Biomedical Electronics program

(Tim:) My program is biomedical electronics and what we do is repair basically all
the equipment you’ll find in a hospital, safety tests, repair things that are broken. (Jason:) I picked the program because the
sense of accomplishment that the job offers and the wide variety of equipment
you’re exposed to. (Tim:) Our instructor doesn’t
stand in front of the room. He uses a lot of things like passing around. We’re able to work together a lot
and there’s a lot of hands-on. (Jason:) We’re able to get their
students exposed in the medical industry and their students are right
there working alongside of us. (Tim:) A big fraction of what you’re
going to need is people skills. Being a good fit in a shop where you’re going
to try and find a job is a big part of it. (Jason:) Your job is always going to be on
the edge of state-of-the-art technology.

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