Bike Lights for Night Riding (Wireless Powerful Illumination) | by MAGPIE

Different from Ordinary light sets. The Magpie multi-function wireless turn signal
light set. Which acts synchronously for both front and
rear lights. It’s created an amazing multi-functional light
set. Magpie ensures you complete safety. Enjoy its amazing possibilities
Magpie Easy for Installation Magpie’s multifunctional features it thoroughly
fulfills your needs Remote control with day and night modes and
touch buttons Synchronous action for both front and rear
turn signals Anti loosening design of track type tension
safe and reliable Believe what you’re seeing
Enjoy the amazement Magpie assures you absolute safety and reliability

45 thoughts on “Bike Lights for Night Riding (Wireless Powerful Illumination) | by MAGPIE

  1. Hi there,

    This is Elaine from First Bicycle Components Co., Ltd. Thanks for your message! Could you please send an e-mail to my e-mail address "info(at)firstcomponents(dot)com" for further info?
    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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  2. Nobody is going to notice the turn signals on this thing. Sorry but as nice of an idea as this is the turn signals can't be seen during the daytime much-less at night. Besides, the "signals" are so close to the main headlight you can't tell it's intended to be a turn signal to begin with. There needs to be a decent amount of separation between the main headlight and the turn signals in order even be reasonably noticed. Having them right next to each other will NEVER work. Have to be BRIGHT too.

  3. Hi there,
    We really appreciate your precious opinions/suggestions. We will continually develop new & better products. Hope our products can meet your needs next time. Thanks for your attention to our company and products!

  4. This IS a good idea but these LED's just aren't intense enough, not by a long shot.
    Although it would undoubtedly increase the cost of the unit, using genuine high intensity LED's would do the trick (like the one's used in police lights).
    Bicycle lighting has come a long way over the years but their daytime intensity has always been a challenge for these products. However, this product IS a very good idea.

  5. I'd like to see First Components come up with a Magpie Indicator Trike light set, with LED turn-signal side mirrors, a separate headlight and two rear turn signal/tail/brake lights. Even if they couldn't make it wireless, I would still buy it.

  6. Dear Sir,

    We really appreciate your precious suggestions. If we have similar products in the soon future, we will surely keep you informed.

    Thank you!

    Best regards,
    Elaine from sales dept. of First Components

  7. Dear Jesse,

    We don't have distributor in Canada yet. But you can buy directly from us. Can you e-mail me so I can provide you further info? Thanks!

    Best regards,
    info (at) firstcomponents (dot) com

  8. @firstcomponents-to add further to my previous comment, a wire could be connected to either side of the headlight that branches off to the front directional and the handlebar grip which has a sensor in the end facing the tail light assembly. This assembly would be operated by an on/off switch, would have a sensor facing the one for the handlebar, would have a jack for recharging and be powered by a button battery. Make it compatible with the Veltop roof, and you'll have a dream product for sure

  9. Thanks for your precious suggestions. I will forward them to our R&D dept. Maybe you can see the dream product in the market one day. : )

  10. Thank you for forwarding my idea to your R&D team. I'd be very curious to find out if it was buildable and what they might charge for it. Keep me posted if it goes into production.


  12. Hey where can I get one of these I and how much does it cost?? is it possible to send by post to countries such as Belarus and Poland??

  13. Looks great!!! 😀 I have sent you an email through your homepage, I hope to hear from you guys!

  14. Is there a "continuous" mode on the tail light? This product has a lot of nice features, but I detest flashing lights that should be just ON (Flashing turn signals are ok, that's normal of course)

  15. How about some actual specs? You gave no information about the item you are trying to sell. I see this is an older post, if your advertisements did not get better than this, I suppose your company went under…

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