Bewafa Episode 18 | 6th Jan 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

wait! at first, you use to talk openly now you passed by me hesitatingly my wish… is there no fixed time for you to go to office? whenever you wish you go & whenever you wish you come back no body is there to inquire you? I’m the wife of that person, whose office it is nobody has the guts to ask me this question Sharmeen was right you change your colors more quickly than the chameleon I’ve to change colors, in front of people like you what did I not do for you? but I’ve got to know you, very well and look how fool I’m even after everyone said, It took me so long to recognize you but you want good for me, right? if you are allowed to do one murder
so, you’ll hang me the first… so please don’t forget this..
even if I’ll be allowed, I’ll do the same it feels good… for the first time you are saying as per your thinking for God’s sake, stop this drama…
stop pretending to be so good you kept me as a servant here you made me the said of your son and I tolerated everything but you.. you only wanted to lower my value in front of Ahaan I won’t tolerate one thing, at all to use my own sister, against me I felt so upset, by listening to your pitiful story I haven’t made you anything…
in fact, no one is there to make you anything but yes, you can make fool to anyone though and as far as Sharmeen is concerned still, there is humanity left in her she is not immodest like you are enough! I won’t tolerate anymore what will you do? you have to apologize to me for this you can try ../ look at my condition, Ahaan what is my fault? I got married to you you saw… how sister threw the envelope on my face… I’ve become a joke I get taunts you know, what my own sister & mother, says to me? I’m your keep because I’m your second wife, and the word second wife has become a bad word for me look Shireen… you don’t have to make me realize… what you’ve done for me… it is needed… today it is because I’m an alive person what did I not do? do you know, what Kinza… what words she has used for me?
I can’t even repeat them she said I’m not your wife, but a keep… just a keep and this is not my house, but hers and whenever you’ll want, you’ll throw me out Look! I’ll talk to Kinza what you’ll talk to her?
she herself has thrown you out of the room I’ll make sure to resolve this matter today whoever wants, they insult me.. at any time means.. I laid down in front of her by all means, for you only I became the sandal of her feet, just because I’m your second wife but still I’m your wife, she is also the wife… then why this ONE!, Ahaan it’s not fare… just because I’m a keep? what did I not do? if she has misbehaved with you, then she has to apologize to you she’ll never apologize she is very egoistic these things, to apologize, to be laid down… I do this for you, because because I’m a second wife, I’m a keep & only I can do all this I don’t have any respect she will apologize and if she didn’t apologize, then she has to bear the punishment as well *door knocks* now you have to knock in order to come inside? Kinza, i want to talk to you I also want to talk to you go ahead then Ahaan, I’m really really sorry I promise you, I won’t do anything in future from which you get upset are you happy? Hello! Ahaan, I’m apologizing to you your crazy wife, is apologizing to you, face to face… aren’t you being happy? you don’t have to apologize to me… it doesn’t make any difference to me if you have to apologize, then apologize to that person.. whose life you’ve ruined did you hear? you have to apologize to her you have to apologize to me, for this matter else? I don’t want to go to the extent of else what!
whatever you’ve done, it’s very little punishment in front of that you are insulting me, for the girl who just came yesterday? she is my wife! So, who am I? what do I look to you? presently, you are looking very bad to me and before that you started to look me more bad, you have to go & apologize to Shireen I haven’t done any such thing, that I have to apologize even if she is dieing, then also, i won’t be apologizing to her you know, if I ask Shireen to apologize to you, without any reason she will accept whatever I’ll say to her, and will come to apologize to you she must of that worth, but I’m not… I won’t ever apologize to her then don’t say, that I didn’t gave you a chance I won’t say didn’t I tell you she won’t get convinced it’s my fault I am a human, and I couldn’t tolerate more that’s why I complained to you…
I’m so sorry! anyways Ahaan… if you say so, I’ll go … don’t you dare to talk to her… OK sorry alright.. it’s very late, you’ve become tired do some rest, please how much you’ll hide the pains given by me, behind your smile? if it’s in my control I vanish all the pains of this world & keep smiling in front of you I sorry Shireen!..
