Bulging Disk? Herniated Disk? The BIG LIE you need to know.

Bob: Today, Brad, we’re going to talk about the big lie that there is about bulging discs and herniated discs. Brad: Right, it’s a big misconception, and we need to clear it up.
Bob: That’s right. (Singing) Bob and Brad, the two most famous physical therapists on the internet Bob: Hi, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist
Brad: Brad Heineck physical therapist Bob: And together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet.
Brad: In our opinion of course, Bob. Bob: Today, we’re going to be talking about the big lie, which actually comes in part from this book called “Paindemic” And this was written by Dr. Melissa Cady. She’s a doctor of osteopathy, and she wrote a chapter in this book called “The Disc”, I believe it is, and that chapter alone might be worthwhile getting this book, Brad. Brad: Right, it’s a good chapter. And if you’ve got back pain and you’re thinking about getting an MRI, you really should read — Bob: Right, MRI, or if you’re going to think about having surgery, you definitely want to. We’ll talk more about this book in future videos, but right now, let’s talk about the big lie. Alright, first off, let’s say you’re having back pain, you go in and you have an MRI, and they found out you have a bulging disc or a herniated disc. And you’re going “oh my God”.
Brad: Right, you’re all excited. I better get surgery. Bob: I better have surgery. And the thing is that’s probably the last thing you want to do, because the problem is what you’ll find out, this study – we’re going to show a couple of studies – is show that most people at a — well, some people at a certain age have a bulging disc, and they have no pain at all. Brad: Right, exactly
Bob: So let’s go right to this chart, and then we’ll show this, okay? So if you have a bulging disc what they did is they did MRIs on people… can you see this Lonnie? They did MRIs on people who are having no symptoms whatsoever, they had no signs or symptoms of pain and they did it on people in their 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s and 70s. What they found out is that 30% of the people in their 20s had a bulging disc. No symptoms.
Brad: No symptoms. Active people. Bob: 40% in their 30s – no symptoms, had a bulging disc. All the way up to – when you’re in your 70s, 77 percent of the people had a bulging disc, but no pain. Brad: And you can see it just gradually goes up with age Bob: So it’s a it’s a part of aging, it’s a deterioration process like getting grey hair, or putting on a few extra pounds. So are you gonna have surgery when you get grey hair, Brad?
Brad: No Bob: The other thing is – and we don’t have a chart for this one – was for disc protrusions, which is really a disc herniation. We’re going to show this on the model a bit, but on the disc herniation, the same was true, Brad. At age 20, 29 percent of the people had a disc herniation, and had no symptoms. All the way up to 70 – ah I’m sorry, they had one for 80 years old. All the way up to people in their 80s, 43 percent had a disc protrusion or herniation, and no pain. Brad: So if you think about it, you’ve got back pain, and you may have had that herniation in your discs for 10 or 15 years prior without any symptoms. Then you get back pain, and it may be from a different cause, you get an MRI and they see the herniation or the protrusion and point the finger at that. You have the surgery, get it taken care of, and you –
Both: Still have the pain! Bob: Because it wasn’t from the herniation. So we’ll talk a little more about that, but right now, Brad is going to show what a bulging disc would be like. Bob: First off you have the disc itself.
Brad: Well let’s look over at our Napoleon here
Bob: Bone apart… Brad: We’re going to look at L5 and L4, two lower vertebra. This red bulge here represents a bulging disc or herniated disc And now if we look at these two vertebrae, and we’re going to take it out and show a model of those This cup represents one of the vertebra, this is the other. The green ball represents the actual disc itself. This is a healthy disc. It moves, it has some mobility in it, so that you can move your spine as we all do. But if you get a bulge – just kind of zoom in here, Lonnie – and, see how, right where my finger is pointing, there’s a bulge starting Particularly if it’s in the back where most bulges are when you bend forward, it oftentimes makes it worse. Or when you lift weights with poor body mechanics, and seated with poor posture and that bulge can eventually turn into a herniation.
Bob: A herniation is when some of the inner material of the disc actually spills out back. Brad: A disc is just like this. You can see there’s material under this, it’s liquid, kind of a thicker liquid, But it can come out and cause that bulge and that’s a problem that you do not want to have. Bob: It’s a problem that is not really a problem unless it pushes out the back and hits a nerve Brad. Brad: Exactly, I guess what I meant to say was when it gets this far out, and it’s extreme, and creating pain and whatnot…
Bob: So when should you have surgery? There are times you should. One is if this bulge or herniation is pushing against your spinal cord, which is running right down in this hole here. The other one is if it’s hitting one of the nerves coming off on the sides. If it hits that nerve it could give you some pain down your leg And if it’s causing you “foot drop”, where you actually started getting weakness in the foot that’s usually a sign that you’re getting pressure on the nerve and it’s going on to the, you know, it’s pushing on the nerve itself. The other th– so really three instances. One, is it pushing on your spinal cord? And it’ll tell on the MRI, you’ll be able to see that. Two, was it pushing on one of the spinal nerves? Or three, is there an actual mass there? I mean if you have cancer or some type of mass growing…
Brad: Right sometimes if it’s benign and they get in there to remove it and it takes care of the problem quickly. Bob: Or a blood clot. There could be even a blood clot growing on the spinal cord. Dr. Cady, she said she knew plenty of physicians and surgeons who would avoid back surgery like the plague, that was one of her quotes. So it’s really something you want to consider, that you really want to try some aggressive physical therapy way before you try surgery. It really kind of is the last case scenario. So again, don’t get distraught if you’re seeing a lot of things on your X-Ray which is just showing general aging which is conveying a disk protrusion or disk herniation. Brad: Yeah I think Bob meant to say MRI.
Bob: Did I, what’d I say?
Brad: X-Ray Bob: Oh X-Ray, well X-Rays show some of that stuff too.
Brad: Sure. Bob: Alright, thanks for watching and make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already. Or we’ll come out and slap ya. Brad: (laughs) oh, Bob, we’re not that violent!
Bob: Okay, maybe we won’t.

