Canon PowerShot SX620 HS – Wireless Connection with a Windows Device

[music] In this video, we’ll show you how to
connect your Canon PowerShot SX620 HS digital camera to your Windows® computer through a wireless network. Let’s get started! Using Access Point
Mode, you can connect your Windows® computer and camera through a wireless
router to easily share photos to your computer. First, confirm that your
wireless router is properly setup and your computer is connected to the
network. Download the digital camera software
from the Canon website by visiting Follow these steps to download the
software for your camera. For demonstration purposes, we will be using the PowerShot G7 X Mark II. [music] During the download process, you will
need to enter your camera’s serial number, so be sure to have it available. Open the
downloaded file to start the installation. Select your place of residence, and click
“Next”. Select your language. Click “Easy Installation”, and follow the
on-screen instructions. [music] You will be asked to register for CANON
iMAGE GATEWAY. You can register this time, or do so later. When this screen appears,
click “Finish” to complete the software installation. Now open “Wi-Fi™ Connection Setup” from the start menu. When this message appears, click “Yes”, then click “OK”. Next, open the control panel and select “Add a Device”. Leave this window open on your computer, and return to your camera to continue the setup. Now, let’s connect your camera. On your camera, press the Wi-Fi™ button. The location of the button,
may vary but the icon will look like this. If this is your first time pressing
the Wi-Fi™ button, you’ll be shown a device nickname. Use the default nickname, or enter your own. Select “OK”, and then press the set button. On the connection
screen, use these buttons to select “Connect to Computer”, then press the set
button. Select a device, and press the set button. Highlight the name of the network
your PC is connected to, then press set. When this screen appears, press “Set” to
enter your network password. This is the same password you used to set up your wireless network. Using the buttons, highlight each character for
your network password, and press “Set”. Highlight this icon, and press “Set” to
toggle between lowercase, uppercase, and this icon for numbers and symbols. When the password is complete, press the menu button. Highlight “Next”, then press
the set button. On the network settings screen, highlight “Auto”, and press “Set”. Use the buttons to select the computer you wish to connect with, and then press the
set button. The following screen will appear. Back on your computer, the camera should appear in the “Add a Device” window. Double click the camera name to begin the driver installation. The following screen will appear. Click “Tap to Choose What Happens with this Device”, and select “Downloads Images from
Canon Camera”. The Canon CameraWindow app will open automatically. To send images
from your camera to your computer, click “Import Images from Camera”. Click “Select Images to Import”. When this screen appears, select your images. Then, click the import button. When your images begin to transfer, the screen will look like this. The import is complete when this message
appears. Click “OK”. Congratulations! You have successfully
connected your Canon PowerShot SX620 HS digital camera to your Windows® computer. You can now share photos from your camera to your computer. For help with connecting your camera to a Mac, Android™, or iOS device, please visit our YouTube
channel for more videos. Thank you for watching! [music]

28 thoughts on “Canon PowerShot SX620 HS – Wireless Connection with a Windows Device

  1. I've given up,have headache will be throwing it out of the window shortly,bought the wrong camera I think

  2. I got the SX610. Yeah the wifi is impossible to set up. You do what the video says and the camera says look for the cloud symbol in the wifi menu. As far as I can tell there is no wifi menu. All my choices are either a cell phone or the computer symbol which if you pick that your back at the select the cloud symbol in the wifi menu. Vicious circle.

  3. Okay have to say they told me how to fix it. And yes I now have a wifi connection. Thank you Canon and the employee that never gets credit for the fix. May you be blessed.

  4. This goes too fast … I am having trouble with all the things I am told to do, I have to keep closing this window I am used to connecting with a USB… I am too old for this. I might just use card reader. I am going to try the support team when I get a chance. I am happy to see I am not the only one frustrated with this

  5. I have a SX610 HS but no smartphone. I'm asking if I can remotely shoot videos with my laptop instead of a smartphone ( as I don't have one). The features say shoot remotely with smartphone but wondering if it's possible with a laptop? Although the app seems to be for android and ios so really don't know. Thanks..

  6. I have been at this for hours. Each time, I get a little farther along. Then the video fails to match my situation and I have to employ "guess and check" until something on my computer or camera happens to match. The camera interface designer should be forced to endure this sort of labyrinth to get lunch.

  7. NOT HAPPY – tried to follow instructions to download software but can't find it for my mac OS 10.11, I have a feeling they don't support a Mac desk top. This sucks!

  8. Why can't the cameras work just like the Eye-Fi cards from 10 years ago? Super simple. Turn on camera and any new photos copy to computer. Done. They even transferred as you took them if you were in Wi-Fi range. Yes there was some setup to be done but you only did it once. If the card was more than 2GB I'd still be using it.

    That said thankfully I found this video. Computer Engineer with 20+ years of experience (30+ with computers) and nothing made sense about getting this to work, it was like Canon was trying to force me to sign up for their online service I knew I didn't want.

  9. I am returning the Canon I just bought. This would make three cameras that I can't get working with wireless. I don't know why I bought another. But no more Canon for me.

  10. I have been at this for a couple of hours. Was finally able to download the photos I wanted but now I have no idea how to go about it the next time. I have a "Map" icon on my desktop which is of no use. When I try to use the Image Download Utility (under Canon Utilities) absolutely nothing happens. NOT HAPPY JAN.

  11. Spent over 4 hours trying to setup this camera for WiFi. No USB cord provided so you are stuck. This youtube video is useless as their onscreen does not match my Windows 10 and it appears that you would have to be a software programmer to decipher the myriad of instructions. Why did you need to make a one touch camera so complicated and only suitable to a NASA engineer??? I was forewarned to stay away from Canon PowerShots for this very reason. Back to Hunt it goes.

  12. It would be easy for all of us if you just installed a USB connection so that we can plug-and-play immediately to our PCs/Apples etcetera. But this is beyond the limited commonsense and even more limited abilities of your boardroom-level techies: wealthy backgrounds not healthy talents got them their jobs. Technology should be progressive and make life easier, not unduly complicate things.

  13. I have this camera and the correct wifi connection, but sometimes it is searching forever, and then said "device" not found. I would prefer to have a cable connection as an option, but it is not included in the sales. I hope Canon will make both wifi and cable connection available in the future. Many of your costumers are not computer experts.

  14. This is the worst camera I have ever owned. What happened to jut plugging in the USB cable and it works, this wi-fi Cloud crap sucks. I have been trying to get this stupid thing to connect to my work network for 2 hours… If if plug in the camera it showed it their but it says it has no new photos. now I have incident photos that I need to get off and I cant. Cannon can Kiss my Ass.


  16. I also tried but came to a stand still when I couldn't open the downloaded canon instruction, HOWEVER, if you take your memory card and pop it in your laptop you can transfer your photos that way!!

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