Bilateral Leg Pull Technique: CranioBalance Level 1 Demonstration

In Hebrew the technique we are about to perform is called the “Bi-Lateral Leg Pull”. The main principle of the technique is that we want to go into the skeletal system and especially the joints and to release as many joints as possible as we traction out the body. In order to begin the technique, place your hands under the legs just above the heels and the first thing I want to do is to feel for the Cranial Sacral Rhythm (CSR) and now I feel the CSR and then I slowly go through the soft tissue unti my hands “meet the bones” we spoke about this concept that we want to get to the point of feeling the osseous component How do I know that I arrived at the point of accessing the osseous component? In other words, that I have made an interface contact with the bone and there is a stoppage of the CSR. and here there already the therapeutic process begins. and you can observe changes in the eye movements and you can feel the opening into external rotation of the leg it is only just the beginning it is not actually the full technique but she already starts to feel changes and now I can slowly lift up the legs how high depends on where I want to direct the traction as I gently lift just a bit I can traction out the skeletal system up into the head If I want to direct the traction into the area of the pelvis, I lift the legs a bit higher When I first start the treatment session, I want to engage as much of the skeletal system as possible I begin to traction out slowly and now I am in the pelvic region and now with tension in the ligements in the pelvis, I add a cranial curve and now you should observe the working signs and then I feel an elongation of the tissues as if the joints feel opened up and released and the bones feel as if more energy and vitality are flowiing through them and then gently place the legs down and disengage I can do the technique once again, this time slightly higher so I can direct the technique to the pelvis I once again perform in the same order Tune into the CSR Meet the bones with your hands Pause a bit and gently lift slowly and begin to traction out the legs till you feel the tension at the pelvis ok , the therapeutic process is underway and add very gently a cranial curve in order to achieve optimal tension of the ligaments At the hips and the pelvis, the cranial curve isn’t just towards me but also a slight internal rotation and wait and observe the working signs and I feel that the hips have opened up and released, so I simply place the legs on the table after I place the legs down , I allow the legs, hip and pelvis to reorganize itself in its improved and more efficient state and to allow the energy to flow freely through the skeletal system OK, That’s the first most basic skeletal technique.

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