100 thoughts on “Bulging Disk? Herniated Disk? The BIG LIE you need to know.

  1. Surgeon told me the exact same thing!!!!! With back pain it's hard to ever tell why and where its coming from unless you had a specific injury. I spent thousands of dollars, including an MRI to come to the conclusion that it was my right side hip flexor. Seriously. Doctors just throw drugs at you and tell you half the world has back pain. Unbelievable. Keep searching for the correct diagnosis!!!!! Doctors guess a lot. Its an elimination guessing game.

  2. I had an MRI the first time! (Bulging disk)😭😭I said no to surgery! So I had painful orthopaedic physiotherapy.(Best decision I made) The physiotherapist eased my pain by 50% by doing three pressure points on my right side(bad side) and I learnt to do banana push-ups😝😝.One thing i will say is when people have this back problem🤨😞😞The pain is through the roof😞😞😞Id say warpdrive😞😞You chew the carpet😭😭its terrible😭😭😞😞Im 55 this year going on 16😝😝 & have always done physical work🤨… All i can say is your videos are extremely helpful thank you and I’ve subscribed…… Ps its just the milage we accumulate over the years😭😝😝😝😎 Unfortunately things in the UK move a lot slower🐌 a lot🙄🐌🐌🐌🐌.Now im going to sleep i hope(sciatica again)😭😝😂😎Will work on it🙄

  3. I’m 19 and I have a bulging disk and my pain is to the highest when it comes to disk problems barely can walk go in a store anywhere in general and I tried everything epidural shot physical therapy,chiropractor,stretching mostly everything and I’m still in pain the surgery I’m guna get is a microdiscectomy I’m afraid but it’s the best chance I have for no pain 😑😔

  4. Can you do a video on C6-C7 Bulging disc with an option of disc replacement using Mobi-c compared to fusion compared to PT? Pros and Cons?

  5. Abey bhonsdiwalo treatment batao..disc herniation batake gaand mat marao..bhen ke lodo 7 minute se apni maa chuda rahe ho

  6. Herniated discs that touches nerves are terrible, as is spinal stenosis. I have an inversion board for temporary relief, but it don't always work.

  7. In 2014, I had surgery for stenosis. I know I was very lucky, but I was helped tremendously. My back is somewhat weak, however and prone to injury which is why I’m on here. This help is valuable and I know the methods here work.

  8. You guys rule. You’re like Car Talk for physical therapy. This channel helped me rehab from tendonitis, and is now helping me a bulging disk. Thanks for doing your thing.. Keep it up.

  9. You lose all credibility when you start your video with something like this: we are the most famous physiotherapist on the internet.

  10. What about leg pain come from low back and go all the way down to your toe and pain make your life measurable then we should wait to become mental buz pain is terrible and trigger your brain

  11. I do watch you guys a lot, I got 2 injections this morning, you 2 seem to never have pain.. when pain patients have pain we go crazy. I could not wash dishes cook sit in a car sit down at all. Even when I lay down a lot I get my pain it goes down my left leg. I am taking norco 10/325 with Robaxin it makes me live in peace and comfort. I can help my son do his homework when I take my medication, my son is on honor rolls too.

