amount of I just wanted to bring them up and these guys
are a regular hamburger yeah I think you probably see SMA a lot more these days
with large projects on the residential end yeah you used to see a lot of SMA
one cool thing that SMA has this is a power supply so there’s a small outlet
that gets installed with the SMA inverter I think gives you about a
hundred watts that you can use if it’s if the event your system goes down and
and the sun is shining you’re actually able to use a little bit of
from your system rather than the system shutting down so just a cool cool little
factoid about them it is a really nice feature yeah but the reason that they’re
not selling I’m assuming is because they’re just regular string inverters
right yeah and what really scares people about normal string inverters is if one
panel has an issue if that’s the system as a whole and that’s why we’re seeing
the solar edge of the DC optimization at hybrid inverter as well as micros with
mj’s some power because one cannot initiative yeah yeah absolutely yeah and
so this is comparing our 2017 versus our 2018 sales and so you can see that solar
edge with the leader in both fell a little bit in 2018 and really the the
rise of that is due to some power some power spreading a lot I’m thinking part
of that is because we started selling a lot more in New York right and people in
New York are going for some powers more than other products from OBC and and
phase has and NPS has lost a little bit too actually
yeah and phasing and in solar edge gave way a little bit to some power yeah and
then yeah so that’s our inverters from 2018 and come to pick my solar if you
want to get free estimates or free bids and you’ll be able to see these
inverters along with some sweet panels that installers in your area are
offering and go help you choose the best bid for you like that anything bad JT
yeah I think you nailed it bear all right so you guys next week

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  1. i went with solar edge as they had 340 and enphase only had 290 which would of clipped my LG 320 panels but now it a different story

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