CallAction Testimonial: Brittiny Howard reviews Commissions Inc with CallAction Sales Automation

Yey y’all its Brittany Howard here from
Baton Rouge Louisiana with the B group and Resolution Property Professionals.
Just wanted to give a huge shout out to Call Action. It’s been an amazing,
tremendously wonderful tool in my business from sign call automation to
open house automation, past client registration automation. Oh my gosh, Call
Action has been super duper instrumental in past client registrations for my CINC
site. I’m once they register I’ve set up an automated campaign where two weeks
later they get new drips and when they respond to those it’s awesome because
Call Action actually pushes it right back through Commissions Inc so all of my agents
can kind of see what’s going on and we can get conversions and actually you know
get some Christmas money alright get money anyway and whatever if y’all have
any questions that I’ll feel free to reach out to me I’m always here you can
find me on social media or anywhere else Brittany Howard chat later bye

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