  12. I have two disc protrusions one in my L5-S1 and one in my L4 with a piece of free fragment in my L5-S1. I can’t sit down for more then 30 seconds without being in miserable pain. I also can’t bend over and have pain shooting down my right leg. I’ve been dealing with the pain for a year now after seeing a spinal surgeon that wouldn’t do surgery on me because I’m only 25.

  13. Protrusion and herniation is more often from a severe fall. Isn't it? By % increase with age, where is the history in between those who have? It is not aging related most times. If the protrusion is not severe, then there is no symptoms as no spinal cord is compromised. So that does not suddenly become aging process. This misconception is an orthopaedic scam., isn't it?

  14. So litterally if you take there chart in the beginning and reverse it it would mean age group (20)…70 percent have pain. This is misleading as shit. I have terrible pain from my bulges and protrusions

  15. Anyone here experiencing thoracic (mine's in T3 😭) back pain due to trauma induced Schmorl's node? Please make video about it Bob & Brad

  16. I experienced a similar situation after a work injury, and now dye 5 years am pain free, the last 2 years I saw a chiropractor and used cbd oil orally, hemp oil topicals during the day and cannabis oil before bed time (rice grain size orally tucked in some food so I didn’t taste it) and I can say my pain is miraculously gone, it’s been a long road , I still use the cbd and hemp massage oil, but no longer need the cannabis oil. If you however are in a lot of pain the cannabis oil worked better for me , none of the pharmaceutical products took my pain away , just gave me a mirage of new problems. I’m just happy to be pain free now.

  17. I sat in a surgeons office at a very prestigious hospital in the UK to discuss having surgery on my neck and lumber area due to discs pressing on my spinal cord. I said no way, started yoga and healed myself. I have an issue with my neck at the moment so need a chiropractor or tips on correcting it but won't see a doctor for it…thats for sure.

  18. My mri scan shows 2 hernias in my lower back area. I only have pain down my leg, but none in my lower back. Is this normal?

  19. Maybe if these two idiots actually did some physical work in their life instead of sitting in an office all day downplaying others they would know what some people go through in terms of pain

  20. It sucks I've got one in the neck. And I'm only 26, hurts to drive and I love traveling. I had alot of dreams too.

  21. I have a herniated c4, c5, c6, c7 my t level is compressed and then the l3, l4 are herniated i was in rough shape now its not too bad most of the disks have sucked back and calcified or healed. It took 5 years to do soo 3 of those years was alot of morphine but now im not on anything. But i know what back pain is and these guys must be liberals because they are blowing smoke up everyone's ass get physical therapy lol ya right that shit dosent work for your back only time works for me i was one of the lucky ones that was able to bounce almost all the way back

  22. This is the problem when relaying advanced medical information to laymen. One, they dont understand it and two they all blame their health mishaps on doctors. But heres a simple(r) recap. If you have intermitent sciatica (leg pain), more often than not you will need surgery, regardless how big your hernia is. If you have JUST back pain, you will NOT need back (hernia) surgery (more often than not). Your complaints are the most important factor in the decision to proceed with back surgery, not whatever the mri shows (unless its a tumor, fracture or other rare disease).

  23. How would they possibly be able come up with this data? First of all, if someone has no symptoms, they’re not going in for an MRI in the first place, because WHY WOULD THEY? Secondly, everyone in their age group would need to go in to get MRI’d to be able to get the dataset and to support your graph. Unless you’re not explaining it correctly?

  24. I respect these men BUT I would even say that if your disc is protruding and hitting a nerve and causing pain and or foot drop WAIT before having surgery. Many times with proper physical therapy this will improve greatly. I am an example. Car accident caused a herniated disc/ extruded disc. Spinal nerve pain, sciatica and foot drop. Bad bad time for me. Had an MRI, saw the TOP back surgeon in Michigan. He was honest and told me he could operate. But also said that if I did physical therapy it would resolve. He told me 75-80%of ppl who get surgery do NOT need it. And this is a man who makes his living doing them. He was honest with me. Well I skipped surgery, found a great PT and chiropractor and now I am doing great!

  25. I tried everything first. Put up with chronic pain for 8 years. Became addicted to pain killers, quit my job, put unnecessary stress on my family and marriage. Had the surgery. Never been better! Never looked back!

