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What will happen
Don’t worry, I’ll do something I’ll do something If she doesn’t agrees
She’ll agree She is now in a state of shock She hasn’t eaten or drank anything since morning Aunty taunted us in front of everyone So much so that she made us responsible for uncle’s death Aunty has really hurt her so much
So daughter what difference their utterances make It does make the difference Since then she has become so quiet She is not talking Mother is in lot of pain Some tests had to be done for her I have spoken to the doctor and told her everything You speak to aunty Only she can take mother forcibly Don’t worry, we’ll do something Ayesha, aunty will be absolutely fine I have seen thousands of cases like that Which recovered completely from the second stage Don’t know what is happening There is a strange fear It’s a constant fear Ayesha Have a deep conviction inside It is necessary And…. look! In these circumstances… have to be strong Everybody says this to me I’m also a human being She is my mother My heart wants that I cry loudly I cry loudly ….. cry whole heartedly
Then go on, cry…. Cry here, cry in front of me
I promise you, I’ll not stop you at all Lighten your heart Nobody will say anything. But promise me one thing You will never cry afterwards And neither you’ll make others cry Imran Can you complaint to Allah HE is ours …isn’t it HE listens to us HE loves us more than seventy mothers Shall I tell you something Whatever you want to say….say it to HIM HE is the one ….who listens to every one Then why it’s happening to my mother She has seen so much pain So much… She had to see happiness now Just happiness….then why this sickness Ayesha God has made the cure of this illness also And we are doing every such thing
and we’ll do every such thing Which will bring aunty back to life But you….should not lose hope And…..I’ll not let you lose hope Let’s go Hello Sidra I called to say thanks to you You came, that was enough for me Oh…please… I’m really sorry about your father What can we do. It was God’s will May God give patience to you and your family I don’t have any words other than that Imran…please Either you or aunty shall come to meet mother She will get a bit of consolation Yes…why not I’ll try my best Actually mother was not well that’s why she couldn’t come, otherwise What happened to aunty
No… . no nothing happened to her Just regular seasonal flu and all She is better now, you take care of yourself Imran I have an important thing to talk to you Can we meet Sidra… Your family….really needs you now It would be better that….you spend time with them
we can meet afterwards Anytime after tomorrow
tomorrow is fateha (ritual after death) of father Sidra take care of yourself…Good bye Okay Imran I’ll call you again You are being disturbed… without any reason No…no it’s alright
even if I had gone to home I would have been here (mentally) You are with Aymen since yesterday
It’s better that you go to your home and rest No…no, please don’t worry about me at all You take care of these people Okay… Uncle, what are they saying about surgery The surgery would be possible….. as soon as the reports come Imran….son take Ayesha to canteen and have some juice and refreshments Yes mother No aunty…I don’t feel like having anything You should have it …even if you don’t feel like You have to take good care of yourself. More than your mother You know why; Okay go… Sidra called me She was asking me to come to her house You should go…. Why? Even if you can’t participate in a person’s joys
You should atleast share the sorrows You are right but… It has a very high cost And the negativity of Sidra…. Can go to any level I am very disturbed because of mother
I have to remain focused on her at this time I don’t want to think anything else That’s the reason that…… all the colors of life have faded for me It’s just that…..mother shall get better In sha Allah Aunty is getting the best possible treatment in Pakistan Best doctors are treating her I spoke….just to finish the topic of Sidra forever You should focus on aunty We’ll take care of the rest Mehreen will tell you about reports Bring her for surgery after three days Doctor….hasn’t it spread further? May God will that, this wouldn’t have happened We’ll see Okay Is Aymen better now Yes I was with her just now….. she is better That’s good She ‘ll be better….. if she takes some rest She is asking to go to Principal’s house How can she go in this condition She was saying that she wants to resign….. and say thanks for her favors Yes…that’s Okay., but…. It wouldn’t be appropriate to go like this She was not agreeing. I convinced her with difficulty that I will go in her place That’s better I’ll take you there myself I couldn’t stop her for one thing Which matter She is saying that she wants to participate in
