Cake Decorating Technique: Gum Paste Flowers | Hobby Lobby®

Achieving bakery-quality cake designs isn’t
as hard as it looks. With a little know-how and the right tools,
you can make gorgeous cakes right in your own kitchen. Today, we’re going to look at how to make
one of the most popular cake decorations—lifelike gum paste flowers! Gum paste is a little more pliable than fondant,
so it’s perfect for making these thin, delicate petals. To start, roll out your gum paste. Ours is tinted with a small amount of squeeze
gel color. If you’re wondering how thin to roll it,
try using our fondant rolling pin—it comes with removable rings that allow you to roll
your gum paste to the right thickness. Once it’s rolled out, cut your gum paste
into small, semi-round shapes—these will be the petals. Working on thin flower-shaping foam, use the
shell tool from the fondant toolset to gently stretch the petal outward. Next, you’ll use the ball tool to smooth
out the lines and create ruffles in the petal. Our thicker flower-shaping foam will help
your petals keep their ruffles. Once you’ve made a few petals, insert a
piece of gum paste wire into a plastic rose base. Then brush ty-tex gum onto the base for glue,
and attach the petals. As you work, be sure to overlap your petals,
placing each one about halfway over the previous petal. Continue this process until your flower is
as full as you want it. If you’d like to add leaves, Cut out leaves
using our leaf cutter stamp then add wire to the leaves. Once your flowers have dried fully, you can
bundle them together with gum paste tape—it works just like floral tape! To finish off your cake and give it a professional
look, insert your gumpaste flowers and a few embellishments like this gold ribbon. And you’re done! For more ideas, be sure to check out our cake-decorating
book, Cakes That Inspire. You can find it in stores and online.

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