CAASPP Universal Tools Tutorial

This video tutorial will show you how to
access and use the resources available within the California Assessment of Student Performance
and Progress, or CAASPP assessments. There are a variety of resources
that can be used during testing. These are Universal Tools which
students will have access to regardless of what kind of device they
are using to take the test. Zoom – If the print size is too small, you
can use the zoom in and zoom out buttons. This will increase or decrease the
text size throughout the entire test. Navigation Buttons – Once you
have answered all the questions on a page, you can use
the navigation buttons. The right arrow will move
you to the next page. You must answer every question
on a page before you can move on. If you are missing an answer
you will see the following message. Be sure to scroll all the way down to
make sure you did not miss any questions. The left arrow will allow you to return
to the previous page to review the previous questions in the section
you are currently working on. Once you submit a section,
you will not have the option to use the back button
to access that section. Context Menu – The Context Menu appears in
different locations and you will have access to different resources within the Context
Menu, depending on what it is associated with. Tutorial – If you do not know how to answer
a question, the tutorial resource, located in the Context Menu of a question,
can be used by selecting the tutorial. You will be shown a short animation
explaining how to answer the question. After viewing the video, select the X on the
top right corner to close the pop-up window. Strikethrough – If the question
is multiple choice, selecting the Context Menu will give you the
ability to strikethrough items. You can use strikethrough to put a line
through answers you know are incorrect. To get out of the strikethrough
mode, click outside of the selected question, which will
look grayed out. To remove a strikethrough, select strikethrough
in the Context Menu of that particular question and select the response you would
like to remove the strikethrough from. Note that a strikethrough
does not eliminate that choice. You can still check
or uncheck that item. Notice that I am able to check and
uncheck this item with the strikethrough. Make sure to remove the check if you
do not want to select that response. Highlight – To highlight text you can
select it using your mouse or trackpad. Once your text is selected, open the
Context Menu and select highlight selection. Highlights are not saved if
you pause or leave your test. Upon returning after a pause all
your highlights will no longer be available. Mark for Review – The mark for review
option in the Context Menu of a question will flag a question and allow you to
return to within the constraints of the pause rule which will
be explained later in this video. A flagged question will have
an earmark next to the question number and it will change colors. You can return to the previous questions
using the questions drop-down list. Items marked for review
will be shown here as well. Expandable Passages – During
an English-language Arts test you can use the passage
expansion button. This button allows you to make the
passage wider for easier reading. When your passage is expanded you
will not be able to answer questions. The passage will cover the questions. You will need to collapse the
passage to answer the questions. Expandable Items – Similar to the
expandable passages are expandable items. When this resource is available,
you will notice left and right arrows at the top of the page between the
reading pane and the question pane. Selecting the right arrow allows the
reading pane to extend across both panes. To put the screen back to the original
portions, select the left arrow. Selecting the left arrow while
both panes are showing allows the question pane to
extend across both panes. Select the right arrow to put the
screen back to the original portions. Line Reader – The line reader is available
for reading passages and questions. Once turned on you can use the line reader
to highlight each line as you read it, helping to not lose your place as you are reading. Select any line you would like highlighted. You can either select the next line to
continue reading by using your mouse or using the up and down arrow keys. You can use the same process to
highlight responses to questions. English Glossary – If you see a word
surrounded by a dotted line, you can hover your mouse over it
which will highlight it. Selecting the word will
give you a definition. Close the glossary window by selecting the
X on the top right corner of the pop-up window. English Dictionary and Thesaurus – During
full write portion of the Performance Task you will notice a button marked
dictionary at the top of the page. This button can be used to access
both the thesaurus and the dictionary. When you are ready to use the dictionary
or thesaurus, select the dictionary button. To look up a word definition, type
your word in the text box and select the dictionary button within the box. To look up a synonym or different version
of a word, type your word in the text box and select the thesaurus
button within the box. Digital Notepad – If you would
like to take notes on a question you plan to come back to,
you can use the notepad. To access the notepad on a particular question,
select the Context Menu and select notepad. After typing your note, be sure
to select save and close. When you return to this question,
selecting notepad in the Context Menu will show your notes. Notepad notes are not saved
if you pause or leave your test. Upon returning after a pause, your
notes will no longer be available. Pause – The save button will only appear
during certain longer writing questions. Students should save often
when they see the save button. The pause button can be
used for a short break. Students should make sure their
instructor knows when they pause a test. Once paused, the student will be removed
from the test session and after the break, they will need to log in again
using the current session ID. The instructor will need to approve
the student before they can continue. If a student pauses the test for longer than
20 minutes, they will not be able to review any previously answered questions, including
questions marked for review, and your notes and highlights will no longer be available. Make sure to pause only when necessary. Calculator – Some math items
for students in grades six through eight and eleventh will
allow you to use a calculator. If you see a calculator icon appear,
you are allowed to use the built-in calculator to help solve the problem. If you are in sixth grade you will be
presented with a standard calculator. If you are in grades seven or eight, you will
be presented with a scientific calculator. If you are in grade eleven, you will be
presented with a graphing calculator. At the end of a segment you will be allowed
to review all questions within the segment including items that have
been marked for review. Mark for review items can be accessed by
using the drop-down list to return to those items. Once you enter the next segment you will not be
able to review previously answered questions. When you have reached the end of
a test you will see the end test button next to the buttons you
used to navigate the test. You will be given a warning letting
you know you have reached the end. Selecting yes will take you to a
submission page here you will be able to review problems
from your final segment. If you are truly finished you
can select Submit test. You will see a warning window making
sure you are ready to submit. Clicking yes will submit your test
and give you a confirmation page. We hope this video will help
give you a brief overview of what you will see during CAASPP testing.

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