I’m really really sorry I haven’t given you anything after marriage, except for pain Kinza’s behavior with you is so bad, that I am unable to face you look here look here this head… shall always stay up whatever I’m tolerating… it’s just because your head shall never lower down, till I die and after that, if my mother, sister or your first wife comes in between of us, then it doesn’t make any difference because, for me you are most important for me only you Kinza…
what happened Kinza? nothing, Hashir has gone to school & I was about to come to you are you feeling well? sit what is it?
is everything alright? mom, I have destroyed everything myself I had forbidden you also, I tried to make you understand I had told you, that girl will ruin your home (family) mom, Ahaan… Ahaan says, I shall apologize to Shireen for what I shall apologize? to keep her in my house? for sharing Ahaan with her? why I did this? I did this for Ahaan… and he asks me to apologize to Shireen mom, why shall I apologize?
what is my fault? yes child.. you have to apologize because you kept her in your house this is your biggest mistake that girl is not even concern of her real sister I had told you when her work will be done then, she’ll remove you from her life like a ladder may God give guidance to Ahaan what happened? why are you crying? No, I’m smiling you are smiling, but your face is sad No, my life… it’s nothing like that OK… really!… are you sure mamma? yes, I’m sure alright… shall we go for an outing today? dad doesn’t takes me anywhere at all OK then, today I & Hashir will go out for an outing OK? come Hashir, I’m getting late for office… I’ve to drop you at the tuition this is not your boss’s office, so that you can enter anywhere like this stay away from me & my son either I don’t like to come in front of you & your son Ahaan has asked me to drop Hashir at the tuition may be, he doesn’t value to the extent, that you can drop your own son at the tuition neither Ahaan, nor anyone else can tell a mother about its’ child, that how important she is as far as you are concerned, you can never tell I know how to fulfill all the responsibilities of my son go from here I trusted you for sometime, & that’s my mistake you can’t even imagine, what can I do with you I’ve spent my life with the setting sun and you, with the rising sun just take care of yourself come to mamma…. mamma will you have some? no, my love… you have it mamma, please… have it just one? yes, just have one my love… and what will uncle Faisal get? you can take all of them shall I eat? sit… are you still upset? I’m not upset it’s just, that your place in my heart has lowered listen, I’m very sorry what you have heard is an incomplete conversation after you left, I scolded Nimra a lot in fact she wants to meet you & apologize to you Kinza, please leave all this matter we are just one brother & sister … and we don’t have anyone you are right, we are just one brother & sister only and when this sister was in need of his brother, at that time he left her alone you know, what are my circumstances presently I need a shoulder, to cry on but I’m so unlucky that, I don’t even have my brother’s shoulder just come with me Kinza, right away…
leave Ahaan I can take care of you along with Hashir please come with me now I’ll not leave my house that’s not your house, Kinza your face is revealing, what’s happening with you there and why are you determined to ruin your life? and what shall I do, after coming to you? I shall ruined my life more, which is already ruined? whatever I’m and in whatever condition… let me be alright, but please come for some days only nowadays, Nimra is also not at home..
