Botox Haircut – Why every Botox technique is different.

Hi this is Dr. Phil Nguyen with Happy
Clinic, and today I just want to talk about Botox in general and why sometimes
it doesn’t work or sometimes it does work you know I get a lot of questions
like I went to another clinic and it’s not the same and so that’s why I came
back to you and let me just say this about Botox technique that if you’ve got
200 different doctors you’re gonna have two hundred different techniques right
we’re all using the same pair of scissors but the quality or the
difference in the haircut it’s going to be very different according to the
aesthetic eye that we have and according to the techniques that we use. There’s so
many variables in Botox everything from not only the injection site and where
it’s placed but how deep that needle goes some areas I want that needle to go
very deep like the glabella area I want that needle to go all the way in, where
some areas I wanted very superficial like the crow’s feet just very
superficial because the muscle is very superficial so those are the things that
make a big difference on how Botox is done so let’s just say, you know, you’ve gone to somebody else and you’ve gotten 30 units and then you come
to me and you get the same amount of 30 units you know, the results may be
totally different according to my technique according to my placement of
the Botox how deep I place it how many units I place it, in certain areas so
as a whole basically we have a very standard particular technique that we do
at Happy Clinic and the funny thing is I learned that technique from practicing
it on my own face. There’s no residency on how to do Botox, even
dermatologists and plastic surgeons they get a little tiny knowledge of how to do
Botox but you know very few residences teach
anything about esthetic or cosmetic procedures and the reason why is that
the manufacturers, the ones that make the Botox, are the ones that are really doing
all the teaching transfer that technique and I teach that to my staff so that we
all have the same technique it’s like getting a haircut
if you come to me you’re gonna get a certain type of haircut that I think
looks good on ninety nine percent, ninety eight percent of all patients that come
to me there are obviously patients that come
to me that don’t like the haircut that I give them and you know that goes
somewhere else and it’s okay, everybody has a different way of cutting that hair
or injecting that Botox and my technique may not work for you or you may not like
the way my technique does, it doesn’t mean that I did anything wrong, it’s just
the way we do our Botox so that it’s reproducible each and every time. When
you come in you can get the same results as last time, right? That’s why you go to
your stylist is that they know your hair they like your same cut I know women
that have had the same haircut or the same style for the last 40 years that’s
why if you’re really happy with the person that’s doing your Botox right now
you’re really happy with how they make you look stay with them please don’t
change around don’t try other people stay with them because when you try and
someone new they’re gonna give you a totally different haircut and you may
like it and one of the things that when patients come to me and ask what you
know why are you here what what brought you in or how’d you hear about us and
they tell me that oh I’ve been going to someone else for a long time and they
and I just want to try something new and it’s okay that’s fine you know just
realize that my technique is different realize that you’re gonna get quote a
different haircut than what you were used to so as long as you’re okay with
that I’ll do it but if they’re like I want this exact same haircut that my
last Botox doctor did for me I’m like uh I don’t know what he did I
don’t know exactly what he did I don’t know how he placed it or how deep he
went in certain areas so you’ve got if you want the same haircut you know go
back to him so that’s what I want when you come into our office and you get
Botox with us we have a particular way of giving you a Botox haircut you know
sometimes they get bad reviews on our technique or on how we do it or whatever
and it’s okay that I get that I get bad reviews because it’s that 1% that doesn’t like
the way I get my hair cut and you know I just can’t please everybody. Thanks for
tuning in today with Happy Clinic. Please subscribe to my channel here on YouTube
it helps me and motivates me to make more videos like this. Take care, have a
great day, bye!

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  1. really enjoyed this and love the way you do botox…i come from other cities when able for you to do my botox and other procedures…thank you dr. nyuyen for your passion and artful eye…

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