  26. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my L5 S1 and the neurosurgeon looked at me and said don't ever let anybody do surgery on you.

  27. Back surgery 13 years ago has damn well ruined my life almost. I’m only 43 years old if I would have known then what I know now I would’ve never done it.

  28. I was kicked out of physical therapy because I would not get an mri. I got a inversion table and corrected the pain on my own!

  29. I have had surgery, was no way around it. I was also pregnant at the time..good times. After 7 years a bulge is back and creating pain in my neck and shoulder. Tried relaxers, ibuprofen, went as far as opioids, of course, the typical steroid pack… You know what worked? Cannabis. Two hits at night before bed would take away all pain for the entire next day and I finally could sleep again after going through this for at least 4 months or longer. Not just sleep, the best sleep of your life!
    Only thing I haven't done is therapy but when I work out. I feel much better as well. The stretching ..there is a lot to that but weed has been my friend. They are legalizing it in Illinois anyway but I would get it illegally if you had to because I am telling you it saved me and still does. Also ask your Dr. because I was given a medical marijuana license for it as well. So it's common that folks with spinal issues are helped with cannabis. My Dr. said many like me use it and say they get the same great effects..

  30. Been having bouts of extreme pain for over 6 years. Just found out that have pressure on My L4 nerve branch. If Cortizone shots don’t work out surgery is going to have to be an option. Back pain sucks!!!

  31. I have a disc bulge at l5s1… PhysioTherapy keeps me going but pain starts as soon as I masturbate or have sex… Its really awkward and doing hell with my sexual life… Is their any relation b/n two

  32. I have 5 bulging discs in my spine and neck, and the pain cripples me. What rubbish there is no pain. Should be taken off u tube. Total bullshit..

  33. Good morning Dr's….. exactly what happen to me right now. I have ultrasound four đ out I I have l1 & l2…but the pain still there,. So I have an MRI done couple days ago. Now I have another problem bulging disk with acute l5& s1….now I am being referred to orthopedic surgeon, will be seeing him soon. What should I do Dr's?
    I have acute pain couldn't sleep at night with the urge to urine every night about 7-10 times….very tired Dr's…

  34. This is the scam to prevent you from getting the care you need. Here it is downplayed for what it is actually like to have a herniated slipped disc or spine injury or degenerated discs. It is a huge deal when you have this. Level of pain is caused from it pressing into the nerves. It is not a back ache nor a bad back. It is serious pain for many people. Think of it as way worse than smashing your funny bone or way worse than having a baby. Because it is! It is like hammers hitting your entire body with non stop full force for way too many people. I hope they get it and have to live with it long enough to learn the truth. Then, they will see how serious the pain actually is. I am sick of those who down play it. So insurance doesn't have to pay for it. Workmans comp doesn't have to pay out when it is job related. You can't collect what you have paid for to care for you in such an event reaking havoc on your body. Also to force you into work that you can no longer perform. It is all about money for the employers not about us. No one should have surgery unless it is a last option. General aging is not the same as anything pressing on a nerve. They also now pass off general aging as the reason for everything. The reason is actually many reasons. including injury, bad preventative job practices, repetition, degenerative, medicines, improper diets, posture and so on. Once you are injured. You will never be the same. Some heal better. Others never fully recover.

  35. I have Muscle spasm and multilevel small disc herniations in my neck.
    C3-4: Central disc protrusion and annular tear. (So painful)
    C4-5: Mild central disc bulging.
    C5-6: Mild central disc bulging.
    C6-7: Small central disc protrusion.
    C7-T1: Small right paramedian disc protrusion.
    DON'T ignore the signs! I started to get back pain 8 weeks ago, migraines, neck pain, loss of neck movement, loss of feeling in my left arm and leg with pain. I'm up for days, and the pain is horrible like impending death. See a doctor if you experience the same symptoms.

  36. I have a T2 herniation and it makes my life miserable. Muscle tightness constantly and seeing chiropractor fixes it for a day then it slips back out again. Anybody else dealing with thoracic herniation and if so how have you treated it? Is it improving? Thx..

  37. If disc's repair them selves then why haven't mine I have 6 herniated discs from neck to lowers back worst pain of my life

  38. Doesn’t it just heal on its on?
    I’m 31 yo.
    My pain goes to my right leg, it goes and comes.
    My doctor said that it will heal on its on if I do the following:
    1. Muscle Relaxant.
    2. Rest in certain positions.

  39. Chart don’t tell the whole truth, not all bulging disks are the same. Depends on how bad the herniation is. In my case I had a ruptured disk and severe stenosis and wasn’t able to walk completely upright. Surgery was a huge relieve, didn’t completely fix it but helped a lot.