please come means, even right now you are asking me to come to your house, because Nimra is not in the city else you wouldn’t had any concern for your sister this is it…. this is the only problem your doubt & your anger Kinza, I…
I… behind this “I” of yours… is also Nimra you just pray for me I’m sure, Nimra cannot stop you to pray *phone ringing* yes, go ahead Hi! how are you? I’m driving… if there is anything important then say it how are you? *sarcastic* I’m at home though, for which your mood gets upset aren’t you coming after meeting your sister? you sister has insulted you, right? Nimra, she is my sister and there is just one sister of mine… and I can’t leave her like that, do you get that? alright then, why are you shouting? she does & I repay I’m shouting, because you are behind all this if my sister is in this condition today, then you are reason of it Ahaan knows, there is no one to stand behind my sister today and you are reason behind all this, do you get that? one second… I just went to my parent’s place for 2 to 4 days, & you’ve gone out of your mind… let me come let me come & look at the love between the siblings there shall be a video for sister Sharmeen… Hello! Sister check my office in the cubicle.. where is Ahaan? he has gone outside who are you? who am I? first of all you tell me, who are you? I’m his wife alright… so, because of you my sisters life has destroyed look, brother… you’ve already misbehaved with me so much is this the way to talk to somebody? if Ahaan isn’t here, it doesn’t mean that whatever behavior you want to do you can do with me presently, nothing has been done with you I know, what sort of a girl you are but remember one thing if my sister had any problem because of you, from today on-wards it won’t be good for you did you get that? I consider her as my elder sister and I’ve never harmed her.. I had never thought, that she’ll send you in Ahaan’s absence to insult me yes, she has sent me whenever my sister will be in nay problem, her brother will come after her you listen to this & tell your Ahaan as well understand? what happened? you left early from the office today what happened? nothing… Shireen has Kinza said something again? No… Shireen, what happened? why are you quiet?
why aren’t you saying anything? Shireen… Shireen… what happened? at least say something just see it yourself the matter is not limited to Kinza anymore, Ahaan his elder brother is also insulting me she was right I’m a bad word in this house a keep because, if I had been your wife.. so no body has ever dared to talk to me, in this manner don’t cry, .. enough…
Shh…. I’ll handle everything Kinza what happened now? you know it very well, what has happened there is just one person in this house, who knows everything.. and that is your wife don’t take Shireen’s name from your tongue really! so now, I’m not even capable of taking her name from my tongue yes, you are not you are not even worth to take her name from your tongue can I ask, what have I said against her now? you & your brother both are, attention seekers he pretends in front of his wife, and you pretend in front of me you made a plan & sent him to Shireen to frighten her & intimate her and now you are pretending, as if you don’t know anything I really don’t know anything about this but I felt good after listening, that brother Faisal frightened her thank God, she got frightened with somebody else, that witch has made us life a living hell you are forgetting, that Shireen is my wife and I won’t listen to anything against my wife this is the last warning for you alright and what will you do, after this last warning?
yes? you are without any guardian & an orphan your great brother will not keep you also, else I would have thrown you out, earlier but I won’t think now you are without any guardian & an orphan your great brother will not keep you also, else I would have thrown you out, earlier *door knocks* only these works are left for you now to make the child sleep…to do cleaning it’s good… try to adjust from now, so that it won’t trouble you later on you worry about yourself this is ongoing routine, sometimes it’s n me & sometimes on you I’ve worried about myself, that’s why I’m here & you are there I’ve heard.. you’ve got the last warning after last warning, one is thrown out of the house, right?
is there any place for your to live? where you are standing now, earlier I was standing there and I would have been standing there today as well, if I haven’t trusted you blindly yes, where you are now… it’s just because of your foolishness I feel bad about Hashir that poor child, in between all this
anyways… what bad I feel about Hashir, I will tolerate it don’t take my son’s name alright… I won’t take anyways, we are going for the dinner
I’ll bring something for you on order Sharmeen as usual, you haven’t done anything till now what do you mean by as usual, mom? hey… Ahaan and Shireen are coming on the dinner today get up & check the kitchen quickly what shall I look in the kitchen?
I’ve been looking after the kitchen since my whole life, what else? if it’s in my control, I wish to kill your this daughter by giving her poison I won’t get up, I’ve told you have you gone crazy?