mamoon’s (maternal uncle) fateha (a ritual after the death) It’s not appropriate for her to go in this condition She can pray for brother Rashid by sitting at her home There would be Shabana there and she will repeat old things And Aymen is not well….. And she’ll go in further depression after hearing their talk I think this is not right She is not agreeing, I have tried hard to convince her ??? She is saying that she has to go for the sake of mamoon (maternal uncle) Now, I shall go with her Don’t worry… Hunhh! that would be better You are fine? Hunhh Nice….good Son….I have seen lot of photos of my would be daughter in law Tell me how is her temperament Isn’t she tough? You meet her yourself You’ll become her fan
I am sure By the way, your mother is all praises for her But tell me….. where is your mother….Hunhh You have also given such a surprise Atleast you should have told me Dear son…you don’t tell when you are coming to home You tell only when you are going Wah wah! (expression of wonder and praise)
now mother would ask you when comes back Don’t worry, I have brought her FIR in my bag
Ahmad What’s this way of coming…
Greeting , Ms. Universe. Let’s meet first Greetings, he has colluded with you. He knew that you were coming
No, no….no Mother…the first thing you would do is suspect me
I was talking to father….just this thing Okay well!….we’ll have this argument later… The first thing I want is to meet my daughter in law I am just coming from hospital…..meeting with her mother Yes….very sorry to hear about her mother By the way every second woman in Canada is going through chemotherapy Well!….so you are doing the job of seeing women in Canada At this old age…
You need these things in old age. What do you say Okay tell me first that, what was the need to jump from parachute suddenly This is like teenagers
I am a teenager. Actually the thing is…. That my watch stopped at the age of nineteen years. Am I right? Off course dad, and I can be a witness to it Why…so you have become a witness for the dad He is in love….he is acting like majnoon (romantic tale male character) I am proud of him….Masha Allah (with the will of God) By the way, I never thought that I will do his arranged marriage If a person doesn’t falls in love in his life
then what is the use of such life Okay tell me that, whether you will call Ayesha here or shall we go there Yes we will go there. Just relax for a while Okay then….prepare my favorite dish
Sour lentils and rice So that I can think of staying here. Isn’t it
Okay, I’ll prepare it Zulfi… Why son… do you always keep watching her pictures Our son has grown up… If anybody comes, just say that I’m sleeping Mother one caldron has been left, shall I distribute the food in neighborhood Assalam o alaikum Why have you come here Nobody belongs to you now in this house Everything of mine is here, bhabi Whatever it was, it has gone with Rashid Go away, trap some boy in rich family We also have the ownership of this house like you And we don’t trap rich people, you people trap them You people go after them By the way mother, some people are really flying high these days Why do they need this house now By the way Ayesha, it’s surprising Imran hasn’t left you even after telling about all your reality Mother, he is a true lover This is a matter of luck Sidra Ayesha keep quiet Bhabi I… Came to seek your forgiveness You have borne so much all your life because of me Leave it Aymen No need to do these dramas Whatever you had to do you have done and
whatever we have to bear we have borne that You don’t have any concern and relation with this house after Rashid And one more thing There is no need to come in between the proposal of Sidra and Imran The proposal has been finalised It hasn’t broken even though you tried your best If it hasn’t been broken yet, it will break What breaks and what doesn’t, only Allah knows about it Don’t know whose turn is next. But you will die after killing everybody You killed brother, you killed father and mother
All of this happened because of you You are right Perhaps…the time has come to pay back it’s price Don’t know…. why don’t you understand Whether you live or die, it doesn’t make any difference to us
Go away from here I want to live bhabi… But it seems that the message of time has come I have cancer My operation is in this week I came to ask for your forgiveness If I survive, then…. I’ll come again If I don’t survive then Forgive me And …Sidra my daughter This house is yours I don’t want this house… nor it’s furniture and goods I just come to to re-visit the memories of my parents and brother And as far as Imran is concerned Then love is such a thing…. If somebody gets it once…. Then it remains with them… the whole life I’ll leave bhabi By the way mother…. Their dramas never finishes….they have started a new drama Now I am getting it…. She has done the same drama in front of mran’s parents By pretending to be innocent and doing drama of cancer She must have pleaded with Imran’s mother, not to break the engagement Rahim….go and check, with whom they have come Why….do I look like a spy to you Go…check yourself I’ll go to hospital myself…. to see the cancer drama Daughter…don’t worry at all. Okay