  40. I have 6 herniated discs, one is over 18 mm protruding and impinging on a nerve, I have had these bad discs for over 15 years, anyone who has surgery is a gigantic sack of vaginas, your doctor is supposed to advise you that surgery is a last resort because you need to correct the problems that caused it in the first place or after your surgery it will just come back again, then they will just have to shave off some more disc material until there’s no more left then it’s time for fusing vertebrae together, yay! Ice to battle inflamation, take it easy, no heavy lifting, no running, running is terrible for the discs in your back, yoga and core strengthening are the only ways to live the rest of your life and manage the condition.

  41. My last two vertebra one is pushing on my nerve and causing foot drop and pain in my left side so I have to have surgery right?

  42. Big fat LIE that the body won't heal…. Herniated disc can and do heal naturally as God intended…… The problem is everyone wants a quick easy fast fix and constantly run to doctors for various treatments that I have never seen work and basically make things worse……. Only nature can heal nature man made devices instruments surgeries will never be able to heal the body……..

  43. Two months a go i had sever pain in my left leg even pain killer shot wouldn't relive it and when the pain was gone still can walk like before (limping) now

  44. Salve io ho problemi cob L4L5 uguale così. Il specialista mi dice dovo fare interventi io non voglio fare cosa mi consigli

  45. Of course surgery is a last option & I've never met a surgeon who thought otherwise. I have 1 herniation cervical, 2 thoracic, 3 lumbar; 3 areas of spinal cord compression; and congenital stenosis throughout + arthritis. Been thru countless pt rounds, steroid shots, meds, all to no avail. Had one discectomy + fusion 6 yrs ago at age 38 for a cervical herniation so badly pressing on my spinal cord I was always dizzy & falling often (once breaking both sides of my ankle when I tumbled down a flight of stairs); the surgery instantly gave me back my balance & safety. I've had back problems since I was a teen & while it wasn't as bad then as it is now, still it has always been more than "grey hair"– pretty lame & insensitive analogy, guys. Title's bad too. 3/10

  46. If you are going o peddle this bullshit you should have a least ONE doctor there to back it up . Not some bullshit book and two bullshit therapists …..

  47. injuries is the big mega reason i dont wanna make a career in combat i would instead do 9 to 5 job by the way i was a amaetuer wrestler

  48. Gray hair is different story. Older you get, longer you have been sitting with bad posture. Fix your posture and take magnesium + B vitamins

  49. these two guys were creating a lie! its case to case basis and not a lie! you are just discrediting the medical opinion, which every doctor have. you were arguing about xray and mri, who knows better? who’s lying gents?

  50. Bullshit. Totally bullshit. Ive had pain there for over a year and Im 22 years old and it only gets worse. Sometimes I cant get up from bed for hours. Ill have surgery in a bit over a month. So when the pain is gone Ill comment fuck you.

  51. That liquid that you're talking about is it possible to feel it like it's draining from your neck down? Thank you

  52. I just found out today what my pain is from L5-S1 herniated disc with nerve impingement right greater than left. At 64 I've never had such disabling pain. Already been through PT, dry needling, and injection and prednisone. When I can't stand or walk longer than 10 minutes I know it's not right. So helpful reading your comments here too! I'm a retired nurse and I can't stand big pharma. They don't want to cure anyone.

  53. Hi, I'm also suffering from disc budge (L4-l5). My dream of doing work out in gym all are scattered , I never to get my 6 pack dream. I'm suffering from 5 to 6 years. It comes more severe while driving or sleeping bon soft bed. Neurologist asked me to be careful and it may cause paralyse and after 3 month of medication I got relief but after one year I got same problem again. Doctor and many of my known suggest me to don't think about operation. I'm totally useless who cannot bend or do any work. Suggest some ideas

  54. I'm 17 and I have L4-5 and L5-S1 bulging discs and I have excruciating pain and spasms.The bulges aren't even pushing on a nerve or the spinal cord; they're less than 2mm out yet I can barely move after minor physical activity. I'm glad some people don't have symptoms but what are the rest of us supposed to do?