what are you talking about for your sister? first of all, she got you the job & you had left it because of your foolishness but look at the angelic sister, she has forgotten everything & forgiven everything and since she is coming on the dinner today, so you aren’t ready to cook anything a snake eats its children, but your this daughter will eat away her parents at her time you’ve got so many hopes with her… they will all break she is the support for older age, and once you’ll ask for support & she’ll never help always stay jealous with your sister, always I shouldn’t tell you, as you are also the evil eye for your mother but she takes care of me, a lot it’s all show off, mom…just to show Ahaan she is my mom, he is my dad…. this is my house do remember one thing, the day Ahaan threw his first wife out of the house even if you’ll be standing outside the house & shouting for her name, it won’t make any difference to her.. .I’m telling you are you getting up to prepare the dinner or not? I won’t get up, mom….I’ll keep sitting here the money that your favorite daughter gives you, get the dinner of that money & stuff them with that food I won’t get up and then… then what brother Ahaan…my goat is not well since 2 days it is not eating anything, I took it to the doctor, now he has given some medicines let’s see then, what happened? then nothing…if it doesn’t eats then I get depressed you know, Ahaan has got so much knowledge about the goat really! yes, why not… come let me see your goat sure brother Ahaan its a male goat that’s fine, it’s the same… come… show me mom… let me take him come from this side… may God protect the happiness of my daughter did you see, how he was smiling & looking at you, & seeking your permission wow! you’ve kept him in so much control last night, he took me out for the dinner she was being so jealous mom just pray, there is just one hurdle left and after it’s removed, there will be relief in my life if God willing, she’ll be soon thrown out then my daughter will live happily & freely this is the problem, brother Ahaan… are you seeing it will be alright, just take care of it’ animals do get upset, when they are not being taken care and what’s your point of view about the humans? some humans aren’t trust worthy really! it means I’m more bad than animals in your eyes? else, you think …every other human is an animal except Shireen Not at all but what you & Kinza tried to do between me & Shireen, & what I did to you for that, is absolutely correct and what Shireen did? what about that? what do you mean?
the person who loves everyone & takes care of everyone this is her fault? she takes care of everyone, & takes their voice from them… this is her fault Shireen is your second wife though, but you’ve got a first wife, a son & a mother too what’s the fault of those innocent people? I feel sorry for you a person who can say so much bad to Shireen, how bad that person itself would be? in order to make Shireen bad, you’ll use my wife, son & mother? we all have been used already, me as well as your family members such people use others, by God’s will I hope that her goal stops after coming on to you else such people are always traveling, they don’t have any destination anything else you want to say? yes… a person who is wrong… he never gets to know, what is his fault? and when he realizes, then it’s too late I just wanted to say this only…
nothing else… a person who is wrong… he never gets to know, what is his fault? and when he realizes, then it’s too late I just wanted to say this only…
nothing else… what happened, Ahaan? you seem worried, what are you thinking? I’m thinking to forgive Kinza how come this change, all of a sudden? I feel, I’ve also done some mistakes and some are done by her we all shall sit together & talk and whatever is done with me? the insult that she & her brother has done don’t you trust me? I’m spending my life, on the hope of your trust then trust me… I won’t ever, let the injustice happen to you brother Faisal, you shouldn’t have gone to Ahaan’s office to threaten Shireen in fact, you shouldn’t have come here, as well what do you mean, Kinza? why I shouldn’t have come here?
whatever I did, is right you don’t know, such sort of girls she has destroyed my life completely, what do you think… haven’t I recognized her? two words said by you, she’ll make them ten & then will tell to Ahaan you go upstairs I’m afraid I’m here, nothing will happen to you..
go why you’ve come here? I came to talk to you and if I wouldn’t have been here, then with whom you would have talked to? with Shireen! will have threaten her? whatever you & your wife has done with my sister, these threats are so little in front of that stay in your limits…
I’ve got the video I can make you go in the prison, in the harassment case whatever you want to do, you can do I won’t be getting scared from your treats but today you’ll sit here & sort this issue of my sister you sister has created the issue and we can sort our issues, we don’t need you really! so that you & your wife can destroy the left over life of my sister, as you did earlier right? you’ve been standing here now, as my mood is good today else, all the three of us knows this better, that how much you are the brother to your sister… & how much I’m husband to my wife if today on wards, something happened to my sister… you are testing my patience… if now, you’ll take out a single word from your mouth… then take along your sister understand! brother Faisal, please go from here else, he’ll also throw me out of this house…
please get out!

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