Canadian Visitor Visa Applications

Canadian Visitor Visa Applications This is Nausheen Husain from Niren & Associates. If you are an individual travelling into Canada
for study or work or leisure purposes you may require a temporary resident visa in order
to enter the country. The first step is to determine if you require
a temporary resident visa. If you are a citizen of the United States
of America, Italy, Australia or another Visa exempt country or you meet other visa exemptions,
you may not require a temporary resident visa in order to enter the country, however, it
is important for you to note you must meet other admissibility requirements, for example,
if you have a prior criminal charge on your record such as a driving under the influence
charge you may be refused entry into the country and you may need to apply for a different
visa. Also you must satisfy the immigration officer
that you intend to leave Canada at the end of your visit. If you are unsure of how to demonstrate this,
please contact our office, we will guide you and we will let you know how we can facilitate
your entry into the country. If you require a temporary resident visa you
must apply for this visa at the appropriate Canadian visa office that serves your home
country. Included in your application must be: 1. A valid passport, the validity of which exceeds
the duration of your stay in Canada. 2. You must be in good health
3. You must meet basic admissibility requirements
4. You must satisfy the immigration officer that
you have significant ties to your home country of which we can help. You must also satisfy the officer that you
intend to leave at the end of your stay and you must satisfy the officer that you have
sufficient funds to support you for the duration of your stay in Canada along with other criteria
as well. It is important that your application address
the criteria I have mentioned above, and you include appropriate evidence to demonstrate
this. Upon consultation with our office, we will
let you know how we can strengthen your application, and we can give it the best chances of success. We have the experience and knowledge and understanding
of immigration and immigration officers in order to give you the best chances of success
in your application, so please contact our office. Also please note if you obtain a temporary
resident visa, this does not give you the right to work, study or live permanently in
Canada. You must apply for a different visa for that. Again feel free to contact our office, we
are here to help you and guide you to come into Canada.

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  1. Hello Thank you for your question. There are a lot of reasons why visitor visas are refused. Did you get a refusal letter? Usually in the refusal letter, they will outline the reasons for refusal.

  2. Is there a name for inadmissibility when you got deported after a failed refugee claim? I know there's a criminal inadmissibility that you can overcome, but I've never heard of any successful cases of overcoming inadmissibility based on overstaying. Why would they even have an ARC available if there's nil to none success rate

  3. I want to ask if can visit a place in Canada for a week? What kind of visa im going to apply if possible.? Thanks

  4. Hi, how can my spouse fill up the employment section in the first form of the visitor visa? She has not any job certificate. I have a job offer and a LMIA open, i've read that spouses of qualified workers can apply for a open work permit.
    Thanks a lot

  5. My friend wants to give a birth in Canada. does Canadian government pay for the flight, hotel and all expense at hospitals? If they dont why?

  6. hi nausheen husein can you help me visa plz i have big problem my brother sick 3 yras blevie me he cant talk talk and he got faluk in his brain plz help me here doctors too much they dont know nothing hank y so much

  7. hello mam i am laxmi parajuli, form ktm nepal. i have completed bachelor in account but marks is low (46%). i am married and i have 2 child (1 son and 1 daughter ). i am 22 years and i have 2 years work experience . My husband is 30 years, he had 7 years work experience in different filed so i am interest to canada how to apply? how to success my family visa? it is possible or not? mam plz contract me 9843002254 my husband number and my email id… [email protected] contract me mam

  8. Recently i have been granted refugee status in the United kingdom and i want to visit some family and friends in Canada i have got my travel documents can you please guide me that what will be the best way to apply for a visitors visa for Canada i can provide them with a sponsor as well no problem your help would be much appreciated thanks.

  9. Hi hello how are you sir i am Gulshan cheema form Pakistan and in job Oman truck driver i am like job and work visa my number is Oman 0096897475806

  10. The predominant number of cases are arduous to handle where applicants encounter gap issues, unceremonious refusals etc. They always need some extra care to get success.

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