Building an electronic gadgets shelf

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the iBook guy for quite some time I have been wanting some kind of shelf that I could put my electronic gadgets on but not just my newer gadgets But even some of my collectible ones one of the problems with the traditional Shelf like this is that you really can’t stand up gadgets like phones or tablets. They would just slide right off So I came up with the idea of putting a lip at the end of each shelf like this So I went to work constructing this thing with a little help from a brother and some of his power tools This is the first half of the shelf test-fitting on the wall you can see here how it has the lip I wanted, and I also created these holes for power cables to keep all of these gadgets charged so one of the other criteria That I had is that I wanted the shelves to be soft so that my gadgets didn’t get scratched up or I didn’t want them to be painted so that the gadgets you know if they Stay up against the paint for a long time the paint might stick to the gadget. No, I didn’t want any of that So I came up with the idea to use felt at first I tried felt from the fabric store like this however this proved to be impossible for me to use it just wasn’t stiff enough And I couldn’t get a straight line cut with a 90-degree corner So instead I went to the hobby store and found this more rigid type of felt. This stuff worked much better I was able to cut it to shape and glue it on I made sure to save space for these brackets that I’d use to attach the shelves to the wall. I needed something to charge all of my gadgets with so I bought this five port USB charger on eBay As you can see it has two high power ports and three regular ports I attached it to the shelf in my usual way by creating a custom bracket I really couldn’t find the type of cable management system that I had in mind So I ended up building my own using these little cable ties that are designed for chain-link fences And they turned out pretty well. Now it was time to start putting gadgets on the shelf and plugging them in. I started with my first generation iPad, you can see how I could run the cable down to the charger So now the shelf is completed and I started filling it with all kinds of stuff both old and new This is a great shelf not only for displaying my antiques, but give it be a centralized place to charge all of my modern gadgets

100 thoughts on “Building an electronic gadgets shelf

  1. I love your ideas, so thanks for sharing them. The one thing I don't like is the exposed angle brackets, so I'd be looking for a different way of doing that for myself.

  2. My only criticism of your build is that I would have used some satin black spray paint on the shelf brackets or maybe glued some shaped felt over them.

    That's only a personal preference. The whole build looks awesome and you are giving me ideas for when I start my workshop in the attic.

    Another great video!

  3. I was really surprised to see that you were using an iPhone at the end to shoot the footage. What' the main camera for all your video ?

  4. I am on the process to get these shelf made can you send me more info for on that! Look practical and low profile. Btw also getting vintage gadgets.

  5. I need something like this. In my closet I have some shelves but they don't work well for standing things. This would be great to have on the wall next to it for smaller items and the bigger and the big shelves.

  6. That is a really cool idea! Nice and simple but very clean and organized. I am going to have to try something similar.

  7. Usually, when I keep my laptop charged forever, I think it will destroy the laptop itself.

     One time, I charged my laptop even if the battery is 100 %, then it seems to do some strange things. First, the laptop made a single noise from the cd player, then the screen started to refresh, I dont know but seem to refresh all the time like when you change the screen resolution of a windows pc. Then it continues blinking until i unplug it from the power adapter.

  8. I would really like the plans to this project! as I am in the process of making a game room and this would be a perfect fit!

  9. What about putting a sheet of plexiglass across the front to keep dust out?  There might be a static electricity danger, but you can probably find a way to avoid that.  You can always recycle the front sheet of plexi from an old big screen TV too.

  10. Hey! Just wanted to say how much I love your video, your an inspiration to me, because i love gadgets(new and old)!

  11. i love watching your vids! Anyway would it be alright if you show us a tour of your gadgets self and your house?

  12. Those shelves are such a good idea!! pretty cool you even ran cables to keep all the devices charged im totally going to steal this idea!

  13. What if you made a new one that was built into smaller square sections? That way you can just add a section according to different areas on your wall.

  14. i personaly did not like the finnished product, however i love the idea and your custom way to make everything work, great job 🙂

  15. I wish I had the ambition and drive to make these kind of things for myself. This really does look nice. The closest I've come into make an entertainment center out of a chrome wire shelf, I just need to finish it by doing a little better cable management with some of those velcro things just to keep everything organized.

  16. The problem is the DUST. It would be really annoying to deal with it on a regular basis. Need some glass bro.

  17. I really enjoy watching your videos. Entertaining, good voice, interesting content, short enough not to get bored. Most of all, good elocution. No "hem, uh uh" or repetitive useless words. Great!
    About your gadget shelving, I am not handyman as you are. However looking at it in the final section, I can't avoid looking and thinking why didn't you cover those metallic angle bracket? They do shine too much over the black felt in my opinion.
    Going to the next videos now 🙂 Brilliant.

  18. you are quite resourceful and brilliant. I truly have learned a lot from your videos. Although this is my first comment, I want to say thank you for your channel. 🙂
    p.s. I also enjoy your 8 keys channel as well, it is very interesting and informative.

  19. For that softer felt, don't use scissors. Use a pizza cutter. Not a literal one from the kitchen aisle; there are circular razor knives that work like pizza wheels. I've used them for fiberglass.

  20. I think this is one of my most favorite channels ever! aYou don't ramble and you get to the point. You give amazing tips and videos. Your channel is what I've been looking for since I've been on Youtube. Because of your channel, I am inspired to buy old computers. (Like no one else where I live)

  21. What about charging things that don't USB charge and wall charge instead? U could have also added a power strip to there to solve that sort of problem.

  22. Thanks for posting a video like this. I'm a collector of Betamax and VHS VCRs and this video is very useful because I wanna build a shelf to organize my VCRs

  23. Nice. One tip though: the brackets look sort of ugly against the black felt, so you could either paint them black or cover them with the same felt.

  24. I've recently started watching your videos because I really want to learn how to be a handyman, like you. Any advices for a noob?
    Great videos, please keep 'em coming!

  25. Loving your channel – many ideas have just been born in my mind, and my wife now hates me… bahaha. I can only hope my channel gets a fraction of the support you get. Keep it up.

  26. Why iBook Guy.
    I know since this video you've changed your online name to 8-Bit Guy buuut.
    Even at the time, I feel like MacMan would be better.

  27. I love your speak and spell! I have mine on display too 🙂 🙂 I wish you had the design for the shelf! I'd love to create this!

  28. I like the design idea, but I have quite a small place with not many walls. Alternatives, take the basic idea, but mount on the inside of a cupboard door, then one can put cupboard against wall and have this (maybe with perspext front) as part of the door (or even the door). Similar can be done, split vertically and make as doors to a book shelf (I have a number of standard sized books (or 45records/CDs/DVDs) that fit on shelves, by hinging narrow shelf unit on the front then a dual purpose can be made.

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