Everything will be fine God will listen to every prayer of my daughter Don’t worry, my daughter Imran’s father has come to Pakistan I know You check with them….so much time has passed Daughter it takes time in operation Why do you worry, it will be fine It has been two hours I…can’t go inside the operation theater, otherwise… I would have gone inside and checked
don’t worry Doctor what is the report We have taken out the cysts
We have removed whatever we could Would mother get better, isn’t it
We will do chemo now The picture would come after recovery
Thus what had to happen has happened So…now, when can we meet her You can meet her in two to two and half hours For the time being she is in recovery room Thank you Doctor didn’t look hopeful to me Look daughter They have removed the tumour now
that was the more important thing Now they will finish it’s effects and….don’t worry at all Now she will be absolutely fine
One step is complete now Hunhh! daughter
May Allah give her life Don’t worry Greetings Sidra why have you come here You told it yourself that aunty has cancer Thought that I go and see See it yourself that we are telling the truth or lying Ayesha my daughter, this is hospital And Sidra you can’t meet her because she is in operation theater now There is no need to give her these details father Father… This is the first time I have heard you calling someone as father It sounded nice What do you mean by “someone” Poor girl…she has been searching for her father all her life Stop talking rubbish Tell her to go away from here How can I go like this…. This is a family get together
I’ll not let this opportunity go away from my hands Be quiet Ayesha my daughter, this is hospital. You also remain quiet Assalam o alaikum uncle. He is my father Ahmad
Assalam o alaikum Assalam o alikum
Pleasure meeting you Pleasure Sir…pleasure
Assalam o alaikum uncle Wallaikum assalam, you…..
Uncle I am Sidra Oh! Imran’s class fellow and Ayesha’s cousin Oh…Okay How is Aymen, has she came back to consciousness She hasn’t been fully conscious as yet Don’t worry, Allah will do better Where is our daughter Ayesha She is in ICU with her mother I wanted to come directly from the airport to the hospital Actually we all are quiet disturbed because of Aymen’s illness Can I meet Aymen at this time Yes off course…please go Assalam o alikum aunty Please pray that mother gets better soon Daughter she will be absolutely fine And anyway daughter, in your and Imran’s marriage
I and Aymen will wear Sari and dance She hasn’t regained consciousness as yet It was such a big operation, naturally it will take two to three days
to come back in complete consciousness Your uncle is here… downstairs to meet you Okay …..I’ll go and meet him I know Sidra is downstairs Believe me if we had known earlier we wouldn’t have come doesn’t matter Let’s go It’s Allah who gives health….rest is fine Ahmad…
Greetings uncle Greetings. Masha Allah ….Masha Allah (used as expression of praise) Isn’t she like moon She is not like moon…..rather moon is like her Masha Allah How is aunty She has partially regained consciousness Not really regained full consciousness Daughter no problem…we will come back again Uncle Did Imran and aunty tell you about phuppoo (paternal aunt) Sidra I told him all the important things Sidra you…
Imran please I knew that you people will not let uncle know anything This is very bad Okay tell me ….if tomorrow he comes to know of it And anyway we don’t lie when we confirm the proposal What….what is it daughter Uncle…
We will talk about it later Why Imran…. Father…. it’s not a big matter. It’s just… Ayesha…..
Ahmad it’s nothing, just family issues Sorry aunty, I know I have angered you But you tell me….if not today then tomorrow
this truth had to come out in front of uncle I’m doing it all for you If I had told you yesterday then nothing of this would have happened Sidra this is not the appropriate time for these things This is the important time, you are not understanding Look uncle is going to meet phuppo If phuppo (paternal aunt) minds it because of uncle’s slight anger Uncle wait…let me tell you one truth Our poor phuppo (paternal aunt) She is a divorcee That I know….so Okay…let me tell you one more truth The second truth is…. My phuppo (paternal aunt) married after running away
and their marriage couldn’t last for more than a week And Ayesha’s father…..

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