  55. what a bunch of light weights in the comments omg when i was 27 at work i blew L4-L5 dr.s said im too young for surgery,had to find another job,when i was 31 at another job i blew C3-C4 i believe it was,it felt like i was hit by lightning it went down both arms and hands then i did it a couple more times and had to have surgery,a fusion then had to find work started hurting really bad in arms and hands,bad bad got a mri dr said well you did it this time you blew every single disc in your neck,at age 31,ok then 2015 messing around the yard pop i blew L3 omg this one really sucked pain down both legs for 9 months before insurance would pay for it and i had the best surgery ever a microdiscoptimey cant spell it dont care haha it worked,but my back still hurts from 1997 and both arms and hands have severe nerve damage they are killing me right now,if you blow a disc and its hitting nerves its no fucking lie,try getting nerve blocks,cortizone shots from a good dr,it can help i do it alot,right now my left arm is throbbing so bad i cant even sit here and look at the computer,i cant sit and look at the tv,i cant go to church,i had to give up every hobby in life i had im 49 now and ive been hurting since i was 27,ive been on pain meds which i hate since my neck in 01 so yea 19 yrs of pills my life sucks,i live a life of pain and people that dont have pain they dont give a shit,i also have planter fascitis cant spell it dont care it hurts omg its in my heels but im working on it with a ice bottle and its doing better,im not suicidal but i hate my life,but if you have a blown disc check out the microdiscoptomy thing cause it did work.if you truly blow a disc and its hitting nerves physical therapy is a complete waste of time i had to go several times due to insurance and all it does it make things worse,but they are good people its not their fault,sorry i can barely type now days my fingers kinda drag across the key board either nerve pain or corpal tunnel probably,my mom is alot worse then i am so its hereditary if i would have known this i would have never worked outside jobs my whole damn life wish i would have known or wish she would have told me,so thats another thing pass this along to family members if you have it because i have it my aunt and mom have it but nobody else does in my family so you never know.all i know is its no lie if your in pain and its not funny,every time i turn around im sitting in a damn dr,s office waiting thats my life,sick of it,the other option is that thing with a battery they install inside you that works on nevers but i dont like the idea,plus with this much widespread of pain i dont think it would help my entire neck but some dr.s really want to put it in you,i need to research it,my mom is considering it,well this is the most ive ever written on youtube i hope this might help someone,pills suck dont get addicted but its kinda hard not to,well my hands are fried i gotta go later…

  56. Hey guys, question… WHY specifically do you need surgery if the herniated disc is pushing on your spinal cord?

  57. Im 26 with one disk lower back with annular fissure and one on cervical spine. Now im having an epidural. I am young and have awful back pain

  58. I'm 30. I injured my back (L5/S1) for the 1st time when I was 12. Simple falls over the years kept it irritated. And 2 years ago I fell off of a roof. I've tried physical therapy over the years. Chiropractic far longer than I should have. Im absolutely miserable. No health insurance. I cant work. The past 2 years, my pain has gotten worse. I'm at such a loss. I dont want surgery, but conservative treatments have not helped me. My disc is so small now. Every movement causes pain.

  59. I'm 26 years old & I've had a herniated disc now for about 2 months…. sleepless nights waking up every 2 hours in agONy.. ive tried almost EVERYTHING from ultra sound to accupuncture.. nothing f*cking works.. i am in excruciatINg paIN and im desperate i cant take it anymore.. i believe i need surgery ASAP.. at this point its worth the risk i believe.. i just wanna be able 2 sleep again 😭😭😭😭😭

  60. I have had 3 cervical spine surgeries 2 posterior and one anterior, and now I have 4 herniated discs in my thoracic spine from t7-t11 and compression fractures from t8-t11

  61. There is no pain like when that disc pops out…and when it hits the nerve, instant sickness…. my goodness LOL

  62. Hello and happy to have found you. A CT scan revealed abnormal findings at L4 L5 with significant pressure on thecal sac and both nerve roots caused by combination of bulging discs, facet arthropathy and grade 1 spondylolisthesis. My concern is the thecal sac pressure.

  63. My bulging disc goes to the front according to a lying down on my back MRI. If I try to touch my toes seated with legs together sucks with legs apart not as bad. What's up with that?

  64. You two guys are a prime example of reality to what happens to us when we come to you for help. You turn things around and try to make us believe that we’re all crazy and that what we’re experiencing is not real. It’s bad enough that you try and hide the pain from those around you because you know the repercussions that follow. The snickering and gossip behind your back is very real. You are viewed as weak and a liability. I find the only people that can relate with you are the ones experiencing what you are. It’s pretty frustrating, but don’t give up. There are still some good doctors out there. You just have to find them.

  65. I have a bulging disc and I know all the information in this video. I thought they were going to explain how it may heal on it’s own or better alternatives so surgery. Waste of time.

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