Bonsai tools

Having quality Bonsai tools is crucial for
Bonsai care and maintenance. Until recently, quality Bonsai tools were
always linked to Japanese manufacturing. These days however, tools from for example
China are increasingly good value for money. There are two basic tools that I recommend beginners to buy. Most important is a quality concave cutter. A concave cutter has a rounded blade, which leaves behind a
hollow wound. These kind of wounds heal much better. I also recommend to buy a quality twig shear. A twig shear has a long handle, which is
very convenient for pruning Bonsai trees. Apart from these two Bonsai tools, you might also need some
additional tools for for example wiring and repotting Bonsai trees. So let’s have a look at the most common Bonsai tools. The jin plier is used to create natural looking deadwood
on Bonsai and also to bend wired branches into position. Wire cutters are used to cut wire. The root cutter is used to cut roots; don’t use a twig shear
to do so because the sand will make it blunt. A root hook is useful when you try to remove a Bonsai from its
pot while repotting, or for separating roots during repotting. The trunk splitter is used to split branches and trunks. Use a brush to clean the trunk or branches. Just remember, you don’t need to spend lots
of money when you start to grow Bonsai trees!

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  1. Short movie on Bonsai tools. By @Oscar J.

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  2. I really like the quality of your videos but i do think they are too short and could gey a bit more in depth, for example why is the concave cutter important and how would you use it. Is this kind of information is planned for a later video then please disregard.

  3. What's a good species for me to grow indoors, It's going to be my first one. I live in Minnesota. I do have a garage I can winter it in aswell

  4. Can you tell me what brand your tools there are? Unfortunately when shopping for tools they never show the angle you did with yours and although I have been shopping for carbon steel and not stainless yours (you say are from china?) look amazing and beautiful and of good quality. Thanks for the videos I really enjoy them. 🙂 ~Aloha

  5. Tienes algún catálogo online, porque podría estar interesado en las tijeras y no sé si alguna cosa más, cómo podría contactar. Gracias.

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