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– I’m gonna give you a list of tools that are gonna help you get
more views here on YouTube. And we’re starting right now. (upbeat hip hop music) What is going on? My name is Nick, welcome to another video. If this is your first time
here and you want to learn how to grow your channel, make videos, and all types of other
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and clicking the bell so you don’t miss anything. Okay, if you are one of the people like me who are uploading content on
a regular basis to YouTube and you’re cruising right along, you know, you’re getting some views,
things are coming in, things are going well but
you’re not the type of channel or you haven’t made the type
of content to blow up per say but you’re trying to
make that daily progress. I’m gonna share with you a list of tools that can be a game-changer
for your YouTube channel. Keep in mind, some of
these tools are free, some of these tools are paid, but I know some people have
a problem with paid tools but keep in mind, it’s an investment into what it is that you’re doing as long as you’re taking YouTube seriously and you’re doing everything you can to try to get results here. The tools just make it easier, they make it easier to get views and they make it easier on your workflow. And I’m not gonna
recommend to you anything that I don’t use personally. Number one in this list is TubeBuddy. It’s the number one browser plug-in for YouTube content creators. It’s gonna help you learn
how to rank your videos by showing you how to tag your videos, helping you find the best video ideas, helping you A/B test your thumbnails because look, if people are not
clicking on your thumbnails, then you’re going to lose, you
are not going to get views. And people also have this weird idea that when you optimize your videos, that you’re only optimizing
your videos for search. You’re not just optimizing
your videos for search, that’s why tools like
this are so important. You’re optimizing your videos
for discovery in general because when you’re optimizing
your videos for search, you’re telling YouTube
what your video is about so that YouTube can not
only put you on search but so that YouTube can also rank you next to similar videos. But this is not a TubeBuddy commercial. I do have more tools on this list but there’s a link to TubeBuddy down in the description below to where you can install it
free to see what TubeBuddy can do for you and then if
you wanna upgrade, you can. Number two on this list is Morningfame. Morningfame is something especially if you are starting out on YouTube and you’re trying to learn
how the discovery system works in terms of, you know,
hey, if I use a title here and then I make my
description look like this, then I use these tags, what
are my chances of ranking, how relevant does it make my video? Morningfame can be a game-changer
for your YouTube channel not just because it helps you
through the ranking process but the way it’s designed,
it actually trains you to rank your videos if you’re
using the keyword tool. It trains you to rank your videos because it trains you to identify, hey, if I use this
certain stuff in my title, in my description, then
my relevancy score goes up which improves my chances of ranking and being suggested next
to other-like videos. In addition to that,
Morningfame is like a stats or analytics for dummies
and what I mean by that is I mean that they simplify everything that’s inside of your analytic. So you can see what videos
are performing best, what videos you should make more of, what videos you should make less of, how your audience is responding to each type of video you make and so on. They even level it up by giving you thumbnail previews of your thumbnails compared next to other people’s thumbnails and they send you emails
when you upload videos to let you know how your
video is currently performing in search and so on, it’s an awesome tool. Next up on the list is
Keywords Everywhere. High-five and fist bump
to Bryan G. Johnson for bringing it to my attention. Keywords Everywhere is something
that can really help you when it comes to identifying
the right phrases to go for for when you are trying
to rank your videos. Here’s what I mean. If you’re on YouTube
or if you’re on Google and you start typing in a search term into the auto-complete,
what you’re gonna see is you’re gonna see a dropdown
that is basically things that people are looking for. Well, Keywords Everywhere
is gonna put little numbers next to those that are gonna show you the general search volume
or the general interest for that particular term
that you’re trying to go for. This tool is free by
the way and it helps you by helping you identify things
that people are searching for or things that people
are not searching for so that you know the right
things to make videos about. And did I mention it’s free? And inside of Google, if
you use it inside of Google, it also will show you suggested searches over on the side column so
that you can see other things that are relevant to the particular term that you’re trying to find
out information about, which is another thing
that’s really awesome. Next up on the list is the
actual auto-complete feature inside of YouTube for
everybody that has trouble coming up with video ideas
and things that people might actually be searching for. A great place to start
is to go to the YouTube or the Google auto-complete
and see the problems people are trying to solve. See the information that
people are looking for and see hey, how can I tap into this? How can I make a video around this so that people will find me when they start searching
for those things? And that one is also free and it’s built into YouTube and Google. Next one up on the list is Google Trends. So you can use Google Trends to get views by seeing what people are looking for now by comparing the way that
people might search for things against other ways people
might search for things. As an example, with TubeBuddy, that I mentioned earlier at
the beginning of this list, with them, I was able to identify that people search for that
more with the word together than they do with the word apart. So anytime I’m making a
video with TubeBuddy in it, I make sure that I put
those words together which helps me rank for
higher volume searches. And then you plug that information to the relevancy thing that I mentioned with Morningfame, phew. And another tool that you can use that a lot of people don’t
even look at as a tool really but it can be extremely valuable depending on the type
of content that you make is your actual comments because, you know, you have an entire community,
an entire group of people, an entire demographic of people that are in your comment sections, asking questions, giving
feedback on what it is that you’re doing and things like that so you can answer their
questions and you can see things that are coming up on a regular basis. And you can be like oh
hey, people are always talking about this but
there doesn’t seem to be that many videos about
it so, you know what? I’m gonna be the person to
go ahead and make that video so that the people that are
looking for that can find it. Now if you do any of
this stuff in your phone, I’m gonna put a link right
up here to a list of apps that are awesome for content creators. So if you wanna get some of
this stuff going on your phone, then definitely check
out that list as well. And if you wanna learn more
about growing your channel, making videos and all types of
other YouTube related stuff, start now by hitting
the round subscribe icon so you don’t miss anything. Thank you so much for watching,
I’ll see you next time.

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